Aura Range

An image depicting the squared aura of the Priest.

Range is both a statistic of weapons and characters in Stick Ranger. The range is represented by a number, which indicates the distance (in pixels) a character can attack from. The range is squared, not circular (as seen in the image). The character's range is determined by the fixed range of the weapon, combined with bonuses caused by compo items or character stats. Bows, Guns, Orbs, Staves, and Rings have a relatively high range, and are known as "ranged weapons". Conversely, Gloves, Swords and Whips have a relatively low range, and are known as "melee weapons". The range statistic of Priests also determines the range of their aura.

Increasing range

Note: The Priest can attain the maximum range in the entire game with Long Gold Rod 7. The highest possible range as of ver18.6 is 812.


However, it should be noted that only a range of 512 is required to attack an enemy from one side of the screen to the other.