Range of sight is an attribute of the AI (Artificial intelligence, also known as auto move) option in Stick Ranger, which applies to both characters and enemies. Unfortunately, this "barrier" is invisible; it is usually larger than the attack range.

According to the species:

  • The Wheel species will not move unless the characters are nearing them.
  • The Mushroom and the Cactus species will only attack if attacked themselves (albeit they can't move). These species have unlimited range (they will attack regardless of the character's location).
  • The Tree species can't move, and they attack if the characters are nearing them.
  • Certain Zombies will attack even if not attacked or approached.

For Characters, the range of sight is affected by the attack range stat. Characters have a horizontal range of sight of 200 + attack range and a vertical range of sight of 100 + attack range. Hence the higher the weapon range, the better the efficiency of Auto move. Characters will not move towards an enemy if:

  • The enemy is outside the character's range of sight.
  • The Auto move option is off.
  • The character's LP is lower than 20% and the Move of Dying option is off.
  • The character does not carry a weapon.

Cases like these could lead to hard and/or time consuming situations.

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