Ranking (also commonly known as a leaderboard) is a small grey applet displayed below certain Dan-Ball games where it is possible to gain a score of some kind.

Ranking SC

The total ranking table for Shisen-Sho, showing the player's ranking and also the top of the ranking board, with ha55ii being 3rd on the ranking.

These games are generally non-simulation, and give more of a challenge to users than other games. This applet allows the user to view the scores or times of certain stages or modes within the corresponding game. The user is able to select a stage, mode, or the total of all stages/modes to be displayed, from certain links above the applet. The user then can see their best ranking and the name of who set the score, as well as the top 100 rankings out of everyone who played for the stage or mode that was selected.

List of Dan-Ball games with Ranking

Total Ranking

With the exception of Sand Moji, all games with ranking also has a Total ranking board, which shows the overall performance of a player. The Total ranking is calculated by summation of points calculated from each individual stage's/mode's rank as (101-Rank) for each stage/mode where the player scores at the top 100.

Using Lim Rocket as an example, for a player who is at 41st place at Enjoy mode, 51st at Ecology mode, and below 100th for other modes, the player will score

(101-41) + (101-51) = 60 + 50 = 110 points 

in the total ranking.

User Ranking (Powder Game and Powder Game 2)

Unlike the standard ranking system which records the score, the user rankings are pages separate from Powder Game and Powder Game 2 that record and display the amount of votes a specific user has gained within a month, and in another column, of all time. Like the standard rankings, these user rankings allow 100 users to be displayed at any time in a specific column. However, Japanese and English scores are kept separate.

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