Metal reaction with water

Metal reacts with water to form powder.

Reactivity is how and how likely an element in Powder Game will react with other elements to: form new elements, explode, burn or dissolve or does something abnormal. Basically, the entire point of Powder Game is reactivity except Fan.
  • Magma reacts with Water to form Steam and Stone.
  • Salt reacts with Water to form Seawater.
  • Salt Water reacts with Magma to form Salt, Steam, and Stone.
  • Metal reacts with Water and salt water to form Powder.
  • Salt Water reacts with Vine, Wood, and Seed to form Powder.
  • Fire, Thunder, Laser, Magma, Torch and Spark reacts with gunpowder, C-4, and Nitro to explode.
  • Oil dissolves and is dissolved by Soapy.
  • Fire, Thunder, Laser, Magma, Torch and Spark react with Oil, Gas, Ant, Seed, Superball, Powder, Vine, Wood and Bird to create Fire or burn.
  • Bomb or Superball at high speeds make Nitro explode.
  • Acid destroys every element except Clone, Glass, and Fan.
  • Wind Turns Ice into Snow and makes Nitro explode.
  • Snow turns into water with everything except Vine, Wood, and Clone.
  • Clone reacts with every element to recreate that element.
  • Virus reacts with every element to turn the Virus into the element.
  • Water, Soapy, Acid, and Seawater dissolve Torch.
  • Stone turns into powder at high speeds/Drag.
  • Powder and Seed react to form Wood.
  • Bomb and Ice make Snow.
  • When Ball touches liquids besides Ant it turns into Powder.
  • Spark reacts with Ice and Snow to melt them.
  • Bird destroys Ant and Seed.
  • When Bomb hits Soapy, it makes steam.