experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Red Boss Box Tree
40- 1
41 300
42 600
43 900
44 1200
45 1500
46 1800
47 2100
48 2400
49 2700
50 3000
51 2700
52 2400
53 2100
54 1800
55 1500
56 1200
57 900
58 600
59 300
60+ 1
Red Boss Box Tree Red Boss Box Tree
Location: Desert 8
LP: 18000
AT: Ball: 40-50
Cloud Residue: 8-12 ×10
Minimum AGI: 50
Expected AGI: 81.03
Range: 500
Strength: Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: none
LV: 50
EXP: 3000
Gold ($): 1500
Drops: Pierce's Card 4 (10%)
Knockback's Card 4 (10%)
Species: Tree
Head: Box
Attack: GreyBoxTreeBallD8BossCloud
Head colour: #660000
Body colour: #CC9966
Movement: no movement


This boss has the same level as the Pyramid Boss, but attacks the same as its lesser counterpart. The range is almost unlimited, so outranging it is impossible. If the ball attack makes contact with the character or the ground, it releases 10 heat clouds which can do up to 170 damage directly. A high DPS (damage per second) melee character with the Dodge strategy will take care of it. Alternatively, the Bait strategy can work very well with if using ranged characters. Ice type weapons also help in bringing this boss down. The biggest threat during this boss screen comes from the Red Big Roundhead Spider, which will continuously spawn Yellow Roundhead Spiders. Killing that first is almost essential. The best strategy for that is to merely throw 3 characters on the Red Big Roundhead Spider to make quick work of it while the 4th character distracts the boss. Preferably, this 4th character should be a melee so that it deals greater damage than a ranged character used for the same purpose would to the boss, assuming the Dodge strategy is in use. Once the Red Big Roundhead Spider is dead, the players can focus on the boss without worry of enemy reinforcements.

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