experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Red Boss Roundhead Tree
24- 1
25 250
26 500
27 750
28 1000
29 1250
30 1500
31 1750
32 2000
33 2250
34 2500
35 2250
36 2000
37 1750
38 1500
39 1250
40 1000
41 750
42 500
43 250
44+ 1
Red Boss Roundhead Tree Red Boss Roundhead Tree
Location: Mist Grove 2
LP: 8000
AT: Spawning 5 Yellow Roundhead Dragons
Minimum AGI: 100
Expected AGI: 201.50
Range: 500
Strength: Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: none
LV: 34
EXP: 2500
Gold ($): 300
Drops: Berserk Card 3 (10%)
Fire Spirit 3 (10%)
Species: Tree
Head: Roundhead
Attack: Yellow Roundhead Dragon
Head colour: #CE3000
Body colour: #313031
Movement: no movement



After the boss has reached the spawn limit of 89 dragons, and all of the dragons and bats have been killed, it has no defense against teams.

This boss can be extremely dangerous because it has the ability to spawn Yellow Roundhead Dragons in fives, but there is a maximum number of 89 dragons that the boss can spawn. After reaching this limit, it will simply stop spawning, rendering it completely defenseless. A way to defeat this boss and achieve the boss's spawn limit is to shut the auto move off and let the dragons approach the team in small amounts. Always have an Area of Effect Freeze type weapon with a long initial time prepared in case the dragon amount gets too massive for the team to handle. Another way to defeat this boss is to immediately position all of the characters directly under the boss. This can be enhanced by using the Explosion's Card, preferably 3. Using Freeze type weapons in general, along with Fire and Poison type weapons, can also clean the boss area easily. It is recommended to have Silver & Black Crystals ready in case the number of attacks go overboard. In such a case, players should be prepared with a large amount of gold in order for the survivability chance to stay high. It is also helpful to have a Priest with about 20 DEX, as the defensive aura will nullify most of the damage from the spawns, making this boss much easier.

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