experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Red Gel Zombie
36- 1
37 50
38 100
39 150
40 200
41 250
42 300
43 350
44 400
45 450
46 500
47 450
48 400
49 350
50 300
51 250
52 200
53 150
54 100
55 50
56+ 1
Red Gel Zombie Red Gel Zombie
Location: Desert 6
LP: 666
AT: 1-1 (1.32s) (=66)
Minimum AGI: 10
Expected AGI: 18.86
Range: 500
Strength: none
Weakness: Fire (AT +100%)
LV: 46
EXP: 500
Gold ($): 666
Drops: Homing Laser Beam 4 (10%)
Charge Circle 4 (10%)
Poison Charm 3 (5%)
Species: Zombie
Head: Gel
Attack: RGZ poison fume
Head colour: #9C0000
Body colour: #003000
Movement: walking


These enemies have a dangerous poison attack, but it is easy to avoid since they only release it at any time and stays there. They wander around the area, emitting stationary poison clouds as a melee attack at a high rate, so it is recommended to use either Fire weapons (since they're weak to fire) or ranged characters to defeat this enemy. They also use this attack at any time, even if characters are out of it's range of sight. The poison clouds also tend to stick behind and act as psuedo-mines, so be careful of those as well. Fortunately, there are only 7 of them in the whole stage, and they are ironically vulnerable to poison and weak against fire, making such enemies easily beaten by ranged attacks. They also have rather low LP compared to the other enemies in this stage. Disturbingly enough, their health, at 666, is a well known religious symbol tied with Satanic purposes. This is also the first Gel head to appear since Mist Grove 3.

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