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The Red Giant is a rare Powder Game effect that outshines the whole background. It is used with the BG-aura effect. With the founder of the effect Final508, In real life, Red Giants are the point of where they run out fuel, then uses strong atoms to burn (Hydro/Heli Stars), After that, This huge star becomes a white dwarf.
Red Giant

This is how the Red Giant effect should look like (although it looks orange rather than red).


  1. Add a circular torch (Pen-Free).
  2. Add a hole in the center.
  3. Add gas to the hole (Make sure its filled).
  4. Make another hole that combines clearing gas (quarters only!).
  5. Add fireworks to the other hole.
  6. Start the simulation.
  7. Don't worry, It auto activates once the simulation is started.

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