Reset is a tool that is common in most Dan-Ball simulation games that resets the play field.

In Liquid Webtoy

This tool clears the whole Liquid Webtoy play field and adds 160 dots of water at the bottom and moves the play field back into the center. However, it does not reset the Paint color.

In Planet Simulation

This tool clears the whole Planet Simulation play field and adds one blue planet, circling around the light-yellow central star.

In Compasses

This tool resets all of the compasses pointing to the right in the game Compasses.

In Sand Moji

This tool clears all of the elements in the game Sand Moji. In addition, all other stats, ssuch sa nnumber of characters types, are also reset.

In Powder Game and Powder Game 2

This tool clears the whole Powder Game/Powder Game 2 play field and adds four lines of block surrounding play field (if it was erased earlier). However, it does not clear traces of elements from BG-track.

In Font Game

This tool clears all of the letters in Font Game.

In Earth Editor

This tool clears the whole Earth Editor play field and adds a black hole in the middle of the field (if it was cleared earlier).

In Elemental Box

This tool clears all of the elements in Elemental Box.

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