Shadow of water is released after pressing reset

A Reset upload is a type of upload in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 that uses BG-shade to create various visual effects and illusions after the reset button is pressed. They are created by using elements that have been placed in various positions when stop is active, and surrounding these elements with block. After pressing reset, the elements disappear and "shadows" of those elements are released through BG-shade, thus creating colorful effects. If the shadows of two elements meet, they will mix and create a new color. For example: Acid (green) and Superball (pink) create red. Putting the cursor on the shadows can make them "bleed" red, no matter what colour these shadows are.

Reset uploads are often titled with instructions to press the reset button. This is because any presence of text in a reset upload would disrupt the illusion.

Reset uploads are widely considered the simplest and easiest to create upload type, simply because they only consist of one or more elements encased in block. Because of this, reset uploads are quite common, and often obtain a low to medium amount of votes depending on the elements used.

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