This is a list of the updates of Rhythm Editor. Most of the text has been rephrased from the original announcements made.

There are currently 14 updates for Rhythm Editor.


Version Date Thumbnail New features and changes Blog[1]
2.4 24/02/2017 RE ver2.4 SE addition. (Violin, Cello) jp/en
2.3 03/02/2017 RE ver2.3 SE addition. (E.Bass, E.Guitar, Dist.Guitar) jp/en
2.2 27/01/2017 RE ver2.2 Filter option addition. jp/en
2.1 13/01/2017 RE ver2.1 Select menu allows resizing lines by dragging their ends. jp/en
2.0 30/12/2016 RE ver2.0 Reduced noise from SEs. jp/en
1.9 23/12/2016 RE ver1.9 Line addition. SE addition. (A.Bass, A.Guitar) Bug fix (Box). jp/en
1.8 02/12/2016 RE ver1.8 Select menu allows resizing boxes by dragging. jp/en
1.7 25/11/2016 RE ver1.7 Move function merged into Select function. jp/en
1.6 18/11/2016 RE ver1.6 Shuffle added in Select function's menu. jp/en
1.5 11/11/2016 RE ver1.5 Size and Position adjustment added in Select function's menu. jp/en
1.4 21/10/2016 RE ver1.4 Volume added in Select function's menu. jp/en
1.3 14/10/2016 RE ver1.3 Pitch added in Select function's menu. "PLAYE" spelling corrected as "PLAY". jp/en
1.2 07/10/2016 RE ver1.2 Delete, SE and box selection buttons added in Select function's menu. jp/en
1.1 23/09/2016 RE ver1.1 Select tool was renamed as Move. New Select function addition. jp/en
1.0 16/09/2016 RE ver1.0 Game creation. jp/en
  1. The original blog is written in Japanese. A link to an automatic translation into English by Google is also available.

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