Ring is a stat in Stick Ranger. It is only utilized by Angels by adding DEX.

Every full point added in the Ring stat allows Angels to throw an additional ring with a delay based on AGI. Additional rings are affected with MP, meaning that the magic attack of certain rings will charge faster than usual. Decimals are ignored, as usual.


The formula of Ring increment through DEX is Ring + 1/(10 × floor(Ringoriginal + 1)), with a maximum of +4, which means after every full point in the Ring stat, the amount added to the stat decreases.

With the formula, the increment can be noted as:

  • 1-10 DEX = +0.1 (1/10) Ring
  • 11-30 DEX = +0.05 (1/20) Ring
  • 31-60 DEX = +0.033 (1/30) Ring
  • 61-100 DEX = +0.025 (1/40) Ring
  • Over 100 DEX = None

With such setup, the Rings stat is only limited up to four additional rings at once.

Increasing rings

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