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If you need help with a tough stage, please tell not only what classes are in your team, but how their SP is distributed (try to remember and include any LP boosts if any!) and what weapons you have with what compos attached to them- otherwise people won't be able to say anything other than "level grind and get better weapons + compos".

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Stage help

Q: I'm back! I don't think I'm ready for Mountaintop, so I went forward. Now I'm stuck on Forest 3! Namely, the boss area. I have a Quad Steel Arrow 6 for Sniper, Atomic Ray 5 for Magician, Thunder Flail 5 for Whipper, and Thunder Blade 5 for Gladiator. All have Poison Charm 4 attached, and they're still getting poisoned a lot. What should I do? P.S. Stats are the same.

~~Sorceror'sStick~~ 3:23, October 8, 2013 (UTC)

Q: OK, so I've got a team made up of a Priest with 400 LP, 47 STR and 46 DEX and MAG, a Gunner with 376 LP, 47 STR and DEX, and 49 MAG, an Angel with 474 LP and 48 STR, DEX, and MAG, and a Boxer with 526 LP, 50 STR, 48 DEX, and 46 MAG. I'm stuck on Mountaintop: 7. I'm using Inferno Staff 5 with a Fire Spirit 3 and Quick's Card 5, Hunting Gun 5 with a Yellow Crystal 5 and Quick's Card 5, Power Chakram 6 with Quick's Card 5 and Red Stone 5, and Needle Claw 6 with Quick's Card 5 and Vampire's Card 4, but it doesn't help. What can I do?

~~StickyS~~ 12:56, April 8, 2013 (UTC)

Q: I have a team of a Gladiator, a Magician, a Sniper, and a Whipper. I ca't beat Mountaintop, no matter what strategy I try. The 5th area is particularly hard. Please, please, PLEASE help! What can I do?

~~Sorceror'sStick~~ 12:13, March 26, 2013

First off, what builds are you using for that team? Nobody can say anything other than "level grind and get better weapons + compos" if you don't say what builds you're using. How much SP does each character have in each stat (try to remember and include LP boosts)? What weapons do you have available with what compos on them? People like me need that information to be of much help. RadiantDarkBlaze (talk) 20:18, March 27, 2013 (UTC)

Well, all my classes' weapons have a Quick's Card 4 equipped. My Sniper has a Quint Poison 6 with an Emerald 4, Gladiator has Lightsaber 4 with ONIGIRI's Card 1, Magician has Big Thunder 3 with Topaz 4, and Whipper has Iron Flail 5, also with an ONIGIRI's Card 1. Whipper has 46 STR and MAG and 45 DEX. Magician has 46 in all stats. Gladiator has 47 DEX and MAG and 49 STR. And Sniper has 46 STR and 47 DEX and MAG. Gladiator has 578 LP, Whipper has 525, Sniper 441, and Magician 406. Does that help?

~~Sorceror'sStick~~ 12:48, April 3, 2013

A Poison weapon with a Quick's Card? Holy pointless. A Whipper using a physical whip? Again, holy pointless. Magic whips work FAR better. To me, your team seems to be randomly thrown together without any plan. But I'll guess it must work somehow or other if it got that far. I'll guess the 5th screen is the one you're stuck on? Anyway, I use some math skills all the way before I even start a team up, so I'm not sure what to do here... I'll go do some looking around the wiki to figure out what you'll want to equip, though first real life is calling me, then I'll definitely try to figure out what your team's best equip setup(s) are. RadiantDarkBlaze (talk) 23:52, April 3, 2013 (UTC)

Alright, so, the best way to get max potential from that (crappy) team: Sniper; Quint Poison 6 w/ Emerald 5 + Peridot 5 (or perhaps Bullet's Card 5 if you want to maximize physical damage and create a few more clouds). Should keep a Double Flame with Bullet's Card 5 and Ruby 5 around for use on poison-immunes. Whipper; Thorn Flail 6 w/ Bullet's Card 4 + Quick's Card 5. Gladiator; Lightsaber 6 w/ Topaz 5 + Quick's Card 5. (Ditch the Lightsaber 4 once you obtain the Lightsaber 6). Magician; Thunder Spear 4 w/ Bullet's Card 4 + Quick's Card or Topaz 5, just one of those two at Lv.5. Just a note- this is for max damage, not defense. You will need to move your characters out of harm's way when necessary. And one thing to keep in mind for whatever your next file is; figure out a plan BEFORE even starting. Use math a little even if you hate math. Or, if you hate math that much, why make other people do it for you? If math isn't your thing, Stick Ranger probably isn't quite your thing. Just saying. ... Though I do prefer working with more proper builds, your random crap for a team did give my brain a small workout, so, whatever. RadiantDarkBlaze (talk) 01:04, April 4, 2013 (UTC)

Sorry- I think in my last post I may have been maybe slightly unkind. Not everyone can be an ace at everything, but people can evidently find even the things they're far from good at fun. Whatever game you play, be it Stick Ranger or any other game, I hope you have fun playing, and I hope the information I gave in the last post here is/was helpful. RadiantDarkBlaze (talk) 03:34, April 4, 2013 (UTC)

Q: I have a team with two Priests and two Angels. I can't pass Seaside 1 because of the boss, the Grey Boss Roundhead Walker. What should I do? I can't outrange him without the Long Circle 3, which is collectable in the stage after. My Priests are Pure STR and the Angels have some SP into MAG and DEX. I have two Thunder Ring 1's, two Fire Ring 1's, 2 Power Ring 2's, 1 Long Ring 1 and a Thorn Ring 2. Please help! 18:28, February 26, 2012 (UTC)

A: Try to figure out which of your weapons has the highest DPS rate, then equip that weapon and if necessary, use a low DPS rate character as bait or apply whatever other necessary strategy to defeat the enemy you were stuck on. If that's still not enough, try level grinding at an earlier stage that's easier than the stage you're stuck on, but still gives at least okay EXP, if not good EXP. That's my basic line of action whenever I'm stuck on any given stage, and it pretty much always work eventually, at least for people who are really good logical thinkers like myself. Should anyone need more specific guidance to get past a stage, I will try my best to help them. (One quick note about the bait strategy, if you're gonna use it, then actually dodge a few projectiles to help the bait last longer). 19:06, February 26, 2012 (UTC)
Mathgenius, though I'm currently not sure what exactly you should do, since I kinda keep multipule save files for SR anyways, I've started up one using your setup (2 Pure STR priests, and 2 30 DEX- rest MAG Angels, right?), so once I get there and figure out a way past the Seaside 1 boss, I'll post what I did. 10:01, February 28, 2012 (UTC)
Okay, so if you want to outrange the boss of Seaside 1, Mathgenius, just use Long Wood Staff 3 (dropped by the Blue Roundhead Tree) with Catapult's Card 2 (dropped by White Boss Smiley Walker) equipped to it for your Priests, and turn auto-walk off for the Angels. (P.S. Your team is actually pretty fun to use).
RadiantDarkBlaze 11:35, February 28, 2012 (UTC)
Thanks, RadiantDarkBlaze.
Also,, the actual goal was to get 60 DEX and 75 MAG at level 69, but for the moment I'm trying to get to 20/30 (Preferably 30 if possible, but 20 is still okay.) MAG and 30 DEX. I've managed to collect 2 Ice Ring 1's today . However, as said below in SR Help Centre, the 2 Priests with Lond Wood Staff 3's and Catapult's Card 2 might work well. Although it is time consuming, it might work. I'll try that.
I'm still getting compos. I think here are my planned weapons and their compos: (Before Seaside 1 Boss.)
2x Long Wood Staff 3 with Red Stone 2 + Catapult's Card 2
2x Fire Ring 1 with Ruby 2 + Garnet 2
2x Thunder Ring 1 with Topaz 2 + Quick's Card 2
2x Ice Ring 1 with Sapphire 2 + Aquamarine 2
1x Long Ring 1 with Red Crystal 2 + Catapult's Card 2
1x Power Ring 2 with Yellow Crystal 2 + Critical's Card 2
1x Thorn Ring 2 with
1x Quick Ring 2 with
2x Charge Ring 2 with Ruby 2 + Garnet 2
2x Long Staff 1 with NaN + Black Stone 1
2x Fire Ring 1 with Red Stone 1 + Green Stone 1
1x Thunder Ring 1 with Blue Stone 1 + Topaz 1
1x Thunder Ring 1 with Blue Stone 1 + Quick's Card 1
2x Ice Ring 1 with NaN + NaN
1x Long Ring 1 with Red Crystal 1 + White Stone 1
1x Power Ring 2 with Red Crystal 1 + Black Stone 1
1x Power Ring 2 with Yellow Crystal 1 + Black Stone 1
1x Thorn Ring 2 with Red Crystal 1 + NaN
Green Stone 1
Blue Stone 2
I'll give more information later. 20:58, February 28, 2012 (UTC)
Okay, good to know. (By the way, you know 'NaN' is some kind of glitch number that basically ends up representing infinity in some games, right?) Anyways, I was just getting ready to go play SR and get the necessary items to brush the Grey Boss Roundhead Walker aside. (P.S. I am, I just made a proper account shortly after my second post here).
RadiantDarkBlaze 00:43, February 29, 2012 (UTC)
Okay. By the way, here are the following things that have happened since I was last here:
  • Replaced the Blue Stone 1 on the Thunder Ring 1 with the Quick's Card 1 with Topaz 1
  • Got rid of Green Stone 1 and Blue Stone 2 in experiment with Charge Ring 2 (Were bought from the shop.)
  • Experimented Charge Ring 2
  • Became level 21
  • Added a Ruby to 1 of the Fire Ring 1's
  • Replaced the White Stone 1 on the Long Ring 1 with Catapult's Card 1
  • Added a Sapphire 1 to 1 of the Ice Ring 1's
  • Have 25 SP into DEX and 15 SP into MAG for the Angels
  • Have 40 SP into STR for the Priests
So, I'm doing okay, I guess
I haven't past Cavern 1 yet, though. And it isn't too hard for the Angels with the bait strategy. 06:52, February 29, 2012 (UTC)
... Uh, Mathgenius? I'm level 34, at Mist Grove 2 trying to get Garnet 3's for my 4 fire weapons (Staff of Flame 3 x2, Fire Circle 3 x2). Didn't you have a head start on me with the Priests and Angels team? Whatever happened to THAT? Anyways, as for my stats, Angels both have 30 DEX and will never put any more into DEX now- rest MAG (which is currently 36), and 66 STR for each Priest. Non-fire weapons are: Long Wood Staff with Blue Stone 2 + Catapult's Card 2, another one of those with a Black Crystal 2 instead of Catapult's Card 2 (freakin' CV1 boss wasn't dropping a second one of those), Quick Ring 2 x2 (no compos), Thunder Ring 1 x2, each with Topaz 1 + Black Crystal 1, Thorn Ring 2 x2 (no compos), and Ice Ring 1 x2, each with Aquamarine 1 + Sapphire 1. Oh, and my current yellow stages are Cavern 3, Seaside 4, and Mist Grove 2. (I'm only able to stay at the boss stage of MG2 for a little bit before I get swarmed out and have to choose between the World Map button or a 'GAME OVER' screen while I try to score a Garnet 3...) Well, good luck catching up, and just let me know if you get stuck again: chances are I'll most likely be able to help. 07:39, February 29, 2012 (UTC)
I almost beat the boss... but then I was just about at a game over sign when I went to the Town to heal.
Oh well. I'm going to collect some money for revival and try again.
MathgeniusTalk PageContributions
Finally defeated the Grey Boss Roundhead Walker! My angels have 30 DEX and 20 MAG each at level 26. The priests have 50 STR (57 due to Red Stone 1 and Black Stone 1) each.
I also defeated Seaside 2 & 3 whilst I was there. I now have a Long Circle 3 and 2 Fire Circle 3's.
MathgeniusTalk PageContributions
I've managed to defeat Seaside 4 and Mist Grove 1. I'm stuck with the boss of Submarine 1, the Tan Boss Roundhead Eel. Know any tips?
MathgeniusTalk PageContributions
Do you use the Charge Ring 2? If not, (get a couple if you don't have any in your inventory) and start using them (equipped with the best Fire Jewels available. Trust me, I BEAT MOUNTAIN 1 BY NOW, and the Charge Ring 2 just owns everything (except for Fire resistant/immune enemies). (I know it has an extreme MP cost, but the later weapons won't have much lower MP costs anyways, and I figured out (the hard way) that the Charge Ring 2 deals more damage than Fire Circle 3, and probably even more than Fire Chakram 4 as well). Do keep the best Ice, Thunder, and Physical Rings in your inventory for situational use, but otherwise stick to the Charge Ring 2. (By the way, don't bother with Charge Ring 4 when it becomes available. It takes twice the MP of the Charge Ring 2, for an attack that probably isn't much better than even Thunder Circle 3). If you ever get stuck on a non-fire-resistant boss, just level grind until your MAG gets high enough to require 1 less hit to trigger the magical attack of the Charge Ring 2, as that just about always works to burn a tough boss to ashes. (Just a note, though you're almost guarnteed to beat most of the boss areas, most boss areas will still leave your team reeling (sometimes the time-consuming task of soloing stuff with one Angel (rest of team probably dead) is necessary), so do them for items you need, but otherwise stay away from boss areas as much as possible). Anyways, as for the Tan Boss Roundhead Eel, just do what it says on it's enemy page for if you have a Boxer, just do it with an Angel instead. You'll just have to drag the Angel a lot, since it's a semi-ranged class.
PS: I saw something about you having to collect $$$ for revivial? You do know that the Inn heals dead characters, right? Were you THAT low on money? If you were, you should go get yourself a LOT of $$$ now, 'cause it's not good if you're running THAT low on money.
PPS: If there's anything you mentioned that I forgot to help you with, or if anything's not 100% clear about anything in this post, just leave another post to ask about anything you're still stuck on, as I was rather tired when I posted this.
RadiantDarkBlaze 08:44, March 13, 2012 (UTC)

I am completely stuck on the MG2-2. Those trees kept spawning enemies as I can't kill 'em all quickly? Please help? -- Logo123 on 10:15, October 25, 2012 (UTC)

Well how does anyone know what to say other than "level grind and/or get better weapons and compo items" if you don't say what your team is? I really wanna help since it's been a while since there was last any activity here, just I dunno what to suggest right now. RadiantDarkBlaze (talk) 23:58, October 26, 2012 (UTC)
Sorry, aleardy got it done. Instead, ill make a new one later. -- Logo123 on 12:47, October 27, 2012 (UTC)
*sigh* Darn. Oh well, hopefully I can help someone out again soon. (Not that I hope anyone gets that stuck, just... Barely any activity here- since this is the main area of the wiki I pay attention to I'm sorta feeling useless here, eheheheh). Yeah, MG2 is basically a power barrier, you can't pass it until your team's mob DPS passes a certain point, so it's REALLY hard the first several times (if you try to clear the whole thing), then the difficultly collapses quite suddenly once you're powerful enough. I've had many save files go there, get stuck there, then suddenly beat it, so I definitely know what I'm talking about. (Been a while since the last time I played SR, but once you figure SR out it's sorta like riding a bike (at least for me), so, yeah). RadiantDarkBlaze (talk) 07:48, October 28, 2012 (UTC)
Oh yeah, once got that problem again. I have:
Flame sword (G1,RS2), Sabel (), Frozen Sword(Aq2,Sa2)
Freeze 2(D3,BS2), Delta Explosion(), Valcano(BM1, R1), Thunder Storm(T1,CataC1)
Fire arrow(WS1),Triple Shot(PierC1,FSp2),Double Poison(Pe3,PierC1),QuintShot(),Iron triple()
SonicPunch(YC2),NeedleGlove(PC2,BS2),Poison knuckle(Pe3,Em2),Thunder knuckle()
What should I do>
-- Logo123 on 14:42, October 28, 2012 (UTC)

Okay, first off, how is the SP of your four characters distributed? Seems to me you probably have some MAG and some STR/DEX for your Gladiator, no idea how your Magician has been powered up (MAG + STR?), your Sniper seems to have some DEX and MAG, and your Boxer seems to have some STR and MAG. Other than that, I know nothing else about your situation (not even what stage you're stuck on (unless you assumed I'd just remember Mist Grove 2?)). I'll be able to be a LOT more of a help if I know what LV your team is, your characters' exact stats, and a better idea of what your compos are since that isn't exactly the clearest for me (heck is "Y. Card"? Seeing as you put Valcano instead of Volcano, I'm guessing "Y. Card" means "Vampire's Card". However, I have NO idea what a Pierce's Card would be doing on a Needle Glove, as that actually can't happen (maybe you meant "Bullet's Card"?), so the full names of your compos would be useful too). Otherwise I don't have much basis to go on to help you, and I really want to be of help, so... please give me more info to go on. RadiantDarkBlaze (talk) 18:40, October 28, 2012 (UTC)
Have you tried turning off your auto-move and taking out the Yellow Roundhead Dragons one at a time? That's what I do with the boss. It allows you to concentrate on the spawned enemies, and the Red Roundhead Trees can only spawn so many enemies. Once the enemy limit is reached, they're toast. Try that and see what I mean!
~~Sorceror'sStick~~ 12:56, April 3, 2013 

Sorry to bother you, but my Boxer just got the Needle Glove 2. I have already attached a Quick's Card 1, but I'm not sure what to put in the other compo slot. My boxer also had 14 DEX and 30 MAG. Thanks!

MathgeniusTalk PageContributions 20:01, November 14, 2012 (UTC)

Also, which should I use: Spark Glove 2 or Thunder Knuckle 3? Thanks again!

MathgeniusTalk PageContributions 02:24, November 15, 2012 (UTC)

You don't have to worry about bothering me- this page is now the page I always check up on if I see it's been edited since I'd love to be of help. (People haven't been "bothering" me enough)! So, your Boxer has 14 DEX, 30 MAG? Then you're already over-MAG for Thunder Knuckle, so I would imagine Spark Glove would be better. Really, Needle Glove does far more reliable damge than Spark Glove, plus I'm pretty sure though its' max damage is lower than Spark Glove's, it's average damage is higher, so Spark Glove isn't really worth it unless fighting enemies with Thunder weakness (such as Submarine 4 for most of the screens) or Physical strength without Thunder strength (if there are even any enemies like that yet (guess I should start looking into stuff like that, eheheheh)). And for Needle Glove... high LV White Stone (survivability) just until you gain access to Bullet's Card 3, at which point the Bullet's Card will give a big damage boost. Hope this is of help! (Oh, by the way, how's your 2 Priest 2 Angel team doing? Haven't heard anything about it since I last posted to try to be of help, so I'm just curious). RadiantDarkBlaze (talk) 05:09, November 15, 2012 (UTC)

Thanks! And the 2 Priests and 2 Angels... still stuck on Submarine 1. No, just joking. I ended up completing the game (Mountain 1 at the time) and they are level 60 something. I have both the Needle Glove 2 and Spark Glove 2, not just one of them (in case you got confused with them) and sold the Thunder Knuckle 3. I just saw the Castle Boss drop a Vampire's Card 1, so I picked it up, and it works surprisingly well with survivability.

MathgeniusTalk PageContributions 08:17, November 15, 2012 (UTC)

Cool! And I figured you probably had all 3 in your inventory, since no save file works perfectly without at least a couple alternate weapons (something I would know likely being the one guy with the most save files on this wiki). So, just out of curiosity, what classes are the other three in your team, and what builds are you building up (to) with the four of them? And as for the 2 Angels + 2 Priests team, was that last post I put up to help out with it of any help? Did you use the Charge Ring 2, or did I end up unwittingly diverging from the Angel builds you were aiming for? (Oh, just something I'm pretty sure about though not 100% sure about, the Vampire's Card isn't triggered by magical attacks even if they're type Physical or whatever, right? I imagine Vampire's Card might still work well for survivability even if it only works on intial attacks, though it would be VERY good for survivability if the magical type Physical attacks trigger healing too. If not though (which I suspect the case to be), then wouldn't ONIGIRI's Card work even better if you can get the Castle Boss to drop it)? RadiantDarkBlaze (talk) 23:49, November 15, 2012 (UTC)

Thanks! I'll get the ONIGIRI's Card 1 soon. Just wondering, I'm having trouble with Seaside 2's boss, the Grey Boss Roundhead Snake. This is how the team is currently set up as:

Priest - Long Wood Staff 3 - Red Stone 2 & Black Stone 2 - 214 LP 74 STR 4 DEX 4 MAG

Sniper - Double Poison 2 - Emerald 2 & Catapult's Card 2 - 170 LP 30 STR 0 DEX 30 MAG

Gunner - Beretta 3 - Critical's Card 2 & Quick's Card 1 - 170 LP 0 STR 51 DEX 9 MAG

Boxer - Needle Glove 2 - Vampire's Card 1 & Quick's Card 1 - 192 LP 0 STR 22 DEX 38 MAG


Fire Arrow 1 - None & None

Quint Shot 3 - None & None

Triple Iron Arrow 3 - None & Bronze Medal 1

Gun - Red Crystal 1 & Yellow Crystal 1

Submachine-gun 1 - None & Bronze Medal 1

Rifle 1 - None & None

Laser Gun 2 - Blue Stone 2 & Guide's Card 2

Freeze Glove 2 - Diamond 3 & Quick's Card 1

Spark Glove 2 - Topaz 1 & Quick's Card 1

I'm also level 31.

And the post about the Angels and Priests did help, thanks. I forgot to post a "thank you", sorry.

MathgeniusTalk PageContributions 20:29, November 17, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah, Seaside 2's boss is pretty much That One Boss (if you've ever been to the TV Tropes Wiki, if you haven't then please go there and look up that trope, you'll see what I mean), practically every team has trouble with that one (I would know that with just how many save files I have). Basically, get the ONIGIRI's Card, do some leveling on the Mist Grove series (particulary Mist Grove 2, on whatever the deepest screen you can survive long enough to level decently on is, ??? works well enough too), and while you're at it you can do some compo upgrades and get yourself a Sniper Rifle. I would highly recommend upgrading your Guide's Card and all Quick's Cards on ???, as the boss there drops the LV 3 versions of those (though knowing the way the random luck tends to work, you'll end up getting 4 Guide's Card 3s before you get your 2nd Quick's Card (at least that's how my luck usually tends to work when I need compos, I keep getting the wrong ones from the enemies that drop them and it takes FOREVER for low percent chance drops that I happen to need to drop)). Anyway, about the Angels + Priests, don't worry too much about it- you've said "thanks" now. Glad to have been of help! RadiantDarkBlaze (talk) 21:42, November 17, 2012 (UTC)

Q:I have two snipers and two magicians. I can't do mountain 2! Please help. 19:24, November 16, 2012 (UTC)


Snipers: STR 47, DEX 48, MAG 40

Magicians: STR 58, DEX 42, MAG 28

... Um... sorry, but... that's not the best save file ever. You are not following any particular builds, and if the 2 Snipers and the 2 Magicians are gonna have the same stats as each other, then 2 pure-STR Priests, 1 Sniper, and 1 Magician would've been the better team ultimately, since the AT boost from the Priests AT aura would've made the other two do over double damage. I mean, I'll definitely still try to help out without making you start a new save file, just... no guarntees. It's quite frankly a bit of a wonder your team got that far. So, Snipers should be using Sept Shot with Bullet's Card 4 and Yellow Crystal 5, Magicians should be using Freeze Explosion with Bullet's Card 4 and Quick's Card 4. Otherwise, once you get that much, all you can really do is apply the Dodge strategy with as many characters as you can handle doing it with, if you can only handle one or two while still dodging stuff, figure out for yourself which charaters you want to keep alive, and apply the Dodge strategy to as many characters as you can handle doing at the same time (in other words, aim for no damage to the characters you're dragging, and if they're all taking damage, give up on one of them and continue keeping the others alive, unless of course you're down to only one in which case defintely try to keep it alive no matter what, even if it's down to only a few LP, since Opening Street onigiri collecting after viewing a GAME OVER screen is certainly cheaper than going to the inn to heal, and Mountain 2 is a tough stage, so you'll only drain all your money if you keep reviving by inn healing or worse yet the "revive" button, and (as I'm sure everyone knows) there's no penalty for getting a game over). (By the way, what are your stats without the Stones in your weapons? I did the math- your Snipers have just slightly more SP invested than your Magicians, which doesn't make any sense to me..... unless your Magicians got 7 LP boosts each or something, which REALLY doesn't make sense). RadiantDarkBlaze (talk) 05:42, November 17, 2012 (UTC)

Q:I need some help, as I am not able to beat Desert 1 and Mist Grove 2. I would like to beat both. Here is my team:

Sniper: Poison Arrow 1 equipped with Emerald 2 and Red Stone 2.

  • LP:152
  • STR:38
  • DEX:2
  • MAG:10

Magician: Volcano 2 equipped with Ruby 3 and Garnet 3.

  • LP:152
  • STR: What STR?(0)
  • DEX: 30
  • MAG:10

Gladiator: Fire Saber 3 equipped with Vampire Card 1 and Critical Card 1.

  • LP:190
  • STR:12
  • DEX:18
  • MAG:10

Whipper: Stone Whip 1 equipped with Knockback Card 1 and Green Stone 3.

  • LP:205
  • STR:0
  • DEX:45
  • MAG:See above.

Please help! File:Poisonshotpet.gif Poisonshot ProfileTalk 22:40, April 4, 2013 (UTC)

Nevermind. I beaten it. Now I'm stuck at Cavern 5(Since more than 1 month). That boss is insane. My team has also changed greatly, it's level 45:

Sniper: Pyramid Arrow 5 with Peridot 4/Flame Arrow 5 with Ruby 4.

  • LP:231
  • STR:48
  • DEX:5
  • MAG:35

Magician:Volcano 2 with Ruby 3 and Garnet 4/Thunder Storm 2 with Black Crystal 3 and Bronze Medal 4.

  • LP:226
  • STR:2
  • DEX:74
  • MAG:12

Gladiator:Frozen Sabel 4 with Blue Stone 4

  • LP:358
  • STR:22
  • DEX:24
  • MAG:62

Whipper:Explosion Whip 2 with Fire Spirit 4 and Ruby 3

  • LP:266
  • STR:0
  • DEX:40
  • MAG:48

Please help. File:Poisonshotpet.gif Poisonshot ProfileTalk 20:18, June 1, 2013 (UTC)

Poisonshot, I do suggest you level up a bit and upgrade the Volcano 2 to Super Volcano 4. Also, use Flame Sabel with the best Ruby and Garnet you can get. Ivan247Talk PageContributions 05:04, June 2, 2013 (UTC)

I have a really hard time on Desert 5 and Oasis, and my team is...
429 LP (0 SP) (150 from White Stone 3)
33 STR (27 base) (6 from Black Stone 3)
33 DEX (27 base) (6 from Black Stone 3)
32 MAG (26 base) (6 from Black Stone 3)
Fire Shot 4
White Stone 3
Black Stone 3
3 Identical Boxers
580 HP (0 SP) (150 from White Stone 3)
95 STR (80 base) (15 from Red Stone 3)
0 DEX or MAG
Mach Knuckle 3
White Stone 3
Red Stone 3
Please help!!!

CHASE248, for Oasis, I suggest Triple Poison with Emerald and Catapult's Card for the Sniper and use him to take the boss down while dodging its attacks. For Desert 5, I suggest replacing the Stones in the Knuckles with Yellow Crystal and Vampire's Card and use Double Fire with Ruby and Bullet's Card 2 for the Sniper. Ivan247Talk PageContributions 05:13, June 2, 2013 (UTC)

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Hello. I'd like a good team idea with no gunner. File:Poisonshotpet.gif Poisonshot ProfileTalk 12:27, November 11, 2012 (UTC)

Well, you see, there is no best party. I was looking at Sample parties, and you might find something interesting there. :) mildlyridiculous TalkContribs 17:57, November 11, 2012 (UTC)
Good team idea with no guns? How's 2 Whippers, one with 40 MAG, rest DEX, other with either 60 MAG or 75 MAG, rest DEX, and 2 Priests, both with all STR. This would be a later-game blooming team, as any 2 STR Priests + 2 main attackers team would be. If you also want no Priests, then try a Magician with 30 DEX, rest STR (well, MAG or MAYBE LP if you keep this characters' team long enough to reach 136 STR by who knows how many updates later), a Sniper with pure DEX, a Boxer with 18 DEX, 80 MAG, rest LP, and a Gladiator with 100 MAG, rest LP. That team should get good quickly, might get stuck once or twice but then again any team would get stuck at least once or twice. I actually have a team with 4 of the Magicians I described, and it is pretty good... except I'm taking a nice long break from it since all 12 of it's weapons seem to require Cards to reach maximum potential, ugh. I HATE Card runs, only got two of the Cards I need for it (2 Bullet's Card 2's, for two of my four Delta Exploions, then 4 Quick's Card 3's for my Big Icicles (and also three more Diamond 3's), then Catapult's Card 3 x4 and Red Stone 3 x4 for my Big Thunders. (Should've done the double Priest thing, but my original idea was that these would keep EVERYTHING frozen using Big Icicle, and Priests might've screwed that up a little. Well, NOW I know a little better- this requires way too many Cards). Yeah, I have a lot of save files, partly because my reaction to getting bored of a save file is usually to keep it around while making a new one, only every now and then do I switch over to a already-created save file. (Because of this I believe I have learned my lesson about trying to make late-blooming teams). Anyway, if people get stuck on a stage and tell me so, I get them to tell me their teams' exact stats and plans for future SP if they haven't already, then essentially copy their team to see what can be done. Really good excuse to make another save file, lol. RadiantDarkBlaze (talk) 21:44, November 11, 2012 (UTC)

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