Salt Water
State of matter
Consumes salt, turns water into salt water.
Special properties
Version implemented

Salt water (also called seawater or saline water) is an artificial liquid element found in Earth Editor. It has a lighter shade of colour than water and is made when salt is dissolved into water. Up to six dots of salt can be dissolved into one dot of water. Because of this, there are six different degrees of the solution, depending on how many dots were dissolved in the water, but they all have the same color. The saturated solution of salt water, containing six dots of salt, can no longer dissolve any salt. Salt water with a low degree of saturation can be merged with salt water with a high degree of saturation, which averages the degree. Because of this, salt water can turn normal water into salt water, but this requires a salt water solution with at least 2 dots of dissolved salt.

Fire can evaporate the water from the salt water, and turn it into salt. If the player does this with salt water with more than one dot of dissolved salt, the player can create salt with a higher density than normal. The resulting dot of salt still contains all dissolved salt from the salt water, and behaves like multiple dots of salt that remain on the same position.

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