Save-Load is a combination of tools in a number of Dan-Ball games, including Powder Game, Powder Game 2, Earth Editor, and Elemental Box. These tools allow players save the current state of the screen and then load to get it back.

Mousing over either the save or load button will cause the button to become illuminated with a red boarder.

Features of Save

  • Save will temporarily save the current state of everything into a save file which is erased when players leave the game page or when a new save is produced.
  • In Powder Game, uploads are automatically put in the save file as well as Get-Set codes.
  • Save can be an extremely useful if players are working on a large or complex piece of work. This is especially important to avoid losing the progress made if the work is somehow messed up, so it is recommended to save frequently.
  • In Powder Game and Powder Game 2, save also removes all the velocity of elements and objects, as well as reverting charged elements back to their original form (only in Powder Game 2, however). This is often not known or forgotten by a new user when a work is uploaded, usually resulting in the upload being ruined upon start being pressed.


If the L key (the hotkey for the load button) is held on Powder Game or Powder Game 2 for more than several seconds, the game will be placed on a constant state of reloading (note that this cannot be done on any other games with the load function, as they lack the proper hotkey). Clicking on the play field during this will cause the loading process to be temporarily halted until the player releases his or her mouse button.

In the original Powder Game, this effect also causes the cursor to be affected. When the player moves the cursor over the play field and views the tool near the bottom of the menu pinpointing the cursor's current x,y coordinates, one can see that the cursor is actually rapidly alternating between point 0,0 (the very upper-left corner) and the cursor's current location, even though the mouse appears to stay in place. As the cursor is technically in each location between these two points, placing any element anywhere on the screen with any pen-type other than pen-line and pen-paint during this time will cause a line of this element (the same thickness as the selected pen-size) to be created between these two points. Despite the presence of the L hotkey on Powder Game 2, this glitch is not possible in said game.

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