Save Data in Powder Game and Powder Game 2, is where uploads are stored for viewing and loading. Here, one can choose to sort the uploads by votes and time uploaded. One can also search for a name or an author or an upload within a certain period of time. For the search result every upload is displayed with a small preview image, name, author and upload date, and the number of votes. There can be a total of 140 uploads (7 pages) of uploads per 12 hours.

The file name of the preview image is based on the ID number of the upload. Most internet browsers can display the file name if the user is to right-click the image. This ID allows the user to directly link to an upload, for example if the ID is ID_NUMBER one can use the URL: As of ver8.5, the URL does not contain "?code=", but must include ".html" succeeding the ID_NUMBER in order to work.


Empty Upload Slot

An empty upload slot. It is only found under the game screen, and not on the Save Data page.

  • Due to a typing or translation error, the Save Data was originally known as "Save Date" at the navigation path, which was displayed below the red header of the page.
  • The four slots under the game screen must be filled with uploads. If there are less than four uploads that have been uploaded in 24 hours, the site fills in the remaining slots with "uploads" that were posted on 9:00 AM on January 1st, 1970. No one truly knows why that specific time and date is displayed, especially since the supposed "uploads" were posted long before Dan-Ball, and even the Internet itself, was created. When clicking "play", the upload is shown without a title and displays a download error message on the screen. Since the last time it has happened, the area underneath the game screen now displays uploads from the past fifteen days instead of the past 24 hours.