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HELP JAMES BOND!! by krickit

Save uploads are a type of upload in Powder Game. They're usually simple (and sometimes funny) pixel arts (or usually simple pictures) which plea to save a person or object in the picture by voting.

Occasionally, save uploads contain simple chain reactions which will destroy the picture after a short amount of time (so the player has to hurry and vote to save something/someone from exploding, which happens anyway, even if a person votes).


These types of uploads are often criticized because they are considered one of the most sneaky forms of vote begging. In addition they often are of low or mediocre quality. The most recent example are the uploads in which the uploader tells you to vote making (name) invincible. Magma or acid is dropped on the player in a cone made out of block, and because of a glitch, the player survives. This upload is one of the most widely used save uploads of all time, and received a large amounts of votes until it was over-used and its popularity decreased.


Mattaroni's SAVE SLOWPOKE!!! upload.


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