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About this guide

I wouldn't call this a guide, but more a series of tips to get you around the rough patches.

Feel free to go to the talk page for some tips for certain levels.

Getting Started

So, you want to play some Stick Ranger? I would advise to have at least one sniper in your party. This guide uses a team that is all snipers. Nevertheless, some tips only require one sniper.

The Stages

Grassland 1

Grassland 1 is a hard stage for early sniper teams. At the boss, turn autowalk OFF and lure the bosses one by one to your team. You are suggested to use Poison Arrow.

Do the same for Grassland 4.


The underwater stages are played in much the same way. In the video, Ownage Time, by Legomember10004 the sniper attacks the boss with poision from above while dodging the attacks. Do the same with Poision Arrow 1.

Forest 2

This can be a bit hard for snipers. If you have a magician, replace Fire Arrow with Volcano.

Just stand close to the boss and fire with Fire Arrow 1. when the boss' attack nears you, move away along the ground little by little. It will take some time, but you will unlock the caverns easily.

*Gulp* Mega-boss!

Yes, after beating castle gate, you have come to the first mega-boss. Don't fret, there is a tip- Stay far from the boss, to avoid the two arrow attack. when he shoots the pellets, slide under him to the other side, and keep shooting. That's all.

And back to stages...

Seaside 2

This one is tough, with it's high range and high attack. I, Scienceguyz, have been playing for a year and got past it yesterday. to beat it, you have to know the trick. Either that, or get to level 30 and skip to the boss and own.

The Trick

The trick comes in 5 parts.

1. Quint Shot 3

Getting tired of your triple shot 1? Or did you get rid of it? Good luck, another shot is on the way. Go to the Seaside 2 level with all bats, and own. The white bats drop Quint Shot 3. These are almost impossible to beat the boss without.

2. Red Stone 2

This is dropped by the Red Skull Snake in the Forest 1 stage. Once you have it, it increases your STR which in turn increases Range.

3. Catapult's Card 2

This is dropped by the White Boss Smiley Walker in Cavern 1. Once you get it, You are almost ready to defeat the boss!

4. Levels!

You need to have at least 10 STR before you attatch the Red Stone. You are getting closer! One more step to the trick!

5. Ultra-Range shot 3!

Attatch your hard earned Stone and Card to your bow! The sniper holding the magic bow can outrange the boss! Gaze in glory at your Ultra-Range Shot 3!

Ownage Time!

Now it's time to defeat the boss! Stand far from the boss and fire away! If he gets close, move away and lure him back far away with another stickman! You just defeated one of the most dreaded bosses!


With enough levels, you should be able to zoom through the rest of the seasides and the submarine 1-4 stages.

Another Mega-Boss?

Yes, another one. Just follow this video again.

And More Stages...

Mist Grove 2

The Mist Grove 2 boss can be dangerous due to the dragons that spawn. However, there is a simple, but a little time consuming, way to do it. Turn Autowalk OFF and just wait. Your guys should be fine, but you may have to revive once or twice. You also may have to lure a dragon over on occasion. Once the boss has met his dragon limit, you go up to him and own.

Mist Grove 3

The Mist Grove 3 boss can be tricky because of it's high attack. However, because of it's low agility, you should not have any problem. Just dodge the needles and use Triple Poison 3. Iron arrows deal Ten more damage then they should against this boss, so try to use those too!


Don't be overwhelmed. Use Double Fire and own the first two levels. Own. Rinse. Repeat. Once you think you are ready, do the boss.

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