Seaside is a series of stages in Stick Ranger.


The Seaside stages are found east of the Castle. The landscape is formed by several small lakes of water, and small parts of land. The Seaside stages also share the tileset of the Grassland series. It is a little bit similar to the Cavern stages, but unlike the Cavern stages, these stages do not have a ceiling. The rough terrain can thwart Auto move and arrows. In the water, the characters can move up, but they cannot jump as high.

The Seaside stages use the following landscape:

Seaside landscape

List of Seaside stages

There are four stages in the Seaside series:


  • Seaside 2, 3, and 4 were known to exist some time before their respective updates included them, thanks to a video showcasing a hacked game including rough alphas of those stages. See here for the video in question.

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