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A series upload is a progression of uploads on Powder Game and Powder Game 2 that are usually connected in some way, often involving a shared plot. Player courses are a common example (e.g. Ninja course part one, Ninja course part two, etc.), but there may sometimes be other upload types. The plots in series uploads may be more complex than simple player courses with only one upload. Series uploads often contain lists stating that a certain amount of votes is required for the series to progress in a certain way, and therefor often obtain a large amount of votes.


Along the same premise as a series, a Co-series is a progression of uploads with the same plot and over-all design produced by two or more uploaders. There is currently only one Co-series known to exist, simply because a large amount of organisation is required, such as agreeing on a plot, making major changes, or even getting enough people to work on it.

The only Co-series so far was on the original Powder Game and titled "PERISH", with one uploader working on one upload. The series spawned several spin-offs and twenty-three episodes, before a large number of it's producers left Powder Game, and the plot became too complex for many wishing to join. The series used a complex set of rules, a logo, and a list circulating throughout the comment boards for upload planning, although was plagued by spammers making false episodes, often terrible-looking and did not have the official logo. It is currently on hold.


PERISH 10 by StarTrekSpock. Here, the logo is visible, and the detail is what helped make the co-series successful.

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