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The shield strategy, or sometimes referred to the tank strategy, is a strategy that can be used on Stick Ranger. It includes using a melee character (preferably a Boxer, with White Stone and Zombie's Card) with high LP as a shield to take all the damage from the enemies while the others characters safely attack them. Silver, Black, and sometimes Purple Crystals all work too.

A Priest with high DEX is recommended: it will make some enemies do only 1 damage, making it even better. Note that the strategy does not work on enemies that use magical attacks, such as poison, since a Priest's defense aura does not shield them. Also, the "shield" character will not do much damage, since the player should only invest SP into LP.

Another good thing to do with the melee character is to add either a freeze type weapon, or a fast weapon. With a freeze or ice type weapon, enough MP and a Quick's Card, a character can help take even less damage, if it isn't resistant. With a fast weapon, equip a Vampire's Card to heal more health, and either a Quick's Card or Heal's Card to heal faster, or a Crystal to take less damage.

Charms can also be used to help block out the effect. On Forests 1 and 2, using the Poison Charm can be a good combination with the large LP, as it blocks out most of the poison. Other charms would only affect the damage dealt by the shield character. While charms do take up a compo slot, they can sometimes help more than Crystals or a White Stone, especially with creatures that inflict magical attacks.

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