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Shisen-Sho is a Dan-Ball app game released in 28 October, 2016. It is basically an implementation of the Shisen-Sho web game into mobile systems.


Refer to this page. The game has essentially the same controls as the PC version, with screen taps taking over mouse clicks/keyboard buttons.

The tiles used are slightly different from the web game version: the 5 custom tiles were repleaced by tiles with letters D, A, N, B, and L, the five letters used in the spelling of Dan-Ball.

Since ver1.3 a new mode which replaced traditional Mahjong tiles with animal-themed tiles were introduced. Apart from the visual changes the BGM was also replaced with a remixed version where animal cries takes over the original instrumental music. In addition, records in Animal Tiles mode are independent of the original mode with traditional tiles.


iOS version

  • Shisen-Sho (AG) ver1.3 - 20/01/17
    • Animal Tiles Mode addition.
  • Shisen-Sho (AG) ver1.2 - 09/12/16
    • Gravity Mode addition.
  • Shisen-Sho (AG) ver1.1 - 18/11/16
    • BGM addition.
  • Shisen-Sho (AG) ver1.0 - 28/10/16
    • Game creation.

Android version

  • Shisen-Sho (AG) ver1.3 - 27/01/17
    • Animal Tiles Mode addition.
  • Shisen-Sho (AG) ver1.2 - 16/12/16
    • Gravity Mode addition.
  • Shisen-Sho (AG) ver1.1 - 25/11/16
    • BGM addition.
  • Shisen-Sho (AG) ver1.0 - 04/11/16
    • Game creation.

Kindle version

  • Shisen-Sho (AG) ver1.3 - 03/02/17
    • Animal Tiles Mode addition.
  • Shisen-Sho (AG) ver1.2 - 23/12/16
    • Gravity Mode addition.
  • Shisen-Sho (AG) ver1.1 - 02/12/16
    • BGM addition.
  • Shisen-Sho (AG) ver1.0 - 11/11/16
    • Game creation.

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