Side is a setting in certain Dan-Ball games such as Powder Game (since ver5.1), Powder Game 2 and Earth Editor (since ver2.2), allowing elements, characters, boxes, and balls to act a certain way upon contact with the play field border, depending on the setting. Powder Game and Powder Game 2 have two side settings (Off, and Loop), while Earth Editor has three (Off, On, and Loop).

Off (PG, PG2, EE)

  • After leaving the play field, dots disappear and objects are destroyed.

On (EE)

  • Elements will rebound off the side and will not pass through the edge.

Loop (PG, PG2, EE)

  • Elements that leave the play field reappear on the opposite side of the screen (unless said side is blocked by block or other elements element) with the same latitude/longitude and speed.
  • In Powder Game, wind cannot go through loop, but in Powder Game 2, wind freely passes through loop.
  • Objects in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 act in various ways:
    • Boxes, players, and fighters can only move horizontally in Powder Game. If they cross the upper or lower borderline, they will die. In Powder Game 2, players and fighters can cross either the upper or lower borderline without dying.
      • There is a glitch in Powder Game 2 where a player can "sink" into the bottom border of the screen. In order for this to happen, the bottom border must be open, but the top must be covered with an element or block. While on Side-Loop, a player is placed on the open bottom border. Since the element or block on the top border blocks the player from passing through, the player simply stands there. If side is changed to off while the player is standing on the border, the player doesn't die immediately. Instead, it "sinks" into the border and off the screen until dying shortly later.
    • In Powder Game 2, joint cannot pass through the border. If one side of the joint passes through the border, the dot will be transported to the adjacent side, while the other dot is released.
    • Bubbles are turned into steam in the original Powder Game upon contact with the border. As bubbles are made of joint in Powder Game 2, the soapy dots are released.
    • Balls can travel through any borderline without harm, just like elements. However, if it falls to the lower border and there is an element or object blocking the upper border, it will not disappear or pass through. Instead, it will bounce or roll across the border. The same happens with players and fighters in Powder Game 2.

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