Smoke Alarm

"steam detector" by darksasin, illustrating a simple fire-based smoke alarm.

A smoke alarm (also commonly known as a smoke detector or fire alarm) is a fairly uncommon type of technology in Powder Game and Powder Game 2. A smoke alarm has a fairly simple purpose: detect the presence of gas (or occasionally other types of gasses) and then trigger some form of action, often involving the dropping of water to "extinguish the fire." Despite this simple goal, there are several ways in which this can be accomplished. The most common of these being to use snow-based smoke alarms, or by simply lighting the gas on fire with some form of lighter element. Other less common methods may also include using fan to "suck up" elements such as powder into a lighter element and thus igniting them.

Smoke alarms as standalone uploads generally only gain a medium amount of votes. Because of this, smoke alarms are generally used in combination with a larger pixel art, often of someone (generally a large Player) cooking. Smoke alarms can even be made into vote scams, often instructing a user to "vote to save so and so from a fire."

Snow-based smoke alarms

A snow based smoke alarm generally consists of a large container made of block, with one end open and facing the ground. When gas is placed beneath the smoke alarm and start is pressed, it will float into the open gap and contact a small amount of snow, thus turning it into water. This water can either be used to charge clone, thus dropping large amounts of water on the "fire," or it can be used to trigger another technology, generally by causing wood to grow, or corroding circuits made of metal.

Fire-based smoke alarms

A fire-based smoke alarm generally consists of the same body as a snow-based smoke alarm, using a block container with an opening on the bottom. The difference, however is that when gas moves into this opening, it does not trigger snow to melt, but instead is ignited by a row of a lighter element, generally torch, as it is solid. The resulting fire produced is then used to ignite another element such as C-4, thus activating another technology.

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