The Sniper (or Archer in the app edition) is a class in the game Monster Box. Snipers attacks with the bow and arrow (at a constant rate of 30 frames per attack), resembling the Triple Shot's attack in Stick Ranger.


  • MBSniperATAT: The AT that is dealt to monsters by the arrow. Starts at 10 and each LV increases AT by 5. Costs $(50(n+1)) for the nth upgrade.
  • MBSniperArrowsArrows: The number of arrows fired each shot. Starts at 1 and each LV gives an extra arrow. Costs $(1000n) for the nth upgrade.
  • MBSniperRangeRange: Increases the range that the sniper can attack. Starts at 120 and each LV increases the range by 10. Costs $(100n) for the nth upgrade.
  • MBSniperPierceCPierce Chance: Gives each arrow a chance to pierce the hit enemy and possily hit another (Chances are independent; in the same shot, some may pierce while some may not). At chances higher than 100%, all arrows pierce the first enemy and has a chance to pierce another time. Starts at 0% and each LV increases the chance by 50%. Costs $(500n) for the nth upgrade.
  • MBSniperPierceATPierce Damage: When an arrow pierces, the arrow damage is increased by the specified percentage. For example at 20%, an arrow with an initial AT of 30 will deal 36 AT after the first pierce (30×(1+0.2)=36) and 42 AT after the second pierce (30×(1+0.2×2)=42). Starts at 0% and each LV increases it by 10%. Costs $(500n) for the nth upgrade.
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