Sniper is the third class in Stick Ranger. Snipers use bows to shoot enemies from far away, hence the name "Sniper". Snipers do relatively low damage, but they can outrange most of the enemies, which makes them useful in most situations. They have few magical attacks, which are very useful against enemies, especially when the Sniper has a high range.


Stat effect per SP invested LP

No effect

+ 8


Range + 2

+ 2


Min AT + 1/4, max AT + 1/3

+ 3


+ 1 MP gain per shot fired with magical weapon

+ 2


The Sniper uses the:

Bow Bow Triple Shot Triple Shot Poison Arrow Poison Arrow
Double Arrow Double Arrow Fire Arrow Fire Arrow Triple Arrow Triple Arrow
Quad Arrow Quad Arrow Oct Arrow Oct Arrow Double Poison Double Poison
Triple Shot Quint Shot Double Fire Double Fire Double Iron Arrow Double Iron Arrow
Triple Iron Arrow Triple Iron Arrow Triple Poison Triple Poison FireShot Fire Shot
Quad Iron Arrow Quad Iron Arrow Nonuple arrow 4 Nonuple Arrow Poison Shot Poison Shot
Pyramid Arrow Pyramid Arrow Flame Arrow Flame Arrow Triple Shot Sept Shot
Pierce Arrow Pierce Arrow Quint Poison Quint Poison Double Flame Double Flame
Indra Arrow Indra Arrow Quad Steel Arrow Quad Steel Arrow Undecuple Arrow Undecuple Arrow
Triple Shot Nonuple Shot Flame Shot Flame Shot Oct Poison Oct Poison
Double Hell Fire Double Hell Fire Quint Gold Arrow Quint Gold Arrow Vigintuple Arrow Vigintuple Arrow
Oct Poison Shot Oct Poison Shot Hell Fire Shot Hell Fire Shot

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