Snowfield is a series of stages in Stick Ranger. It is found east of the Mountain at the far end of the continent.


The Snowfield stages are found after the second Cavern series (Cavern 4, 5, and 6) to the eastern part of the continent. It includes snow-covered trees, a frozen variety of the Lake, later to be known as the Frozen Lake, respectively, and a greenish-cyan castle, which would become the Ice Castle. Since ver10.4, all stages in the Snowfield series, excluding Snowfield 9, feature a snowing effect where snow falls from the top of the screen, and piles up in triangles, much like sand from Powder Game 2, on the ground and "melts". disappearing as the characters trudge through the snow. Snow has the ability to conceal all enemies, and can often make these stages more difficult. This can cause lag if the screen is left open too long, as snow does not melt until one exits the current screen or a player moves over top of it, even if the game is paused. Since ver10.5, the snow can also be melted by Fire attacks from characters and enemies. It should also be noted that snow is saved throughout screens of the same stage, so progressing to the next screen will result in the snow from the previous screens being transported to the same location in the new screen. It is therefore recommended to not hesitate in any screen for too long, as large amounts of snow will be carried to the next level, and conceal any enemies within, allowing enemies to get an advantage on the player.

The Snowfall effects are slightly different in each Snowfield Stage, and they are as follows:

Stage Intensity Wind direction
Snowfield 1 Normal None
Snowfield 2 Normal None
Snowfield 3 Normal None
Snowfield 4 Higher From right to left
Snowfield 5 Higher From right to left
Snowfield 6 Higher None
Snowfield 7 Even Higher None
Snowfield 8 Even Higher From right to left
Snowfield 9 None None

The first four Snowfield stages use the same landscape from Hill Country, which includes floating platforms:

Snowfield Scape
Snowfield 1-4 Landscape

Snowfield 5 to 8, however, use the landscape from the Opening Street:

Snowfield 5-8 Landscape

Snowfield 9, finally, uses the landscape from the Seaside series:

Snowfield 9 Landscape

List of Snowfield stages

There are currently nine Snowfield stages:

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