No, it burns things, but doesn't burn.
Burns some elements.
Special properties
Emits burning sparks that disappears within a few frames of creation.

Spark is an element in Powder Game. Like fire, it emits burning sparks, in which can burn other elements and kill objects, but it doesn't directly emit wind, and disappears after a while. Spark was first added in version 7.6.


  • Spark's state of matter is powder, since the spread is vertically, and is affected by air, wind, drag, and gravity.
  • Spark particles repel each other, just like gas.
  • Spark can catch some things on fire and ignites some combustible elements, but unlike fire, spark cannot catch seed, wood, fuse, or Vine on fire.
  • It causes vine to grow around it when it comes contact with it instead of burning.
  • All elements, except for the ones that spark reacts with, lets sparks 'bounce' off them, but it has no effect on the life span of the spark particles.
  • Unlike thunder, it won't get conducted by metal or mercury. It won't even cause liquids to splash.
  • As of ver7.6, spark, gas, powder, seed, salt, and ant are the least resistant to acid.
  • Spark can also be made by igniting fuse, destroying pump with bomb or a wheel, and by a metal ball bouncing off of metal.
  • It can be considered as killer steam.
  • Spark is not very effective against ice, but nonetheless, it melts.
  • Although it can set things on fire, a few dots of spark might sometimes bounce off the reactant (e.g. C-4), and do nothing.

Spark is affected by gravity and only spreads vertically.

Spark 4

Spark is affected by wind and air. Left: Control setup. Right: Experimental setup. Both sides are completely separated by block.

Spark 3

Spark can be dragged.


  • When it touches a line of virus it looks like a realistic fuse. (Fuse is actual element now, won't mess up if the wrong element hits it.)
  • Can be used to remove virus walls, just like steam.

Reactions with other elements

Element Effect
Acid Destroys Spark
Ant Burns ant
Bomb Destroys Bomb
Bird Burns bird
Clone Spark is Cloned
Fan Blown by wind
Fire None
Fireworks Sets off fireworks
Fuse None
Gas Ignites gas
Glass None
Gunpowder Ignites gunpowder
Ice Melts ice
Laser Blocks laser
Magma None
Mercury None
Metal None
Nitro Ignites nitro
Oil Burns oil
Powder Burns powder
Pump None
Saltwater None
Seed None
Snow Melts snow
Soapy None
Steam Destroys Steam
Stone None
Superball None
Thunder None
Torch None
Vine Vine grows
Virus Infects spark
Water None
Wood None

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