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Star colors

Every star color; in the middle there’s sun (light yellow)

Star is a Planet Simulation object that creates a gravity point, similar to Earth Editor's and Powder Game 2's Black hole.


  • Planets circle around stars due to their gravity, and often fall into the star (thus destroying the planet), as the planet's momentum and/or angle may not make it able to maintain orbit.
  • Stars are immovable, and are not affected by the gravity of other stars or planets, nor the impact by planets.
  • When "Star" is clicked on the menu, and a star is clicked, the clicked star is removed from the screen.


  • No matter the size setting (or color, as it would matter in real life), stars will always be the same size.
  • The original star that is present when the game is first started, or generated upon a reset, has a color that cannot be gained using the color options.

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