States of matter are the categories in which Powder Game and other Dan-Ball elements are placed based on their movement though reactions not associated with other elements. There are five states of matter: solid, powder, liquid, gas, and plasma. They are crucial to the behavior and movement of the element and determine some of its characteristics.

States of matter

  • Solids do not move via non-chemical reactions.
  • Powder type elements will only fall via non-chemical reactions, but will not spread as liquids do. This keeps them from flowing, and they stay in place unless a force acts upon them.
  • Liquid - each individual dot of a liquid will randomly move left, right, or stay in place horizontally every frame, then fall down. This simulates how a liquid in reality flows and spreads out. Liquids can float above other liquids of greater density, and float on powders as well (except virus, which will absorb them).
  • Gas as a state of matter is an element which is not affected by gravity but is affected by wind. In Powder Game, there are only four gases - gas, steam, fire, and cloud.
  • Plasmas are elements with undefined density and move in a set pattern that varies with their starting location. Plasmas, unlike other elements, only change their patterns via chemical reactions (with the exception of wheel). Only one element is classified as such:
    • Thunder has no fall speeds because it moves at a set pattern from side to side, as well as down.
      • In metal, the thunder travels in given directions through metal, simulating electricity.
      • In glass, the thunder travels in a specific manner.
    • Some elements in their charged state(s) can be classified as a plasma.

There are four exceptions to these states in Powder Game:

  • Semi-Solids, or wood-solids, are elements that are like solids except that they can be dragged. There are two elements classified as semi-solids:
    • Vine, both charged and uncharged, can be dragged and moved by thunder or nearby explosion, solidifying shortly after.
    • Wood can be dragged and moved by thunder or nearby explosion, solidifying shortly after.
  • Living Powders act and interact like powders with elements, but move on their own in some way.
    • Bird has a number of different characteristics that differentiate from other powders. Instead of falling, bird flies around the screen and sometimes charges at a player, often avoids other elements, stops on wood for a short period of time, and destroys seeds and ants.
    • Ant is similar to other powders in many ways, but moves back and forth when on a suitable element, simulating real life. Additionally, when it interacts with non-lethal solid elements, it turns into a plasma, building "crystals".