This is a list of the updates of Stick Ranger. Most of the text has been rephrased from the original announcements made.

There are currently 180 updates for Stick Ranger, making it the most updated game on Dan-Ball. However, since ver15.8, the Java version of Stick Ranger hasn't been updated as Java support is dropped like other web games.

Since ver18.9, released on March 17, 2017, the game hasn't been updated much, as the game itself appears completed.


Version Date Thumbnail New features and changes Blog[1]
19.0 18/05/2018 SR ver19.0 Bug fix (Scrolling while playing the game on smartphones). jp/en
18.9 17/03/2017 SR ver18.9 Restart Mode addition. (Players can now restart the game with Crowns stored in their Inventory.) jp/en
18.8 17/02/2017 SR ver18.8 Compo item addition. (Anger Crown) jp/en
18.7 20/01/2017 SR ver18.7 Compo item addition. (Imperial Crown) jp/en
18.6 09/12/2016 SR ver18.6 Stage addition. (Volcano) jp/en
18.5 04/11/2016 SR ver18.5 Ending Screen addition. Hell Castle Boss gains Ice resistance. jp/en
18.4 28/10/2016 SR ver18.4 Stage addition. (Hell Castle) jp/en
18.3 30/09/2016 SR ver18.3 34th Weapons addition. (Sonic Cestus 8, Frozen GreatSword 8, Hell Fire Shot 8, Thunderbolt 8, Power Rod 8, Homing Laser Wave 8, Explosion Morning Star 8, Charge God 8) jp/en
18.2 09/09/2016 SR ver18.2 Compo item addition. (Quick's Card 7, Long Sword's Card 7, Catapult's Card 7, Guide's Card 7, Bullet's Card 7, Critical's Card 7, Berserk Card 7, Katana's Card 7) jp/en
18.1 02/09/2016 SR ver18.1 Compo item addition. (LV 7 Jewels) jp/en
18.0 26/08/2016 SR ver18.0 Compo item addition. (LV 7 Crystals) jp/en
17.9 19/08/2016 SR ver17.9 Stage addition. (Hell Gate) jp/en
17.8 12/08/2016 SR ver17.8 33rd Weapons addition (Spark Cestus 8, Flame GreatSword 8, Oct Poison Shot 8, Pyroclastic Flow 8, Giga Exp Rod 8, Rocket Launcher 8, Poison Morning Star 8, Quick God 8). jp/en
17.7 05/08/2016 SR ver17.7 Stage addition. (Hell 8) jp/en
17.6 29/07/2016 SR ver17.6 32nd Weapons addition (Needle Cestus 8, Lightsaber 8, Vigintuple Arrow 8, Ice Missile 8, Freeze Exp Rod 8, Slow Laser Gun 8, Thorn Morning Star 8, Power God 8). jp/en
17.5 22/07/2016 SR ver17.5 Stage addition. (Hell 7) jp/en
17.4 01/04/2016 SR ver17.4 31st Weapons addition (Freeze Cestus 8, Long GreatSword 8, Quint Gold Arrow 8, Permafrost 8, Poisonous Rod 8, Napalm Gun 8, Ice Morning Star 8, Thorn God 8). jp/en
17.3 25/03/2016 SR ver17.3 Stage addition. (Cavern 8) jp/en
17.2 18/03/2016 SR ver17.2 Option addition. (Dragging of dead characters' body parts) jp/en
17.1 26/02/2016 SR ver17.1 Optimization. (FPS raised from 50 to 60) jp/en
17.0 19/02/2016 SR ver17.0 Optimization of font. Bug fix (30th Weapons were not available in the Shop after completing Cavern 7). jp/en
16.9 12/02/2016 SR ver16.9 30th Weapons addition (Poison Cestus 7, Ice GreatSword 7, Double Hell Fire 7, Lightning 7, Long Gold Rod 7, Rail Gun 7, Thunder Morning Star 7, Ice God 7). jp/en
16.8 05/02/2016 SR ver16.8 Stage addition. (Cavern 7) jp/en
16.7 29/01/2016 SR ver16.7 Compo item addition. (LV 7 Stones) jp/en
16.6 15/01/2016 SR ver16.6 Optimization. (Google Chrome + Dragging) jp/en
16.5 08/01/2016 SR ver16.5 Compo item addition. (LV 7 Medals) jp/en
16.4 18/12/2015 SR ver16.4 Stage addition. (Blood Lake) jp/en
16.3 04/12/2015 SR ver16.3 Stage addition. (Inferno 3) jp/en
16.2 13/11/2015 SR ver16.2 Further HTML5 optimization. jp/en
16.1 06/11/2015 SR ver16.1 HTML5 Optimization. jp/en

Version Date Thumbnail New features and changes Blog[1]
16.0 30/10/2015 SR ver16.0 29th Weapons addition (Mach Cestus 7, Thunder GreatSword 7, Oct Poison 7, Hell Fire 7, Thunder Rod 7, Triple Shotgun 7, Fire Morning Star 7, Long God 7). Cost and sell price of 28th Weapons increased from $15000 and $1875 to $16000 and $2000 respectively. jp/en
15.9 03/07/2015 SR ver15.9 HTML5 Support. jp/en
15.8[2] 01/05/2015 SR ver15.8 Stage Addition (Inferno 2). jp/en
15.7 03/04/2015 SR ver15.7 28th Weapons addition (Fire Cestus 7, Fire GreatSword 7, Flame Shot 7, Ice Bolt 7, Inferno Rod 7, Micro Uzi 7, Stone Morning Star 7, Thunder God 7). jp/en
15.6 06/03/2015 SR ver15.6 Stage addition (Inferno 1). Compo addition (Berserk Card 6). jp/en
15.5 13/02/2015 SR ver15.5 Compo item addition. (Long Sword's Card 6, Catapult's Card 6, Guide's Card 6, Bullet's Card 6, Critical's Card 6) Stat adjustment of Hell 6 enemies. jp/en
15.4 09/01/2015 SR ver15.4 Stage addition (Hell 6). jp/en
15.3 21/11/2014 SR ver15.3 Stage addition (Island). jp/en
15.2 24/10/2014 SR ver15.2 Stage addition (Hell 5). jp/en
15.1 26/09/2014 SR ver15.1 Compo item addition (Ring's Card). VS mode LP adjustment (Gunner LP multiplier from 3× to 4×, multiplier for team rank added) jp/en
15.0 12/09/2014 SR ver15.0 27th Weapons addition (Thunder Cestus 7, GreatSword 7, Nonuple Shot 7, Spread Explosion 7, Strike Rod 7, Magnum 7, Morning Star 7, Fire God 7). Drawing optimization. jp/en
14.9 15/08/2014 SR ver14.9 Stage addition (Hell 4). jp/en
14.8 25/07/2014 SR ver14.8 Stage addition (Hell 3). Bug fix. (Gold Medal 6 gold increment percentage.) jp/en
14.7 20/06/2014 SR ver14.7 Drop rate changed. (Various items throughout the game now have modified drop rates.) jp/en
14.6 16/05/2014 SR ver14.6 Compo item addition (Emerald 6, Sapphire 6, Topaz 6, Peridot 6, Aquamarine 6). Drop rate changed. (Some items dropped by enemies in OS, GL 1-7, HC 1-3, L and CG have increased drop rates.) jp/en
14.5 18/04/2014 SR ver14.5 Stage addition (Hell 2). Bug fix: Frozen Lake + attribute jp/en
14.4 28/03/2014 SR ver14.4 Compo item addition (Heal's Card 1, Heal's Card 2, Ruby 6, Garnet 6, Diamond 6). Vampire's Card 3 and Vampire's Card 4 effect changed. jp/en
14.3 07/03/2014 SR ver14.3 Stage addition (Hell 1). jp/en
14.2 24/01/2014 SR ver14.2 Compo item addition. (LV 6 Medals) jp/en
14.1 20/12/2013 SR ver14.1 Stage addition (!!!). jp/en
14.0 15/11/2013 SR ver14.0 26th Weapons addition (Sonic Claw 6, Frozen Blade 6, Undecuple Arrow 6, Thunder Orb 6, Mega Exp Staff 6, Pierce Homing 6, Explosion Flail 6, Charge Chakram 6). jp/en
13.9 01/11/2013 SR ver13.9 Stage addition (Forget Tree). jp/en
13.8 18/10/2013 SR ver13.8 Compo item addition (LV 6 Crystals). Bug fix (Forest 6) jp/en
13.7 04/10/2013 SR ver13.7 Stage addition (Forest 6). jp/en
13.6 21/09/2013 SR ver13.6 Stage addition (Forest 5). jp/en
13.5 06/09/2013 SR ver13.5 Compo item addition. (LV 6 Stones, Katana's Card 6) jp/en
13.4 23/08/2013 SR ver13.4 Stage addition (Forest 4). jp/en
13.3 02/08/2013 SR ver13.3 Stage addition (Forest 3). Bug fixed (Bows + Reflection Card) jp/en
13.2 12/07/2013 SR ver13.2 25th Weapons addition (Spark Claw 6, Flame Blade 6, Quad Steel Arrow 6, Lava 6, Freeze Exp Staff 6, Wave Cannon 6, Poison Flail 6, Quick Chakram 6). jp/en
13.1 21/06/2013 SR ver13.1 Stage addition (Beach 4). Move dying option renamed Move of dying. jp/en
13.0 31/05/2013 SR ver13.0 Stage addition (Snowfield 9). World map extended (New seas, an island with a large tree, and a grey land with a volcano and a large and menacing castle). jp/en
12.9 10/05/2013 SR ver12.9 Options now save in individual games. Players can now choose whether characters with <20% LP are still affected by Auto Walk. The symbol of the selected character can now be changed. Bug fix: Clickable character symbol jp/en
12.8 19/04/2013 SR ver12.8 Compo item addition (Reflection Card). Bug fixes: WORLD MAP + AURA (AT bonus from aura ignored in the world map screen). Indra Arrow now deals Thunder damage as Description. Typo of Ice Spirit 4's effect fixed. jp/en
12.7 29/03/2013 SR ver12.7 Mountaintop Weapons addition. (Indra Arrow 6, Napalm Bomb 6) Compo item addition. (Ice Spirit 4, Poison Spirit 4) Laser Beam Gun 6 renamed as Power Laser Gun. Range adjustment of Ice Orb jp/en
12.6 08/03/2013 SR ver12.6 24th Weapons addition. (Needle Claw 6, Lightsaber 6, Double Flame 6, Ice Orb 6, Poisonous Staff 6, Laser Beam Gun 6, Thorn Flail 6, Power Chakram 6) jp/en
12.5 15/02/2013 SR ver12.5 Stage addition (Mountaintop). jp/en
12.4 25/01/2013 SR ver12.4 Compo item addition (Ice Spirit). jp/en
12.3 28/12/2012 SR ver12.3 Boss Stage addition (Ice Castle). jp/en
12.2 07/12/2012 SR ver12.2 Stage addition (Snowfield 8). jp/en
12.1 16/11/2012 SR ver12.1 Compo item addition (Knockback's Card, LV5 Medals). jp/en

Version Date Thumbnail New features and changes Blog[1]
12.0 26/10/2012 SR ver12.0 Compo item addition (Big Card 5, LV5 Jewels). jp/en
11.9 05/10/2012 SR ver11.9 Stage addition (Frozen Lake). jp/en
11.8 14/09/2012 SR ver11.8 Stage addition (Snowfield 7). jp/en
11.7 24/08/2012 SR ver11.7 23rd Weapons addition. (Freeze Claw 6, Long Blade 6, Quint Poison 6, Freeze Explosion 6, Long Silver Staff 6, M9 Grenade 6, Ice Flail 6, Thorn Chakram 6) jp/en
11.6 03/08/2012 SR ver11.6 Stage addition (Snowfield 6). jp/en
11.5 13/07/2012 SR ver11.5 Stage addition (Mountain 2). jp/en
11.4 22/06/2012 SR ver11.4 Compo item addition (Quick's Card 5, Long Sword's Card 5, Catapult's Card 5, Guide's Card 5, Bullet's Card 5, Critical's Card 5, Berserk Card 5). Image change of Cards. jp/en
11.3 01/06/2012 SR ver11.3 Stage addition (Snowfield 5). jp/en
11.2 11/05/2012 SR ver11.2 22nd Weapons addition. (Poison Claw 5, Ice Blade 5, Pierce Arrow 5, Electric Shock 5, Electric Staff 5, Hunting Gun 5, Thunder Flail 5, Ice Chakram 5) Fire Claw 5 AT correction. Inferno 5 range correction. jp/en
11.1 20/04/2012 SR ver11.1 Stage addition (Snowfield 4). jp/en
11.0 30/03/2012 SR ver11.0 Stage addition (Snowfield 3). jp/en
10.9 09/03/2012 SR ver10.9 Compo item addition. (LV5 Crystals, Big Card) jp/en
10.8 17/02/2012 SR ver10.8 21st Weapons addition. (Mach Claw 5, Thunder Blade 5, Sept Shot 5, Inferno 5, Inferno Staff 5, Scattergun 5, Iron Flail 5, Long Chakram 5) jp/en
10.7 20/01/2012 SR ver10.7 Stage addition (Mountain 1). Bug fix: Purple Crystal + poison. jp/en
10.6 23/12/2011 SR ver10.6 Stage addition (Snowfield 2). jp/en
10.5 2/12/2011 SR ver10.5 Compo item addition (LV5 Stones). Snow in Snowfield stages can be melted with attacks of type Fire. Bug fix: Title Screen. jp/en
10.4 18/11/2011 SR ver10.4 Snowing effect addition to Snowfield stages. Bug fix: Save files. jp/en
10.3 11/11/2011 SR ver10.3 Stage addition (Snowfield 1). World map extension including: snow, frozen lake, snow-covered trees, and a castle added to world map. Bug fix: LP bar of title screen. jp/en
10.2 4/11/2011 SR ver10.2 Stage addition (Cavern 6). Algorithm of the Shop changed. Bug fix: World Map. jp/en
10.1 21/10/2011 SR ver10.1 Compo Item addition (LV4 Charms). LP bar design change (the one in the HUD). Sign font and message change. jp/en
10.0 07/10/2011 SR ver10.0 Damage effect (Damage values on-screen) On/Off addition.
LP Bar (On top of the Characters'/Enemies' heads) On/Off addition.
9.9 30/09/2011 SR ver9.9 20th Weapons addition (Fire Claw 5, Fire Blade 5, Flame Arrow 5, Ice Spike 5, Warrior Staff 5, Mini Uzi 5, Fire Flail 5, Thunder Chakram 5). Bug fix (Angel + Compo Item). jp/en
9.8 09/09/2011 SR ver9.8 Stage addition (Cavern 5). Bug fix: (Priest aura). jp/en
9.7 26/08/2011 SR ver9.7 Weapon addition (Rings including Fire Chakram 5 and Chakram 5). Compo Item addition (Thunder Spirit 3 and 4). Bug fix: (Angel + Cavern). jp/en
9.6 05/08/2011 SR ver9.6 Stage addition (Cavern 4). Bug fix: (Angel + Critical's Card). World map extension. jp/en
9.5 22/07/2011 SR ver9.5 Weapon addition (Rings including Thorn Circle 4, Power Circle 4, Quick Circle 4 and Charge Circle 4). jp/en
9.4 17/06/2011 SR ver9.4 Weapon addition (Rings including Fire Circle 3, Thunder Circle 3, Long Circle 3 and Ice Circle 3). Bug fix: (White Stone). jp/en
9.3 27/05/2011 SR ver9.3 Weapon addition (Rings including Power Ring 2, Thorn Ring 2, Quick Ring 2 and Charge Ring 2). Bug fix. jp/en
9.2 20/05/2011 SR ver9.2 Class addition. (Angel) Weapon Addition (Ring, Fire Ring 1, Thunder Ring 1, Long Ring 1 and Ice Ring 1). Bug fix (Staff of Light and High Light Staff). jp/en
9.1 29/04/2011 SR ver9.1 Compo Item addition (Thunder Spirit 1 and 2, Fire Spirit 3 and 4). jp/en
9.0 15/04/2011 SR ver9.0 Compo Item addition (Fire Spirit 1 and 2). Pyramid Arrow correction (Every hit will poison the enemy). jp/en
8.9 18/03/2011 SR ver8.9 Stage addition (Resort). 19th weapons addition (Resort weapons). (Charge Punch 5, Wooden Sword 5, Pyramid Arrow 5, Atomic Ray 5, High Light Staff 3, Missile 5 and Freeze Whip 5) jp/en
8.8 04/03/2011 SR ver8.8 Stage addition (Beach 3). jp/en
8.7 11/02/2011 SR ver8.7 Compo Items addition (Pierce's Card 4, Guide's Card 4 and LV4 Jewels). jp/en
8.6 21/01/2011 SR ver8.6 Stage addition (Beach 2). World map extension. jp/en
8.5 07/01/2011 SR ver8.5 Stage addition (Beach 1). Stone Fureiru name is changed to Stone Flail. jp/en
8.4 10/12/2010 SR ver8.4 18th Weapons addition. (Thunder Claw 5, Blade 5, Poison Shot 5, Time Explosion 5, Explosion Staff 5, 3-Round Burst 5 and Stone Fureiru 5). jp/en
8.3 26/11/2010 SR ver8.3 Stage addition (Desert 8). Zombi's Card name is changed to Zombie's Card. jp/en
8.2 05/11/2010 SR ver8.2 Compo Item addition (Explosion's Card 4, Zombi's Card 4 and LV3 Charms). Fixed LV of Vampire's Card (LV 3 and LV 4). Changed the attacking frequencies of the Pyramid Boss. jp/en
8.1 29/10/2010 SR ver8.1 Boss Stage addition (Pyramid). LV 3 Vampire's Card addition. jp/en

Version Date Thumbnail New features and changes Blog[1]
8.0 08/10/2010 SR ver8.0 Stage addition (Desert 7). jp/en
7.9 01/10/2010 SR ver7.9 Compo item addition (Charms, LV4 Medals and 5 Cards). Thunder Spear correction (Bolts thickened). jp/en
7.8 10/09/2010 SR ver7.8 17th weapons addition. (Sonic Knuckle 4, Frozen Sabel 4, Nonuple Arrow 4, Thunder Spear 4, Staff of Icicle 4, Homing Laser Beam 4 and Explosion Chain 4) jp/en
7.7 03/09/2010 SR ver7.7 Stage addition (Desert 6). jp/en
7.6 13/08/2010 SR ver7.6 Stage addition (Oasis). jp/en
7.5 06/08/2010 SR ver7.5 Compo item addition (LV4 Crystals). Selling system addition (Click to Sell). jp/en
7.4 16/07/2010 SR ver7.4 Stage addition (Desert 5). jp/en
7.3 09/07/2010 SR ver7.3 16th weapons addition. (Spark Knuckle 4, Flame Sabel 4, Quad Iron Arrow 4, Super Volcano 4, Long Iron Staff 4, Cannon 4 and Poison Chain 4) jp/en
7.2 25/06/2010 SR ver7.2 Stage addition (Desert 4). World map arrows addition. jp/en
7.1 11/06/2010 SR ver7.1 Compo item addition (LV4 Stone). World map extension. jp/en
7.0 04/06/2010 SR ver7.0 Stage addition (Desert 3). jp/en
6.9 21/05/2010 SR ver6.9 Stage addition (Desert 2). Sand added to world map and a few other changes. jp/en
6.8 07/05/2010 SR ver6.8 15th weapons addition (Needle Knuckle 4, Lightsaber 4, Fire Shot 4, Ice Meteor 4, Staff of Poisoner 4, Laser Beam Gun 4 and Thorn Chain 4). jp/en
6.7 16/04/2010 SR ver6.7 Stage addition (Desert 1). Submarine Shrine Boss weakened (Flake AT 20-40 reduced to 5-5 and Fire AT 4-6 reduced to 3-5). jp/en
6.6 26/03/2010 SR ver6.6 Weapon addition (Whips including Fire Chain 3, Iron Chain 3, Thunder Chain 3 and Ice Chain 4). jp/en
6.5 05/03/2010 SR ver6.5 Weapon addition (Whips including Thorn Whip 2, Poison Whip 2, Explosion Whip 2 and Stone Chain 3). Bug fix: Iron Medal. jp/en
6.4 26/02/2010 SR ver6.4 Weapon addition (Whips including Fire Whip 1, Iron Whip 1, Thunder Whip 1 and Ice Whip 2). jp/en
6.3 19/02/2010 SR ver6.3 New Class Whipper. Weapon addition (Whip and Stone Whip 1). jp/en
6.2 29/01/2010 SR ver6.2 Compo item addition (Gold rush Card 1 and Vampire's Card 3) Medal Calculation type change. Bug fix: Death + New Game. jp/en
6.1 22/01/2010 SR ver6.1 Boss Stage addition (Submarine Shrine). jp/en
6.0 15/01/2010 SR ver6.0 14th weapons addition (Freeze Knuckle 4, Long Sabel 4, Triple Poison 4, Big Icicle 4, Combat Staff 4 and Grenade Launcher 4). Compo item addition (LV3 Medals). Correction on enemy hits. jp/en
5.9 25/12/2009 SR ver5.9 Hidden stage addition (???). Compo item addition (LV3 Cards). jp/en
5.8 18/12/2009 SR ver5.8 Stage addition (Submarine 4). jp/en
5.7 11/12/2009 SR ver5.7 Compo item addition (LV3 Jewels). Details added to LP bar of enemies when the book of the stage is bought. Bug Fix: title screen + attack motion. jp/en
5.6 27/11/2009 SR ver5.6 Stage addition (Mist Grove 3). Bug Fix: VS Mode + Click. jp/en
5.5 13/11/2009 SR ver5.5 13th weapons addition (Poison Knuckle 3, Ice Sabel 3, Triple Iron Arrow 3, Big Thunder 3, Staff of Flame 3 and Sniper Rifle 3). Bug fix: Screen freezing. jp/en
5.4 30/10/2009 SR ver5.4 Stage addition (Mist Grove 2). Compo item addition (LV3 Crystals). Weaknesses fixed. jp/en
5.3 16/10/2009 SR ver5.3 Stage addition (Mist Grove 1). Weakness and strength addition in Book. jp/en
5.2 25/09/2009 SR ver5.2 12th weapons addition (Mach Knuckle 3, Thunder Sabel 3, Double Iron Arrow 3, Fire Rise 3, Staff of Light 1 and Remington 3). Compo item addition (LV3 Stones). jp/en
5.1 28/08/2009 SR ver5.1 Stage Addition (Submarine 3). Compo item addition (Iron Medal). jp/en
5.0 07/08/2009 SR ver5.0 11th weapons addition (Fire Knuckle 3, Fire Sabel 3, Double Fire 3, Icicle 3, Staff of Freeze 3 and Uzi 3). Drop Rate Change. jp/en
4.9 31/07/2009 SR ver4.9 Stage addition (Submarine 2). Compo item addition (Berserk Card). jp/en
4.8 24/07/2009 SR ver4.8 Weapon addition (Staves including Staff of Fire 2, Lightning Staff 2, Staff of Poison 2 and Long Wood Staff 3). Image of Weapons is added. Bug fix:Homing Laser+Topaz, Laser Gun+Ruby, Aquamarine(SLOW), Peridot(TIME), Diamond(TIME). jp/en
4.7 10/07/2009 SR ver4.7 10th weapons addition (Thunder Knuckle 3, Sabel 3, Quint Shot 3, Delta Explosion 3 and Beretta 3). Overwrite compo items. Number of weapons available in Shop changed. jp/en
4.6 03/07/2009 SR ver4.6 Image of Bows is added. Statistics change in each class. LP increase in Gunner of "VS mode" is changed to 3 times. jp/en
4.5 26/06/2009 SR ver4.5 Stage addition (Submarine 1). Bug fix: VS mode + Vampire's Card. jp/en
4.4 12/06/2009 SR ver4.4 Stage addition (Seaside 4). Compo item addition (Bullet's Card 2, Explosion's Card 2, Critical's Card 2). Adjustment on Seaside 3 enemies' EXP and gold drop. jp/en
4.3 05/06/2009 SR ver4.3 Stage addition (Seaside 3). Compo item addition (Quick's Card 2, Long Sword's Card 2, Catapult's Card 2, Pierce's Card 2, Guide's Card 2). Bug fix: Frozen Sword 2. jp/en
4.2 29/05/2009 SR ver4.2 9th weapons addition (Sonic Punch 2, Frozen Sword 2, Double Poison 2, Thunder Storm 2 and Homing Laser 2). Compo item addition (LV2 Medals). jp/en
4.1 08/05/2009 SR ver4.1 Stage addition (Seaside 2). Compo item addition (LV2 Jewels). Weapon addition (Battle Staff 2). jp/en

Version Date Thumbnail New features and changes Blog[1]
4.0 01/05/2009 SR ver4.0 Stage addition (Seaside 1). Compo item addition (LV2 Crystals). Range of Boxers reduced from 20 to 15. jp/en
3.9 BETA 17/04/2009 SR ver3.9 VS mode - Weapon color addition. Anti-cheat measures. Bug fix (Lightsaber 2 + VS mode, Option + Village, MP + Retry in VS). Level cap mechanism added. Large lake at the east turned into a bay. jp/en
3.8 BETA 10/04/2009 SR ver3.8 VS Mode addition. jp/en
3.7 BETA 03/04/2009 SR ver3.7 Compo shop addition (Village). FP (fighting power) display. Bug fix: AURA + Bazooka 2 or Needle Glove 2. jp/en
3.6 BETA 20/03/2009 SR ver3.6 Stage addition (Cavern 3). Compo item addition (LV2 Stones, Purple Crystal). LV display of ITEM. Change name of Railgun to Laser Gun. jp/en
3.5 BETA 13/03/2009 SR ver3.5 Stage addition (Cavern 2). Weapon addition (Rifle, Grenade, Railgun, Bazooka). jp/en
3.4 BETA 06/03/2009 SR ver3.4 Class addition. (Gunner) Weapons addition (Gun, Handgun, Submachine-gun, Shotgun). jp/en
3.3 BETA 20/02/2009 SR ver3.3 Stage addition (Cavern 1). jp/en
3.2 BETA 13/02/2009 SR ver3.2 Stage addition (Forest 2). 8th weapons addition (Spark Glove, Flame Sword, Oct Arrow, Volcano). jp/en
3.1 BETA 06/02/2009 SR ver3.1 Stage addition (Forest 1). Compo item addition (Medals). Calculation of Defense is changed (The Aura (DF) of Priests and the Silver Crystal no longer decreases damage from magical attacks). jp/en
3.0 BETA 23/01/2009 SR ver3.0 Book addition in Town. (enemy encyclopaedia). Hit algorithm change of onigiri (low LP priority). jp/en
2.9 BETA 16/01/2009 SR ver2.9 Stage addition (Lake). jp/en
2.8 BETA 09/01/2009 SR ver2.8 Stage addition (Hill Country 3). 7th weapons addition (Needle Glove, Lightsaber, Quad Arrow, Blizzard). jp/en
2.7 BETA 19/12/2008 SR ver2.7 Stage addition (Hill Country 2). Compo items attached to the weapon get displayed at its statistics. jp/en
2.6 BETA 12/12/2008 SR ver2.6 Stage addition (Hill Country 1). Compo item addition (Diamond, Critical's Card). Bug fix (Vampire's Card + ONIGIRI's Card) jp/en
2.5 BETA 05/12/2008 SR ver2.5 Dual compo item implementation. 6th weapons addition (Freeze Glove, Long Sword, Triple Arrow and Freeze). Changed name of Triple Arrow to Triple Shot (Triple Arrow name is now a different weapon found later in the game). Items sell at 12.5% of their price instead of 25%. jp/en
2.4 BETA 21/11/2008 SR ver2.4 Shop addition. Get-Set feature addition. Drop rate change. jp/en
2.3 BETA 14/11/2008 SR ver2.3 Weapon addition (Staff of Wood, Long Staff, Staff of Thunder, Staff of Ice). The image of Staves are now placed diagonally instead of vertically. Stage addition (Castle Gate). Bug fix. jp/en
2.2 BETA 07/11/2008 SR ver2.2 Priest addition. Weapon addition. (Staff) Number of slots in the Inventory increased from 15 to 24. Save data was changed. (The data of the former version cannot be used). jp/en
2.1 BETA 24/10/2008 SR ver2.1 Stage addition (Grassland 7). Compo item addition (Quick's Card, Long Sword's Card, Catapult's Card, Pierce's Card, Guide's Card, Bullet's Card, Explosion's Card). Bug fix (MP of compo item). Slowing (by Ice) is now shown in percentages. jp/en
2.0 BETA 17/10/2008 SR ver2.0 5th Weapons addition. (Poison Glove, Ice Sword, Fire Arrow, Thunder) Stage addition (Grassland 6). Jewel name and colour change. jp/en
1.9 BETA 10/10/2008 SR ver1.9 Town addition (only Inn was functionable). Stage addition (Grassland 5). jp/en
1.8 BETA 26/09/2008 SR ver1.8 Stage addition (Grassland 4). Compo items addition. (Ruby, Garnet (named as Ruby), Sapphire, Aquamarine (named as Sapphire), Emerald, Peridot (named as Emerald), Topaz) jp/en
1.7 BETA 19/09/2008 SR ver1.7 Compo item addition. (White Stone, Red Stone, Green Stone, Blue Stone, Black Stone, Black Crystal, Silver Crystal, Red Crystal, Yellow Crystal, Vampire's Card, ONIGIRI's Card) jp/en
1.6 BETA 12/09/2008 SR ver1.6 Stage addition (Grassland 3). Options menu added. Revision of World Map. jp/en
1.5 BETA 29/08/2008 SR ver1.5 4th Weapons addition. (Fire Glove, Thunder Sword, Double Arrow, Fire) Weapon colouring and shape change. Auto-saving bug fix, and new saving features. Characters at full LP no longer pick up onigiris. Save data was changed. (The data of the former version cannot be used). jp/en
1.4 BETA 22/08/2008 SR ver1.4 Stage addition (Grassland 2). Improved AI of characters. (Now characters move automatically.) Characters no longer attack when dragged by mouse. jp/en
1.3 BETA 15/08/2008 SR ver1.3 3rd Weapons addition. (Thunder Glove, Fire Sword, Poison Arrow, Ice) Bug fix. Statistics change on Magician. jp/en
1.2 BETA 01/08/2008 SR ver1.2 Save feature. Each character now gain 2 SP each per level. Boss Stage Castle implemented as the final stage of the game. Life bar addition. jp/en
1.1 ALPHA 25/07/2008 SR ver1.1 World map addition. New stage (Grassland 1). Settings of item discarding is changed (items discarded will be thrown towards the direction of the cursor). Settings of item swapping is changed. jp/en
1.0 ALPHA 18/07/2008 SR ver1.0 Game creation. (With four classes including Boxer, Gladiator, Sniper and Magician, weapons including Glove, Mach Punch, Sword, Iron Sword, Bow, Triple Arrow, Magic, Explosion and the stage Opening Street). jp/en

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 The original blog is written in Japanese. A link to an automatic translation into English by Google is also available.
  2. In the JavaApplet version of Stick Ranger, this is the latest update.

Stick Ranger version 1.0 ALPHA


The save game bar and the shop were added in version 2.4 BETA.


  • Two brown arches appeared in the world map in ver3.1 BETA, though they were inaccessible. The shape of the island on the top-left corner was also modified. Later, the arches were revealed in ver3.3 BETA to be the first set of Cavern stages.
  • When it was initiated in ver1.8 BETA, Grassland 4 jewels were named "Sapphire", "Ruby" and "Emerald" according to their colour. This caused confusion with the Grassland 3 jewels, hence it was changed in ver2.0 BETA to "Aquamarine", "Garnet" and "Peridot" respectively.
  • When the game was first created, only one player received SP when it leveled up - this was that character who killed the enemy that had enough experience points for the character to level up. The other players would then have to work harder to level up, as they had to work for all the experience needed to get to the next level.
  • Also when the game first came out, Boxers and Gladiators could attack in the air and while being pulled across the screen. This made them incredibly devastating, as it allowed for a powerful fighter to completely clear the map of all enemies within seconds. This was removed in ver1.4 BETA.

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