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Über Challenge for Stick Ranger.

CAUTION! This challenge contains very unusual requirements for Stick Ranger. This will result in terrible damage taken, low health, and low damage. Also, your team will be terrible in VS mode. Prepare to be killed.

You have been warned.


  • Do not invest SP into anything! Not until levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40.
  • Level 1 weapons only.
  • Must always skip ahead to boss. Often known as a Boss Rush.
  • Autowalk must be off.
  • Level 1 compo items only.
  • Never take the Grassland route. Only take the Hill Country route.
  • Never equip items found in the wild. Only buy them.
  • Do not heal in the Inn.

Difficulty Rankings

  • Damage - 5/5
  • Health - 5/5
  • PVE - 5/5
  • PVP - 5/5
  • Weapon - 4/4 (As in, level 1 weapons only!)
  • Early Game - 5/5
  • Late Game - 5/5

Have you noticed something? Yes, all the rankings are at their highest. That's why this is called the Über Challenge.

Bosses (section Outdated)

Those are the bosses you have to kill. Only invest 2 points of SP every 5 levels. So you only get 8 SP to invest. Train at bosses as you wish. Do that so you can invest points in SP.

Try this challenge, I dare you! It's tough, grueling, and above all, impossible. I barely got pass Castle Gate! Hehehe... Oh, and if you wish to upload a team, be sure to say for your comment: "I will lose!"


Q: How come you can't pass Castle Gate?
A: I did this guide. I only invested 4 points so far. XD

Q: Can I PLEASE go to Grassland 2?
A: If you're doing this challenge, then no. That's a requirement. Always Hill Country!

Q: If it says only buy items, and to buy compo items you take the grassland route, you can't get any compo items. Why did you put buy items only when you can't buy compo items?
A: You can still buy compo items in the Village. Just see if you can do it.
Q: If you go to the Village, you need to take the grassland route...

Q: Why not put in melee characters only?

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