The "Stickmen" are stick people (which are famous in Dan-Ball games) who are to be held by the mouse and taken to the ending point. It is like the games where you have to get and object to the end without touching walls. This is a little different. The twists are so:

  • Each stickman has a "hold bar" This hold bar decreases whilst the stickman is being held. When the bar is completely empty, the stickman is released from the mouse and falls.

    Stickman (8-3)

  • There is a timer, and if it runs out, all remaining stickmen are killed.
  • Certain traps such as Fire, and Spikes are found along the way.
  • Objects such as coins and medals are found along the way.
  • There are "resting points" where the stickman can be placed safely on ground, while going back to get others.

It is game over when all the stick men are dead.

The stickman is very close to the Fighter in Powder Game.

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