This page is about the weaponless characters in Stick Ranger. For the group of stickmen enemies, see Stickman (Stick Ranger species).


Stickmen in Stick Ranger are the main protagonists in this game. They are simply characters without any equipped weapon. They can only be given their original type of weapon back and cannot be turned into another character. For example, if a Boxer's glove is taken away, then it can not be given a Sword to become a Gladiator. It can only be given back any glove.

All Stickmen have the highest attack speed possible for their class, this does little for them as they are not armed with a weapon and cannot attack, but it makes a good way to check a units/class's max speed. Also, if it is a class that cannot naturally increase its attack speed (such as Priests) the stat will show up as AGI 0-0. This cannot be affected through Quick's Card, as the unit is unequipped while being a stickman and thus cannot have compo items.

Any stickman that has points in his/her classes combat stat (only counting DEX for Gladiators if there is an equal or greater amount of STR) will have the attack power of whatever the bonus for stat points is. For some cases the base is 0-0 and the number is not affected by percentages (e.g. a Gunner cannot have a damage stat when disarmed). Since the unit is disarmed and cannot attack the damage stat has no actual effect, and is only useful for finding stat increments.

If players disarm a certain weapon that has any LP increasing compo items such as Stones or Zombie's Card, then the current LP will decrease to the new LP cap. Reequipping it will increase the LP cap, but will not replenish the current LP.

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