Stroke Puzzle is a Dan-Ball Smartphone Web game released on 3 December, 2010. In the game, players have to draw a path starting from the square with the number 1, passing through all the open squares in all floors and all numbered squares in order, to the goal square. In addition, every square can only be passed once. As of ver 1.6, Stroke Puzzle has 32 stages.

Types of squares

  • The square marked with "1" is the start of the path.
  • Squares marked with a number other than 1 should be passed through in order.
  • The square with checkers is the goal. The path should end here.
  • Squares with lines must be passed in the given direction.
  • Squares marked with a stair leads to another floor.


  • Stroke Puzzle ver1.6 - 18/03/11
    • Stages 29-32 addition.
  • Stroke Puzzle ver1.5 - 11/03/11
    • Stages 25-28 addition.
  • Stroke Puzzle ver1.4 - 11/02/11
    • Stages 21-24 addition.
  • Stroke Puzzle ver1.3 - 28/01/11
    • Stages 17-20 addition.
  • Stroke Puzzle ver1.2 - 14/01/11
    • Stages 13-16 addition.
  • Stroke Puzzle ver1.1 - 17/12/10
    • Stages 9-12 addition.
  • Stroke Puzzle ver1.0 - 03/12/10
    • Game created with 8 stages.

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