Submarine is a series of stages in Stick Ranger found after the Castle.


The Submarine stages follow the Seaside stages and are found in the large sea bay at the right of the world map when first shown. The landscape is the same as the Lake's landscape, and therefore, it is a fully underwater stage. However, the tileset in this series is the same as the tileset used in the Cavern. The Submarine Shrine, on the other hand, has a landscape similar to the landscape used in the Castle, but flooded with water.

The Submarine stages, excluding Submarine Shrine, use the following landscape:

Submarine landscape

List of Submarine stages

There are five stages in the Submarine series:


  • The existence of the Submarine series was known over a month in advance due to hackers discovering very rough alphas of the stages in question, including the Submarine Shrine. See here for a video showcasing the rough alphas.

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