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Welcome to sum12321's stick ranger guide. This is my attempt to aid those who have never completed the game. To do so, I will describe the game in as much detail as possible. This is my first attempt to create a guide, so anyone is welcome to improve the quality of this guide.

What is Stick Ranger?

Stick Ranger (abbreviated to SR) is a java game that was created by programmers hired by ha55ii. In the game, you control 4 stick figures that may move on their own. The goal of the game is to conquer all of the stages by defeating the bosses in the final part of each stage. Stickmen can be chosen from a variety of classes that each have their pros and cons. However, once the class is chosen, you cannot change their class, so choose carefully. To combat stickmen, enemies come in a variety of species, heads, and a variety of attacks (each with their pros and cons).

How to start

To begin you must click "new game." Then you must select your classes
New game


The boxer is a very powerful class. it has the potential to have the highest DPS(damage per second) out of any class. It also has the lowest range, making it ineffective against flying enemies. When using a vampires card, it is very good at surviving.


  • High attack speed
  • Powerful magic attacks
  • High survivability (with vampire's card)
  • High LP


  • Low range
  • Takes a lot of damage


Another melee class, what sets gladiators apart is that they can increase their range. It is more useful against large groups, but has lower individual damage when compared to boxers.


  • Good mobbers(fighting against groups)
  • Relaively high DPS
  • High survivability


  • Low range
  • Takes a lot of damage
  • Slower than all other melee classes


This is the class with the highest range in the game, which is very useful in the seaside series. this class is also useful for the hit and run strategy against megabosses. A poison sniper that dodges the projectiles can easily solo the Castle, Submarine Shrine, and Pyramid.


  • Powerful poisoner/fire starter
  • High range
  • High DPS with physical arrows


  • Poor at mobbing
  • low accuracy(most arrows shoot in an arc)


Another ranged class, this one can be both a damage and support class. Ice and freeze are useful against most enemies. Thunder hast high damage when using MAG. Fire is great against mobs of enemies.


  • Good mobber
  • Good against single enemies
  • Good at slowing enemies
  • Good versatility


  • Low LP


Is an almost pure support class, but can also be an outranger. Uses auras to help other characters.


  • Can boost damage by up to 130%
  • Can reduce damage taken by up to 26
  • Has same range as a sniper(highest of game)


  • Must trade damage for range
  • low damage without multiple priests in the group
  • Very dificult to play in early game
  • Not recommended for new players


Could be considered an advanced sniper. Costs money to use all weapons except starting gun.


  • Powerful individual hits
  • medium range


  • Huge money waster without MAG(which reduces damage)


Another melee class, this is the one with highest range. It has very powerful magic attacks.


  • Powerful magic attacks
  • Good mobber
  • High individual damage


  • High MAG costs
  • Slower than boxer
  • relatively low range


This is the most recent class addition. It has lowest range for a ranged class. Is an effective all-rounder like mage.


  • High magic damage
  • high physical damage
  • Able to shoot multiple projectiles at once
  • Each projectile hits an enemy twice


  • Relatively low range
  • Extremely high MP costs


This game, like many before it, allows you to upgrade your team every time you gain a level. You can increase your level by killing enemies. Every enemy is worth a certain amount of experience for every level.


  • Increases the damage that can be taken by 10


  • Increases damage for boxers, gladiators, gunners, and angels
  • Increases range for snipers and magicians
  • Gives atack aura to priest


  • Increases damage for snipers and gladiators
  • Increases number of rings for angels
  • Speeds up boxers, magicians, and gunner's attack
  • Gives defence aura to priest


  • Increases MP value every time you hit an enemy.(requires magical weapon.)
  • Increases damage for magicians
  • Reduces costs for bullets .

MP: With most magic weapons you need a certain MAG to activate it.


  • the amount of experience you have


  • The amount of money you have


This is where you move from stage to stage. You start with only 2 stages available, the town and opening street. To enter a stage you simply need to click on the square that has your stage. Hover the mouse over each stage to see it's name.
SR World Map


This is a very important stage.this is where you can heal and buy weapons. Keep in mind that weapons bought here are lower quality because they have only one compo slot available(explained later). Also remember that every LP healed costs $1.

Every other stage

With every other stage(excluding village and resort) there are enemies you must defeat. in order to advance from one stage to the next you must reach the other side of the screen. to do this you can use your mouse and drag one stick straight across the screen. you can kill the enemies before you advance to gain experience, money, and other items. to unlock a new stage you must defeat all enemies in the boss area. The boss is usually the toughest enemy in the stage, and sometimes has other enemies to aid it.


Enemies are a very important piece of the game, mainly because it is based on defeating those enemies. there are many types of enemies are the bosses and normal enemies.

Normal Enemies

These are the most common enemies, which greatly outnumber bosses. these enemies are generally weaker that the bosses in the same stage (green smiley walkers are weaker than grey boss smiley walkers.)


These are the most powerful enemies. Defeaing them is generally the goal of this game. For a long time the way to beat the game was to defeat the castle boss, which was the most powerful enemy in the game. The current final stage is cavern 5(likely to change when game is updated.) these are also the only enemies which drop cards(explained below.)


There are 4 basic types off items which can be dropped by an enemy: money, onigri, weapons and compo items.


The basic currency in the game is a gold coin gained by killing enemies(with a drop rate of 33% per kill) or selling items at the town, city, or resort. Money gained can be increased by adding a gold medal to a weapon. Gold can also be used to revive characters and heal them.


This is another way to heal a character. By having a character touch an onigri it will have 20% of it's health returned. Onigris have a 20% chance to drop from any enemy you kill. This chance can be increased by using silver medals.


Weapons are dropped by almost any enemy. weapons can be classified by what type of character uses it. It can be sub-classified by what element it is. Every weapon has a different effect.


Some weapons are physical and have no MP costs.


Thunder weapons generally do high damage but have no other effect.


Fire weapons are able to penetrate enemies and are generally stopped by the terrain(exception being fire shot.) Fire is very good at dealing damage to mobs and can deal a constant stream of damage.


Ice weapons usually have low damage but can slow enemies, making it very useful. Also no enemies are resistant to ice damage except white box eels.


Very few enemies are resistant to freeze making it very useful. Freeze can completely stop all enemy actions for a short time. The only group which can permanently freeze any enemy is 4 boxers with freeze knuckles, diamonds, and quicks cards.


The final type of damage, poison, can also deal a lot of damage. Poison deals damage every frame( with 50 FPS), meaning that something with 1 poison damage and lasts 1 second will do 50 damage.

Compo Items

Compo items are ways to upgrade specific weapons without having to level up. Compo items are the least common items that drop in the game. They also generally have low drop rates. Compo items are classified into 7 types: stones, crystals, jewels, cards. medals, charms, and spirits.


Stons are the first type of compo item available. it only increases stats, but that could be very useful on difficult levels. White stones increase your LP. Red stones increase your STR. Green stones increase your DEX. Blue stones increase your MAG. Black stones increase your STR, DEX, & MAG by smaller amounts.


Crystals can have two effects.

Yellow and red crystals increase your damage.

  • Yellow by a percentage
  • red by a set amount.

Black, silver, and purple reduce damage taken.

  • Black blocks a percentage of attacks
  • silver reduces a specific amount of damage
  • purple removes a percentage of magical damage.


Jewels increase the effect of magical weapons. There are 8 jewels: emeralds, peridots, saphires, aquamarines, diamonds, rubies, garnets, and topaz.

  • Emeralds increase poison damge
  • peridots increase poison length.
  • Saphires increase the ice damage
  • aquamarines increase the slowing effect.
  • Diamonds increase freeze length
  • Rubies increase fire damage
  • garnets increase fire length.
  • A topaz increases thunder damage.


Cards can have many effects, ranging from increased attack speed to stealing health from enemies.

Quicks card

Increases attack speed by 10% per level.

Long Swords card

Increases the length of swords.

Catapults card

Increases range of most weapons.

Pierces card

Allows attacks to penetrate terrain.

Guides card

Guides projectiles to the nearest enemy.

Bullets card

Increases projectiles created by a weapon. Weapon must start with more than one projectile.

Explosions card

Makes a chance for an attack to cause splash damage.

Criticals card

Has a 25% chance to cause extra damage.

Beserk card

Increases damage done and taken by equal amounts.

Vampires card

A percentage of damge done heals the character. only works on melee characters.

Onigris card

Causes a 5% chance that every hit will generate an onigri.

Gold Rush card

Causes a 5% chance that every hit will generate gold, money is proportionate to damge.

Zombies card

Increases health by 50% while increasing fire damage taken by 100%.


Medals increase the chance that something will drop or how much of something you get.\


Increases the chance that weapons and compo items will drop.


Increases the chance that an Onigri will drop. Does not effect onigris card.


Increases the amount of gold per drop. effects gold rush card.


Increases the amount of experience received per kill.


Charms reduce or prevent the effect of status ailments.

  • Poison charms have a chance to prevent poison attacks hitting you.
  • Freeze charms have a chance to prevent freeze attacks hitting you.
  • Ice charms have a chance to prevent ice attacks hitting you


If you have a spirit equiped, every kill has a chance to activate it. you may only have one spirit equiped per weapon. Each level of spirits and each element of spirits have a different attack.

How to Beat Each Stage

There are many stages in this game. Many of them require specific strategies for you to beat them. There are many strategies which can be use to beat each level, but I will tell you the ones that work for me.

Opening Street

This is a very simple level. The green smileys are incredibly weak, so you should have no problems with them. The cyan smileys are slightly stronger, and may hit you a couple times. The red smileys are the first enemies that may be difficult to handle. A ranged character could be used to prevent damage. Blue x's are the most dangerous enemies in this stage. They have a ranged attack and they have the highest attack damage. a Melee character could run towards them without being hit because it shoots in an arc. the boss is very simple to beat. all you have to do is hold the character with the lowest range above the boss high enough that you do not get hit, but low enough that it will attack that character. You could also just attack head on if you have high enough DPS.

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