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The creation and detonation of a supernova bomb in BG-air.

A supernova is a rather unique type of explosive technology only possible in Powder Game, as Powder Game 2 lacks the air tool. In real life, a supernova is the tremendous explosion created by a dying star. In Powder Game, a supernova is created through a large and sudden pressure difference between two areas, creating a large shock wave of wind, thus destroying or blowing over several types of elements within this area, such as ice or stone. This is done by creating an area sectioned off from the rest of the screen with block, pressurizing it with the air tool, selecting stop, erasing the block, and then resuming the game. A supernova is unique in that it does not use any form of actual explosive to detonate, and instead is created by a simple displacement of air pressure. The supernova is widely regarded as one, if not the most powerful and devastating types of explosives yet created within the game. Many users will also choose to fill the block section of the supernova with certain elements and/or objects such as magma, acid, and/or certain elemental balls to further increase the devastation produced by the detonation of this technology. Different BGs, such as BG-TG in combination with magma, also help to make the effect more visually-pleasing upon detonation.

Supernovas as standalone uploads often gain few votes. This is mostly because supernovas are simple and unoriginal bombs, but also because supernovas require a viewer to activate them, rather than simply detonating when start is pressed, simply because pressure differences cannot be saved. It is therefor recommended to include a supernova with another landscape such as a city made of destroyable elements, such as powders or ice.


A supernova detonating in BG-TG.


The creation of a supernova is relatively simple:

  1. Create a large ring of block.
  2. Fill this ring with a desired element (optional).
  3. Left-click air and fill the inside of the block ring with pen-s 9 air.
  4. Select stop.
  5. Erase all of the block ring.
  6. Select start.

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