The sweep strategy is a strategy that can be applied in the game Stick Ranger. The strategy is a form of the backpedal strategy, except is usually used for certain large groups.

The player drags, or "sweeps" a character through a crowd of enemies, effectively dodging all attacks. Once the character gets to the edge of the screen, it is dragged back to the beginning to start over.

The same strategy can be used against single enemies that have low AGI and/or use homing attacks. In this case, the strategy is attacking the enemy while on the ground and dragging the character around the enemy back to the other side.


  • Only one character is needed, but multiple characters can be used at a time.
  • All small enemies' attacks on the stage must be ranged and arced. If they are bigger or flying enemies, the attacks can directly aim toward the character(s), and even home in on them, but the attack's speed must be slow enough to dodge.

Example stages

The sweep strategy can allow the character(s) to attack a large group of enemies without getting hit. The following stages are examples where the sweep strategy can be applied.

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