experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Tan Boss Star Stickman
17- 1
18 200
19 400
20 600
21 800
22 1000
23 1200
24 1400
25 1600
26 1800
27 2000
28 1800
29 1600
30 1400
31 1200
32 1000
33 800
34 600
35 400
36 200
37+ 1
Tan Boss Star Stickman Tan Boss Star Stickman
Location: Seaside 4
LP: 6000
AT: 30-50
Minimum AGI: 20
Expected AGI: 23.98
Range: 40
Strength: Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: none
LV: 27
EXP: 2000
Gold ($): 900
Drops: Berserk Card 2 (10%)
Reflection Card 2 (10%)
Species: Stickman
Head: Star
Attack: Tan Big Thunder
Head colour: #FECB65
Body colour: #FFFFCC
Movement: walking


This boss is accompanied by 20 Tan Star Stickmen. It is very dangerous to try fighting against all of the enemies at once. However, the enemies do not have an attack against characters far above their heads, so the bait strategy can easily be used to attract most of the enemies while the rest of the team can fight against a few of them. Boxers with a Sonic Punch 2 and Magicians with a Delta Explosion 3 or a Volcano 2 are quite effective in fighting this boss and its minions due to the splash damage. Fire type weapons in general are also quite effective. A Magician's Freeze 2 can help stop this boss' minions for a long period of time, allowing melees to dispose of its minions easily. Once the minions are gone, this boss is rather easy to deal with, especially when hit by an Ice or Poison type weapon.

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