experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Tan Triangle Tree
72- 1
73 90
74 180
75 270
76 360
77 450
78 540
79 630
80 720
81 810
82 900
83 810
84 720
85 630
86 540
87 450
88 360
89 270
90 180
91 90
92+ 1
Tan Triangle Tree Tan Triangle Tree
Location: Inferno 2
LP: 20000
AT: 10-30
Minimum AGI: 150
Expected AGI: 150
Range: 1000
Strength: Fire (AT =1)
Weakness: none
LV: 82
EXP: 900
Gold ($): 900
Drops: Thunder GreatSword 7 (1%)
Species: Tree
Head: Triangle
Attack: BrownTriangleTreeSpark
Head colour: #CB9832
Body colour: #996633
Movement: No movement



A high gold drop by utilizing a Gladiator with a Gold rush Card.

100 of this kind of enemy will spawn in the exact same spot upon entering the stage, and will fire a spark into the air at the same time due to unlimited range, along with the same minimum and maximum AGIs. Although there is slight deviation, the shots will likely strike the same area and deal a ton of damage. Baiting the shots and moving away or simply Freezing the cluster with a Magician's Big Icicle 4 or Freeze Explosion 6 (both preferably with a Diamond 6 for more time) will make fighting them many times easier, but any Fire type weapons, which would normally tear them to shreds, will barely do anything, as this enemy nearly nullifies its damage. Ice type weapons may be more of a hindrance this time around, as it can cause the fire rates to distort, which makes dodging much more difficult. Like the other enemies of the stage, they can be great gold harvesters to a melee class with a Gold rush Card. A Gladiator with a GreatSword 7, for example, can generate upwards of $25000 gold when its Gold rush Card activates. With all characters equipped with a Gold Medal 6, and a Gladiator with a Gold rush Card, gold drops over $100000 can be common. 2 Priests with high STR can even boost the drop amount to over $500000, and over $1000000 is possible with 3. The Poison Spirit 4 can also decimate the entire group once it activates. In the boss screen, 20 will spawn along with 20 of the other enemies and the boss. Repeat said strategies but be mindful of the additional threats. These enemies tend to appear to the left side of the screen in the boss area, thus, they tend to be the first the player has to deal with. They are not that dangerous in the boss screen either, but can still be annoying with other groups.

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