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Each stage includes a picture of the boss and measures the difficulties of the stages and bosses from 1-10.


The rating is measured depending on when you first start the stage. Entering the same stage at a later level will most likely reduce the difficulty substantially.

Opening Street

Opening Street

Grey Boss Smiley Walker

Stage: 1/10. Boss: 1/10 (With a Sniper with Triple Shot) 4/10 (If not).

Recommended player level: Stage: LV1~10. Boss: LV4~10.

Although the Opening Street stage is very easy, the boss can prove to be a challenge compared to the rest of the stage. Using a Sniper with triple shot to outrange the boss is very effective. However, you are not out of options if you don't have one. With a Magician or a Gunner, you can use the Hit and Run Strategy to defeat the boss. Even though this is time-consuming, it is the easiest way to beat the stage. Another strategy is to place fighters on both sides of the boss in order to spread damage evenly. There is yet another option; hold one of your melees (or a Priest if you don't have any) up above the boss. If you are still unable to defeat the boss, you can either restart the game (Change classes and possibly redistribute Stats ) or play through the level again to gain more experience.

Grassland Series

Grassland 1

Green Boss Skull Snake

Stage: 3/10. Boss: 2/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV5~14. Boss: LV8~LV14.

Grassland 1 is a fair bit more difficult than Opening Street. These enemies are all Snakes, which means that they can move to attack you unlike the enemies in Opening Street which are all Walkers. Watch out for the Red Skull Snakes in particular - they are very dangerous because of their triple arrow attack. They will devastate melee characters and can take quite a few ranged attacks so your best bet is to move your party out of harm's way once they get close enough to cause trouble. If you have a Magician with Ice 1 (It can be found by defeating a Grey Smiley Snake in the very stage), you can slow it down while your ranged characters attack it from a distance. The Grassland 1 boss may be hard because there are 12 of them, and they all do high damage. Most effective is the Hit and Run strategy. Keep your ranged fighter in the air, and set him on the ground once a spot opens up with no enemies. A safer strategy (though this takes longer), is to set AUTO MOVE (in options) off, and let the twelve snakes come to you one or two at a time. Keeping your strongest character at the front, you can absorb any damage with them while the other characters take care of the boss.

Note: The path diverges here. You can keep going through the grassland series, which is easier but longer, or go through the Hill Country series, which, although possessing fewer stages, is far more difficult. They will both meet up at the Castle Gate.

Grassland 2

Grey Boss Skull Bat

Stage: 6/10. Boss: 2/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV9~17. Boss: LV11~LV17.

Grassland 2 is one of the harder levels in the beginning due to all the flying enemies. If you have a melee only team, this stage will be extremely difficult to get through. Your only option is to bait them down. This boss is not very difficult. The Hit and Run or Outrange strategy will work well. If you have all melee characters (hopefully as part of a challenge run), then you should hover a stickman over the boss until he comes down to the ground. You may need to do this multiple times before you can defeat him. Otherwise, you should find your own strategy.

Note: The path splits up into two stages at this point. You can either tackle Grassland 3, or Grassland 4. The former is considered the more difficult of the two, while the latter is easier, and unlocks an optional bonus stage upon completion.

Grassland 3

Orange Boss Skull Dragon

Stage: 8/10. Boss: 4/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV12~19. Boss: LV14~LV19.

The path diverges - you can take this stage or Grassland 4. If you're new to the game, it is recommended to do Grassland 4 first. This level is more difficult; There is only one land based enemy in this stage, and the rest all fly. The ground enemies also do a lot of damage as well. The Green Skull Dragons are very weak, so they shouldn't be your top priority. The Big Red Skull Dragons are likewise. The Green Skull Bats, on the other hand, can cause trouble. The Outrange strategy works on this boss. The Hit and Run or Bait strategy doesn't work very well, however. Don't let your characters get hit with the boss's ball attack and you should be able to beat the stage.

Grassland 4

Blue Boss Fairy Snake

Stage: 5/10. Boss: 3/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV11~19. Boss: LV14~LV19.

All of the enemies in this stage are land based, and if you have a fire weapon (Preferably a Gladiator with a Fire Sword) this stage will be easy. The Blue Fairy Snakes are weak, and the Red Fairy Snakes have low damage.The Grey X Walkers are a pain, but they have really low LP. This boss is basically an upgraded version of the Grassland 1 boss. There are still 12 bosses, the only difference now is that this boss (Blue Boss Fairy Snake ) deals more damage. Your weapons will be less effective on this boss than Grassland 1 boss. While it will take longer, the same strategies work here.

Note: For completing this stage, an optional bonus stage is unlocked. The stage does not lead anywhere, and is not vital for progress. It is also incredibly difficult for this point in the game, and it is recommended to come back to it later. To view the guide to this stage, go here. Otherwise, keep reading onward for the rest of the Grassland series.

Grassland 5

Red Boss Smiley Tree

Stage: 2/10. Boss: 4/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV11~20. Boss: LV15~LV20.

This is an easy stage compared to the others preceding it. Only the Pink Skull Snakes are troublesome. The rest are immobile trees. The green ones fire weak pellets in groups of two, and the orange ones spit close-ranged fire semi-rapidly at characters. As for the bosses, if they're bunched up together, they're slightly more annoying to deal with. If they're far apart, they're a good bit easier. If you want to, you can restart the stage and skip to the boss to try and get the latter to happen.The pellets do low damage, but they come rapidly enough for the total damage to build up quickly. This is also why when they're bunched up, they're more annoying to deal with - All of them fire pellets at once, which can deal a lot of damage. Hence, them being spread out is a problem for them and a benefit for you. If the bosses are far apart, throwing your high DPS characters at one of the bosses can kill it quite quickly. If all three are bunched up, however, stick to hit and run. The fact that three high-LP (1000) bosses are all right next to each other means that throwing your characters' in its face will just result in retaliation from the two bosses you're not attacking. Also, be warned at the fact that three of each enemy is in the boss screen. The trees are not dangerous, but mind the snakes.

Grassland 6

Purple Boss Smiley Tree

Stage: 2/10. Boss: 3/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV12~21. Boss: LV16~LV21.

This stage is forgettable. The Green and Orange Bats can be an annoyance, but shouldn't be a problem if you have slowing and poisoning weapons. The Grey Smiley Trees are basically time wasters because of their low attack and high LP. The boss is more or less the same as Grassland 5, except it only fires three projectiles. The projectiles do deal a good bit of damage, and are fired in a pretty low arc, so you have to be slightly attentive in dodging them. Still, the fact there's only a single boss as opposed to three makes things quite a bit easier than the previous boss. Hit and run works best. Mind the bats on the boss screen as well - if the bats get near your attacking characters, get out of the boss' range and deal with the bats. Dealing with all of them at once can cause issues.

Grassland 7

Orange Boss Smiley Wheel

Stage: 3/10. Boss: 1/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV11~21. Boss: LV13~LV21.

This stage is the quintessential example of why Baiting is a good strategy in many stages. It more or less shuts down two out of the three enemies of the stage. The Green Smiley Wheels can only aim their attacks to the left and right, and for the yellow ones you just need to make sure that the baiting character isn't within the range of their Shock attacks. The only enemy on Grassland 7 that baiting won't work for are the Grey Smiley Trees which can only inflict 1-2 damage per hit. The boss in this level is arguably one of the easiest in the game, as the baiting strategy works just as well as it did on its smaller cousins.

The path diverges here; to move onto the Castle, go here. To move onto the Forest and Cavern series, go here.

Hill Country Series

Hill Country 1

White Boss X Walker (HC1)

Stage: 3/10. Boss: 2/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV8~16. Boss: LV11~LV16.

This stage is simple, provided you can avoid the melee attacks of the Green Big Smiley Walkers. It is recommended to set your melee character's AUTO MOVE off when you face them. Aside from that, the darker green Smiley Walkers are simple, and the Brown X Walkers are only slightly more dangerous than the blue ones from Opening Street. The uneven terrain can be both a hinderance (ranged characters have issues with trying to shoot through the floating platforms) and a benefit (baiting the X Walkers by having them fire at a character below them while ranged characters snipe them easily), so take note of that as well. This boss is pretty simple in spite of its 10-20 AT with each ball. Just lay down some fire attacks to kill the weaker minions, then get close to the boss with melee and use the Dodge strategy to hit while avoiding the attack.

Hill Country 2

Orange Boss Skull Bat

Stage: 6/10. Boss: 5/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV12~20. Boss: LV15~20.

This stage is much more difficult than Hill Country 1. The Blue Big Skull Bats are incredibly frustrating with their high LP and damage. Upon death, however, they always drop at least one Onigiri. The Green Skull Trees are also annoying because they always come in groups, and their double needle attack hits hard. All types work well in this stage, preferably fire and thunder. The boss is a powered up version of the boss from Grassland 2. Meleeing the boss is very difficult, so it's recommended to use ranged characters. Although there are only two, try to kill the Blue Big Skull Bats before taking on the boss as they can devastate your characters. 

Hill Country 3

White Boss Smiley Snake

Stage: 8/10. Boss: 7/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV15~21. Boss: LV18~21.

This is the most difficult Hill Country yet. There are two types of big enemies in this stage; The Big Green Smiley Snakes and the Big Green Fairy Snakes. It doesn't help that four of these enemies appear during the boss fight. This boss itself is also incredibly powerful, dealing high damage with his arrows. However, the firing pattern on it is strange. Sometimes, the boss will fire at an extremely rapid rate and sometimes he just fires one or two of them at a time. Melee characters are effective. Otherwise, use the Hit and Run strategy.


Castle Gate

White Boss Skull Stickman (CG)

Stage: 2/10. Boss: 3/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV13~22. Boss: LV15~22.

The enemies in this stage are very easy to defeat, save for the Red Skull Stickmen. Fire weapons, especially the Volcano 2, are very useful for trimming the hordes. The White Skull Stickmen can still be dangerous in groups, however. Baiting is a very effective strategy on this stage, as the White Skull Stickmen and the Orange Smiley Wheels get shut down completely because of their bad range. This is a recommended place for gold farming. You can also obtain the Lightsaber 2 from the Orange Smiley Wheels, and it is very useful with a magic-oriented Gladiator. The Hit and Run Strategy works is your safest bet against the boss, as his attack packs a punch. However, you might want to challenge yourself and utilize a tricky maneuver - the Dodge strategy. This will be very useful in upcoming battles. Simply weave your chosen melee character around the enemies' attacks, letting your character get as many hits as possible.


Castle Boss

Mega Boss: 10/10.

Recommended player level: LV20~29.

The first mega-boss stage.

The Castle Boss is a very difficult boss! It's pellet attack has a high range and can slowly but surely whittle away your characters' LP. It's melee attack, a red double arrow, is easier to avoid with a keen eye but can hit for 20-40 LP. Use the Dodge Strategy with a melee, preferably a Gladiator with Lightsaber and at least 14 MP. Don't hesitate to dodge into the pellets if it means avoiding the double arrow. The outrange strategy with a Poisonous Sniper also works very well. In addition, a magician using Volcano 2 or Blizzard 2 works as well.

If your DPS is high enough, you can immediately drag all characters directly to him and have them pound him down. Try to spread the damage taken between all your characters. If done right, he will tend to die before your characters do. Risky but quick. This strategy is recommended if you have a Magician with Volcano as the boss will stay in one place making the Volcano 2 orb more effective than it would otherwise be. DEX priests and Silver Crystals will increase your characters' longevities against the Two Arrow attacks, so if you fail without, try again with the compo items and you should succeed against him.



White Boss Smiley Fish

Stage: 8/10. Boss: 5/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV18~24. Boss: LV20~25.

This is the first water stage. Physics are slightly different and you will probably encounter difficulties getting used to it. This level has many enemies which can devastate your group with their large swarms. It is recommended to let them come to you. The boss is also incredibly difficult until you get his pattern down. Ranged weapons are a must. The type of attack doesn't matter, though the boss is nearly immune to freeze. This level is an excellent place to collect medals. It should also be noted that this level doesn't lead to anything; come back to it when your characters are at a later level if you can't beat it.

Forest Series (1-2)

Forest 1

Green Boss Cap Mushroom

Stage: 2/10. Boss: 3/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV13~24. Boss: LV15~24.

This stage is rather easy. You should, however, keep your melee characters out of the way of the Green Cap Mushrooms because their poison can cause trouble. The Red Skull Snakes are also frustrating in large numbers. For the boss, use Hit and Run and it will be a piece of cake. Note: Don't use fire attacks unless you want to be rained with projectiles when you mid-air dodge them.

Forest 2

Purple Boss Cap Mushroom

Stage: 3/10. Boss: 4/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV16~25. Boss: LV19~25.

The stage is more or less like Forest 1, only with bats instead of snakes. The Red Skull Bats can be annoying, but the stage is otherwise forgettable. The boss, however, has a powerful Poison attack and you need to be careful in avoiding it. Hit and Run works just as well as it did in Forest 1. Fire will speed up the process of defeating it, unlike the boss of the previous stage.

Cavern Series (1-3)

Cavern 1

White Boss Smiley Walker

Stage: 4/10. Boss: 5/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV17~26. Boss: LV21~26.

The stage can be a bit rough, as the Green Cap Snakes can deal a fairly high amount of damage, and the Red Cap Snakes have a very high range, but its not entirely too difficult. The boss, however, can be rough. It's more or less a tougher version of the Opening Street boss. The bait strategy can help a little bit, but the bait can still get hurt if it's not close enough to the ceiling. However, any damage the bait may take is minimal compared to the damage that the team would otherwise take if the boss' pellets were allowed to roll on the ground towards the team.

Cavern 2

White Boss Skull Bat

Stage: 6/10. Boss: 6/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV19~27. Boss: LV22~27.

This stage is frustrating. The blue and purple bats can do a serious amount of damage and the pink bats have a long range plus an annoying tendency to fly away from you. It doesn't help that every enemy in the stage (save for the elusive Yellow Smiley Fish, which only appears if there is sufficient water) flies. The boss is a stronger version of the Grassland 2 boss. The bait strategy will help lowering the boss for the melees, otherwise, the outrange or lure strategy will work the same.

Cavern 3

Orange Boss Skull Stickman

Stage: 3/10. Boss: 9/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV19~28. Boss: LV23~28.

This stage is quite forgettable, save for the boss. The Yellow Skull Stickmen, though common, only have a weak melee attack. The bats are really not common, and the Red Skull Stickmen are even less so. The bosses, however, are insane! There are a large amount of those red stickmen, and there are also multiple bosses. They can seriously dish out large amounts of damage with their fire attacks. The best way to deal with them is a similar strategy to the one applied to the Grassland 1 and Grassland 4 bosses. Lure only a few stickmen towards characters at a time, and preferably hit them with ranged attacks. A Gunner with a Bazooka is optimal. Otherwise, rely on melee characters, but be careful their health isn't chipped down too much.

For completing the Forest/Cavern series you unlock the Village! This allows you to buy Level 1 compo items. The best part about this is that you can buy certain compos that are hard to get like Vampire's Card, which requires beating megabosses, and Heal's Card, which is dropped by the boss in one of the final levels of the game.

Other than that, it's not... terribly useful, especially later on in the game when stronger and stronger Compo items are available.

Seaside Series

Seaside 1

Grey Boss Roundhead Walker

Stage: 5/10. Boss: 8/10 (If you don't have a Sniper with Triple Shot); 2/10 (If you have a Sniper with Triple Shot).

Recommended player level: Stage: LV22~32. Boss: LV29/26~33.

All in all, this is just an enhanced Opening Street. It isn't very difficult, save for the annoying Blue Roundhead Trees and the even worse Red Roundhead Walkers, since the former has a semi long ranged pellet attack that fires straight and does good damage, and the latter has a powerful, long ranged, explosive fire attack. Try to outrange them both with a preferably Poison weapon. The boss can be easily beaten with an outrange strategy if you have a Sniper. If you don't, this will be a difficult fight. Baiting is recommended with your strongest character.

Note: At this point, the path diverges. For the rest of the Seaside series, keep reading onwards. For the optional Mist Grove series, go here.

Seaside 2

Grey Boss Roundhead Snake

Stage: 7/10. Boss: 10/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV25~31. Boss: LV30~32.

This is a challenging stage, but if you can deal with mobs effectively, it shouldn't be too bad. Unlike the last stage, the enemies can actually move in this stage, and do a lot of damage. Watch out for the red enemies in particular- they have a -3 to all physical attacks and can devastate your party with their powerful attacks and semi high LP. This physical resistance can made moot by powerful physical weapons such as the Bazooka 2 where it can't deduct much of the damage.

The boss in this stage is evil incarnate. He has a very powerful attack which fires rapidly and at high speed. The best strategy for dealing with him is to outrange with a Sniper (preferably one with a poison weapon). If you have a Priest with high DEX and a melee character with high DPS, you can try to fight it head-on. Baiting is not quite useless, but can be hindered by the gravitationally influenced projectiles.

A strategy to recommend if you can't beat it by outranging is getting the highest DPS with your team as possible. Let 3 characters auto-walk towards it and bait it with your fourth (Slowing it down is HIGHLY advised). When it overlaps your three other characters, place all four together. It has high DPS, thus, when a character is getting low on LP, move it out of the firing range and let another character take the punishment. If you remain vigilant, it should die before you die. It will be made easier if you put Green Stones on your priests (or if you have no Priests, use Silver Crystals or Black Crystals).

Seaside 3

Cyan Boss Gel Dragon

Stage: 4/10 (Due to the Trees.) Boss: 1.5/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV25~32. Boss: LV26~35.

If you were able to beat the last stage, Seaside 3 is a joke. Your only problem will be the Pink Gel Trees, as they have a powerful long range attack. These are considered to be tougher than the boss itself, and there are three of them in the first area. The other enemies are very weak, however, and the boss is essentially a larger version of the dragon enemy in the stage, which isn't strong and can be taken down with ease.

Seaside 4

Tan Boss Star Stickman

Stage: 6/10. Boss: 5/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV26~33. Boss: LV27~33.

You will be surprised by the large amount of enemies in this stage - mobs of 25 or more are the standard. While they are weak individually, their combined strength can tear your team to pieces. Outranging with a fire weapon is the best bet, save for the flying enemies. Blizzard 2 and Thunder Storm 2 are useful on them. The boss is difficult with the huge swarms of stickmen enemies, and the boss' powerful thunder attack can damage your party at 30-50 LP per hit. The swarms of enemies can be defeated by fire weapons, as it hits the entire mob at once. Once the boss is alone, slowing him down will slow down his powerful attacks, and can make getting in his face with a melee character much more viable.

Submarine Series

Submarine 1

Tan Boss Roundhead Eel

Stage: 4/10. Boss: 1/10 (If you have Melee characters); 7/10 (If you don't).

Recommended player level: Stage: LV26~35. Boss: LV29/32~38.

Not very difficult, but the Pink Roundhead Eels can be a pain. The boss is very easy to kill with melee weapons, as the projectiles it fires do not damage until they completely stop. Just use a gladiator/boxer to easily bring it down. Otherwise, Ice Weapons are effective in slowing this boss down while your weakest stickman acts as a lure.

Note: The path diverges at this point. You can either take on Submarines 2 and 3, which are easier, or go through Submarine 4, which is shorter, though much more difficult.

Submarine 2

Red Boss Gel Tree (SM2)

Stage: 2/10. Boss: 2/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV27~36. Boss: LV30~36.

Still not very difficult, but the Pink Gel Walkers can pound you with their bullet attacks. The boss fires a wave of bullets... which move slowly. Fire weapons will bring his minions down, and then you can focus on the boss itself. The hit and run tactic with a ranged character works quite well in taking him down.

Submarine 3

Blue Boss Roundhead Eel

Stage: 4/10. Boss: 5/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV28~37. Boss: LV32~40.

This level is a slight ramp up in difficulty from the previous two levels. The enemies aren't too strong, save for the Orange Mask Eels with their fire attack. The boss is also rather annoying since there are five of them and you can only see their eyes in the water. But they have relatively low health and can be beaten quickly with the baiting strategy. NOTE- After this, you can face the Submarine Boss. You may want to revisit several levels beforehand, and make sure your characters are in top shape.

Submarine 4

Grey Boss Mask Fish

Stage: 7/10. Boss: 8/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV33~41. Boss: LV38~41.

A lot harder than the other Submarines. The enemies are powerful, and the boss is annoying. The Grey Mask Fish of all sizes have a shared weakness for thunder. If you have a gunner, use a Homing Laser on the boss. Otherwise, dodging the bosses bullet attack you can use a Magician with Big Thunder to defeat him.

Submarine Shrine

Shrine Boss

Mega Boss: 10/10.

Recommended player level: LV40~49.

I hope you trained for this... This is going to be a long, hard battle. The Submarine Shrine Boss is the most powerful enemy in the game up to this point. He has 2 attacks; a Fire attack that is long ranged and a Freeze attack that acts like a mine - it homes in on you and can easily kill a character without any intervention There are two ways to beat it: 

  • The easy way, though it takes patience, is to have a Sniper with a Triple Poison with a Catapult's Card and Emerald 3. Merely dodge his attacks while pounding it with a poison barrage. 
  • The risky way is taking your melee and throwing them at the boss. This may sound insane, but the Freeze attacks are the same as mines- they won't damage until they have stopped! He will only be hit by the Fire attack. It is risky to pull off, but it is faster than the above method.
  • Try to equip a Black Crystal to melee characters. You way want to sacrifice a melee while slowly chipping the boss away with ranged characters. A priest's DEX aura is ineffective here, because both the boss' attacks are magical.

Still, it's better to be careful. Using a melee character as bait is one tactic, as the ice will immediately home in and destroy it in a matter of minutes. Long range is long, tedious and is hard to work with, since you have to constantly dodge the attacks. After he is dead... you may reap his 4000 gold reward and pat yourself on the back- You just beat the second mega boss!

Using Freeze Charm also helps a lot since it prevents your stickmen from getting frozen most of the time.

If you thought the boss was hard, it used to have much stronger attacks. For example, it's Fire attack has 4-6 AT and the Freeze attack had 20-40 AT, as well as a larger homing radius. Now the Fire attack has 3-5 AT and the Freeze attack has a 5-5 AT.

Mist Grove Series

Mist Grove 1

White Boss Roundhead Mushroom

Stage: 2/10. Boss: 1/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV27~38 Boss: LV30~42.

Fire attacks are HIGHLY recommended for this stage, as most of the enemies here take double damage from it. The White Roundhead Mushrooms launch a six pellet attack, so you can use the Hit and Run strategy to avoid them. The Outrange strategy works even better, since the attack radius of their attacks are low. Dodge the poison cloud that the Green Gel Bats create, they can deplete 50 LP per hit this way and can be a serious problem if not avoided. You should outrange the White Roundhead Trees, because the arrows they release can do a lot of damage. It should be noted that every enemy save for the bats have a 100% weakness for fire, meaning that your fire attacks will deal double damage. For the boss, use a fire weapon for precisely this reason. The boss, when struck, drops pellets all over the screen which deal 33 LP per hit. However, the boss has a glaring flaw; the attacks land in the same place each time and they're spaced widely enough to dodge without even moving. Set AUTO MOVE off and find these safe spots - then this boss becomes arguably the easiest one in the game.

Mist Grove 2

Red Boss Roundhead Tree

Stage: 10/10. Boss: 7/10 (With a Priest) 10/10 (If not).

Recommended player level: Stage: LV32~39 Boss: LV37~43.

This stage can give you a very hard time because of the Red Roundhead Trees. It will spawn Yellow Roundhead Bats which aren't very powerful on their own but can cause trouble in large groups with their 3 needle attack. The boss tree is even more tougher than its normal enemy counterpart, since it releases Yellow Roundhead Dragons which attack with 5 needles instead of 3. A Priest with at least 20 DEX is a lifesaver, as this will reduce all the damage to 1. There are 2 ways to defeat this behemoth:

  • The long and easy way: You can wait until all of the dragons are released, defeating them group by group. After you have defeated 100, they will stop spawning (as this is the upper limit for the stage) at which point you can have no mercy on the tree and attack!
  • The short and hard way: You can drag the characters under the boss tree and defeat it as fast as you can. Not recommended unless your party is strong enough.

Mist Grove 3

Olive Boss Star Tree

Stage: 3/10. Boss: 2/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV32~40 Boss: LV35~44.

In Mist Grove 3, there are three different enemies; Green Gel Wheels, Olive Roundhead Stickmen and Olive Star Mushrooms. The wheels are easy to defeat with the bait strategy, the mushrooms can be killed by Outranging, and the stickmen are fodder. However, be cautious, because the Stickmen's attack can actually deal incredible amounts of damage if the pellet they launch connects directly. The boss has a physical 7 needle attack which can hit for 50-60 LP per hit. You can try the bait strategy to dodge most needles away, just don't let them hit other characters! Otherwise, use the Dodge strategy with a melee character. It has a +10 weakness to Physical, so use that to your advantage.



Pink Boss Gel Spider

Stage: 6/10. Boss: 7/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV36~42 Boss: LV38~45.

The first hidden stage. The stage itself has but one enemy; Pink Gel Spiders! You'll face 10 on the first stage but their numbers quickly ramp up (first to 50 and then 99 on the boss stage). It should be noted that not a single enemy on this stage (not even the boss) has a resistance to freeze, meaning that a magician using a freezing weapon (particularly Big Icicle) is very effective in clearing the stage. You can make lots of money with a Boxer, donning a Sonic Knuckle with the Vampire's Card 3 and Gold Rush Card 1 compo items (both can be obtained from the Submarine Shrine Boss). You can also hunt the Pink Boss Gel Spider for Quick's Card 3 (useful for freeze weapons) or the Guide's Card 3.

Desert Series

Desert 1

Grey Boss Box Walker

Stage: 7/10. Boss: 6/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV39~47 Boss: LV43~49.

The stage itself can be difficult to deal with, as the enemies come in swarms and can quickly overwhelm your characters if you aren't careful. The Grey Box Walkers can deal 20-40 LP with their thunder laser (this also pierces terrain), and they have a resistance to Physical. The boss has a lot of LP and the 5 Walkers in the back can deal a lot of damage if you're not careful, so you should attempt to destroy them before taking him on. The easy way to defeat this boss is to bait the boss with a Magician using a ice weapon to slow the boss's attack, and using a melee to bait the 5 walkers and the boss.

Note: At this point, there is a branching path. The top path leads to Deserts 2 and 4, while the bottom path leads to Deserts 3 and 5. Both paths meet up at the same place, the Oasis.

Desert 2

Grey Boss Box Walker

Stage: 8/10. Boss: 8/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV40~47 Boss: LV44~50.

This stage can be very difficult. The bats, though weak, appear in large swarms, the dragons can prove very challenging with their multi shot laser attack. The Grey Box Wheels have a large number of resistances and thunder is virtually the only way to defeat them. This boss's attack is deadly as well as having just as much health as the boss in Desert 1. An easy way to beat this boss is to use hit and run strategy or dodge strategy, though with weapons that aren't Physical or Freeze as this boss resists them.

Desert 3

Yellow Boss Diamond Cactus

Stage: 2/10 (Without a Priest), 0/10 (With). Boss: 3/10 (Without a Priest), 0/10 (With)

Recommended player level: Stage: LV39~48 Boss: LV43~48.

Easier than any of the other desert stages so far. Poison weapons do well in this stage, especially Staff of Poisoner 4. This is due to the fact that Cacti are essentially Mushrooms without the poison immunity; they only attack when struck. The Staff of Poisoner doesn't cause them to react due to the fact it doesn't deal damage on its own; it simply poisons them, which doesn't elicit a reaction. None of the cacti are generally a threat at all, save for maybe the orange one. But even then, they're rare, and their laser is easy to dodge. The boss is slightly harder- Using fire weapons here is a stupid idea. Their attacks come fast, and can deal a rather alarming amount of damage quickly, especially if they are struck with Fire attacks.

Desert 4

Orange Boss Diamond Spider

Stage: 3/10. Boss: 8/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV40~49 Boss: LV45~49.

Also a pretty easy stage. The bats are mild annoyances at best due ot their low LP, the cacti are pathetic as per usual, and the spiders are fairly rare, so aren't too dangerous (though they appear much more frequently on the last few screens). The boss, however, can be fairly tricky, as it has a large sum of LP and a fairly dangerous multi fire pellet attack. Dodging them and hitting the boss with a high DPS character is the best bet. Be mindful of the other enemies in the screen as well. Since the fire lingers, it can do severe damage if your characters get caught in it. The spread of the fire also hurts. The boss can control its surroundings relatively easily.

Desert 5

White Boss Box Stickman

Stage: 3/10. Boss: 2/10 (With a Priest or Silver Crystal) 5/10 (If not).

Recommended player level: Stage: LV43~53 Boss: LV46~55.

If you aren't prepared for it, this stage can be fairly nasty. The Spiders have a fairly strong bolt attack that deals a lot of damage, and the cacti's counter attack can be fairly nasty if you aren't good with dodging. However, if you have a Magician with the Big Icicle weapon, this stage's difficulty will take a very noticeable plunge. If you know how to freeze more than one enemy at a time, you can easily freeze multiples of the spiders when they pop up and then have other characters shred them. And the cacti are immobile, so they will be destroyed fairly quickly, especially if you either freeze or bait them.

The boss can be a touch rough depending on your characters' levels. If you're in the optimal level range, they won't be too bad, since they only deal five damage. Powerful fire weapons such as the Magician's Super Volcano and the Gladiator's Flame Sabel will tear through the hordes easily. Just keep an eye on your HP.


Yellow Boss Box Eel (Oasis)

Stage: 6/10. Boss: 5/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV43~51 Boss: LV48~56.

This stage isn't too terrible, though the freezing enemies definitely add to the difficulty, as there are a large amount of them. The poison enemies aren't too powerful, but the fire enemies can be a bit threatening to melee characters. The boss is alone, but he has quite a strong attack, being able to fire an electric Ball of energy that leaves mine residue. Dodging the balls are the best way to go. Slowing it down can also help.

Note: At this point, the paths split up again. The top path leads to Desert 6, while the bottom leads to Desert 7. Desert 7 itself also leads to a series of bonus stages, firstly Desert 8, and then the Beach series. To view all of the bonus stages, go here and read onwards.

Desert 6

White Boss Skull Zombie

Stage: 4/10. Boss: 3/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV44~53 Boss: LV48~57.

This stage is a touch on the rough side, but isn't all that difficult. The zombies, though they attack in swarms, all have a weakness to fire. The bats, though they too have a weakness to fire, are a bit tougher to deal with because most fire attacks are land based. However, they're not too dangerous. The Red Gel Zombie can deal a lot of damage... to melee characters, anyways, due to his terribly short range poison attack. Long and short, fire rips apart most of the enemies, and what it can't rip apart is usually not too bad anyways. Hope you got a Super Volcano or Flame Sabel 4.

This boss beats the Forest 2 boss in highest attack, with Forest 2 boss has 100 attack that the poison doesn't stack. This boss has 6 clouds of poison that stack and each deal 396 damage. Despite all that, this boss is really easy. The poison clouds are terribly slow, and are easy to avoid if you're competent. There are several ways to beat this boss:

  • Use a Sniper and outrange the boss. Mind the clouds.
  • Throw your weakest character out and absorb the poison clouds. The boss has a VERY long recharge rate so you can probably kill it before it shoots out another set of poison clouds.
  • Wait for it to fire its clouds, then throw your melee character behind it. Make sure your ranged characters also avoid the clouds, and let your melee character rip him up. Make sure you pull him back to the other side once the boss attacks again, then repeat. He should be dead before he can get a third shot off. He doesn't have a weakness to fire, but it still hurts him a good bit.

Desert 7

Orange Boss Diamond Snake

Stage: 3/10 (Only because of the bats). Boss: 1/10 (With a ranged character); 6/10 (Without a ranged character).

Recommended player level: Stage: LV44~53 Boss: LV49/52~58.

This would be a very tough boss if your team is all melee. Outrange is the best way to defeat it, unless the melee characters have very high DPS. Also has a lot of difficult enemies in the stage like the Blue Diamond Bat that can gang up on your guys and destroy them because they can continually freeze your characters and keep them frozen unless another character comes to the enemy's attention. Advisable to use a Freeze Charm 3 on these enemies. The bait strategy works well if you have a ranged character and a melee character.


Pyramid Boss

Mega Boss: 10/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV60~69.

This is the the 3rd mega boss! This is the toughest enemy at this point in the game! And it is a very difficult one! There are several strategies to defeat this boss.

  • The Bait strategy... be careful of its attacks though, its fire attack might be able to reach up to your character! And the fire attack can do 300 damage, PLUS the fact that that the fire attack can hit multiple times, it can sometimes result into over 1000 damage!
  • Hit and Run strategy with a sniper, but be careful of its (The Pyramid Boss) Pyramid Arrow! It has an almost unlimited range!
  • Dodge strategy with an melee character with high DPS (damage per second).
  • Lure strategy with a melee character so that the ranged characters damage it without being hurt.
  • If you have 3 Melees and 1 Ranged, You can go all out with the melees to go for maximum damage before death, equip the ranged stickman with any Poison Weapon,  and basically use the Dodge Strategy, as he is constantly poisoned with your weapon. (reccomends Emerald 4 and Peridot 4)

P.S.: Remember this now, the top of the screen is completely covered! This can make attacks that arc upwards hit the ceiling, wasting the attack.

If you beat this, have a little dance if you want! You may take it's 3000 cash reward! And if you're level 50... you will receive his 6000 EXP award! (gasp!).

P.P.S.: I hope you beat it at ver8.1! Now the Pyramid Boss's attack rate on the spear attack was increased! Good luck if you haven't beaten it yet!

Desert 8

Red Boss Box Tree

Stage: 9/10. Boss: 9/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV47~58 Boss: LV52~59.

This stage may be annoying because the Red Big Roundhead Spider that spawns Yellow Roundhead Spiders (like Mist Grove 2) and the Box trees that keep shooting high-damage balls.. Melee characters should take care of it.

The combination of a giant tree boss launching high-damage fire balls while being backed up by one of those damned orange spiders may seem like a recipe for true disaster, but there's an effective strategy to deal with them. Hold one of your characters, preferably a support character like a Priest, near the boss and bait the balls, while your other characters take care of the large spider that is quickly providing reinforcements. Once the spider is dead, the boss is simple to deal with by continuing the bait strategy,

Beach Series

Beach 1

White Boss Vampire Fish

Stage: 7/10. Boss: 9/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV48~56 Boss: LV52~58.

This stage is a touch on the tricky side. The spiders are common and deal decent damage, the dragons can prove to be nuisances, and the White Big Vampire Fishes in the area... They're devastating at close range, as they deal 80-90 damage, which can easily destroy characters. However, thankfully, there's a visible delay on their attack, before it initially appears and before it triggers to deal damage (while its a dim grey color, its safe to be inside, but once it turns white, it will damage).

The boss has a very high attack (150-200 damage: it beats out the Olive Boss Star Tree) so you very careful to avoid them. The boss uses shock attacks like its smaller brethren; However, the boss fires them out at characters instead of just generating them as a melee attack. The shocks act essentially the same as the shocks from the smaller fish before it, although these are red, larger and deal more damage. Unlike the boss from Submarine 1, this boss actually adjusts its aim for characters getting in his grill as opposed to the Submarine 1 boss, who fires them the same distance every time. The most common approach to beating this boss is to just simply use hit and run. Since the shocks only do damage just before they disappear, you just have to avoid staying in the shocks for too long. Another approach is to shoot melee characters at the boss so the boss will focus on the melee characters while your ranged character can deal a whole ton of damage to the boss. You may also watch out for the 3 other White Big Vampire Fishes.

Beach 2

Orange Boss Vampire Eel

Stage: 4/10. Boss: 6/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV48~57 Boss: LV53~61.

Flying Eels! But even so, this stage isn't too bad, except that 5th area with all the White Vampire Eels. For the boss, if you have a sniper with a Poison attack, its gonna be cake. HOWEVER, do note that its almost guaranteed for ALL the other characters to die because of the boss' swarming. As long as the sniper is alive, you can merely hit and run to kill the boss with ease.

Beach 3

Yellow Boss Vampire Eel

Stage: 7/10. Boss: 8/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV51~58 Boss: LV55~60.

The first things that you will see here are Tan Big Box Snakes which can be hard to kill because of their huge health and resistance to all types. They cannot attack on their own, so they're not a threat on their own. However, they tend to draw aggro away from the other, actual threats of the stage. Fire-type weapons, or weapons that can pierce enemies regardless, are very useful for this stage as it can damage both the giant snakes rapidly, and possibly harm the enemies its protecting. The boss has a thunder attack that ranges from 1-99, so it could depend on some luck to not get severely damaged while killing the enemies in the boss area. If you have a decent team with decent LP/DF, you can fight them head on. Otherwise, you could bait the boss away from the snakes and then quickly focus your fire on the boss to take it out.

For completing Desert 8 and the Beach series, you unlock the Resort! This allows you to buy many strange, unique weapons! Some of them are very useful, like the Pyramid Arrow and the Missile, while others, like the High Light Staff and the Wooden Sword... Not so useful.

Cavern Series (4-6)

Cavern 4

Red Boss Shield Bat

Stage: 8/10. Boss: 5/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV53~60 Boss: LV55~60.

This stage is quite dangerous. There are huge swarms of Grey Shield Bats, which, though weak individually, can very easily swarm over characters. The Red Shield Bat can fire a rebounding laser that pierces characters, making it a nuisance as well. The dragons are the worst; They fire a slow moving wave attack, which characters love to walk into, that deals 100 damage. Piercing attacks of your own can help trim the hordes.

The boss, however, isn't that bad. It fires three of those piercing lasers, but they don't deal all that much damage, and aren't very effective in the open space in which you fight the boss. It tends to go down before it becomes too much of a threat.

Cavern 5

Red Boss Shield Zombie

Stage: 8/10 (if hidden enemy is not encountered); 10/10 (if hidden enemy is encountered). Boss: 7/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV54/57~61 Boss: LV58~62.

The stage has tons of enemies, even more than the previous stage. The pink zombies can deal rather alarming amounts of damage, and they themselves are very tanky, the green zombies tend to spew lots of poison attacks to catch characters as they walk through, and the bats are swarmers that are even stronger than their gray cousins in Cavern 4. The zombies are weak to fire, so similar strategies to the previous stage work here. Just be mindful of the stronger enemies,

Blue Big Shield Eel

Hidden "boss": 9/10.

Recommended player level: hidden: 57~61.

Be warned in the 5th area, as you might encounter an enemy that's even stronger than the boss. It only appears if there is sufficient water. And it is a BEAST. It has 55000 LP. THAT'S EVEN MORE THAN THE SUBMARINE SHRINE BOSS. AND IT'S JUST AN ENEMY. Due to how hard it is to find it, and how hard it is to beat it, it could be considered a hidden boss.

The actual boss is much harder than the Cavern 4 boss, as it fires five lasers as opposed to three, and the boss being on the ground means it generally tends to stay near characters, thus causing the laser to have a shotgun-esque effect. There isn't really much of a strategy in this boss, as it is very hard to dodge so many lasers. The only way really is to level up and tank all the lasers or just deal very high damage to finish off the boss quickly.

Cavern 6

Red Boss Shield Tree

Stage: 7/10. Boss: 4/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV55~63 Boss: LV57~66.

This stage is usually nasty, but if you have piercing weapons the first and third screens are cake. The second is VERY nasty, however, as most piercing weapons do not work. Baiting a small amount of them works good. Also, there is a huge amount of enemies, but they appears in an order: the first screen contains 80 Green Shield Bats, the second contains 80 Orange Shield Bats and the third screen contains 80 Yellow Shield Bats. The boss is easier than the other two, as it is alone and cannot move. Bum rushing him and killing him before he shoots off too many lasers is the best way to beat him.

The hidden enemy of this stage is like the Yellow Fishes of the earlier caverns- It has a lot of resistances (especially Physical, which is reduced by 10000), but drops 9999 Gold - more than any enemy in the entire game. Kill if spotted. It also cannot attack, just like the Tan Big Box Snake.

Snowfield Series

Snowfield 1

White Boss X Walker (SF1)

Stage: 7/10. Boss: 8/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV57~64 Boss: LV59~66.

This level can be very difficult if you're not careful around the X Walkers, especially the Cyan X Walker, which fires ice shots. Luckily, they have lower LP than the other enemy in this stage, a simple White Roundhead Snake that appears in giant mobs. The boss is extremely difficult if you're not expecting it, as its attacks roll along the ground after being launched and does up to 500 damage. The Cyan X Walkers surrounding it makes the fight even more difficult. Overall, kill some of the Cyan X Walkers and have a Sniper with a Poison attack shoot and dodge. An Angel with Charge Ring 2 can also be a brilliant alternative.

With ver10.4, the stage has snow that falls from the top of the screen. While not harmful in and of itself, it can cause difficulty is being able to see the enemies that can blend in with it. Fire attacks are good though, starting with ver10.5, since they melt snow.

Note: At this point, the path diverges. You can either go to the right, which leads to Snowfield 3, or go down, which leads to Snowfield 2. Snowfield 2 does not advance the main series of stages, but leads towards the bonus Mountain series. To view the Mountain series, go here. Snowfield 2 is covered below.

Snowfield 2

White Boss Castle Stickman (SF2)

Stage: 3/10. Boss: 3/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV56~65 Boss: LV57~65.

Much easier than the last stage. No enemies here can slow you down. The White Castle Stickmen aren't too powerful and should easily be defeated in a few hits. The Grey Big Castle Stickmen aren't much more dangerous than the White Castle Stickmen. The enemy to look out for are the Pink Big Castle Stickmen. Their attacks can be quite powerful and they bounce off surfaces, which can take you by surprise. The boss isn't too powerful itself but it can deal a lot of damage should it hit. It's attack can bounce like the Pink Big Castle Stickmen. Still, it moves very slowly so if you prioritise the giant ball over the swarms of minions, you won't get hit. The primary difficulty of the boss is the mass amount of the White Castle Stickman that takes hits intended for the boss. Piercing weapons, such as Laser Beam Gun 4 and Atomic Ray 5 work well at the boss stage.

Snowfield 3

White Boss Castle Dragon

Stage: 4/10. Boss: 2/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV56~65 Boss: LV57~65.

Most of the enemies in this stage are weak mob enemies, except for one. Remember the difficult Pink Gel Tree from Seaside 3? It got powered-up. Now it shoots triple ice shots with fairly high damage. This can cause our new, blue-tinted Pink Gel Tree to leave the characters open for the other mobbing enemies.

The boss simply sits at the top of the screen, launching fireballs at the characters. Easy to deal with, although one Pink Gel Tree is there as well. Kill the tree and then take down the boss with a ranged character. Baiting it down is really hard (if not impossible), so if you don't have a ranged character, it's gonna be a painful fight.

It IS possible to bait it downward somewhat (keeping characters as far away from it as possible tends to make it come downwards), and sometimes it may not even rise up to the top of the screen, but even still, the boss is not dangerous at all. Its attack is pathetic and easy to avoid, and it's more a matter of tedious annoyance than actual difficulty.

Snowfield 4

White Boss Castle Stickman (SF4)

Stage: 3/10. Boss: 4/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV59~68 Boss: LV61~68.

...Don't let the stage fool you. The big enemies here are all easy. The mushroom's attack does only 3 damage per pellet, the trees have a blind spot for platforms, and the Spiders have such low attack speed they'll get only one shot off before dying.

The boss... is also pathetic. It's backed up by all 3 of the enemies. The tree can actually damage you this time, but really, they're hardly threats. The boss has a machine gun attack, though... however, it's stupidly weak, doing all of 5 damage per shot, and any competent melee character with a Vampire's Card of sufficient level can tank it easily.

Note: The path diverges at this point. The top path leads to Snowfield 5, which also leads to a bonus stage, the Frozen Lake. The bottom half leads to Snowfields 6 and 7, with Snowfield 8 being a bonus stage. Both meet up again at the Ice Castle.

Snowfield 5

White Boss Vampire Tree

Stage: 8/10. Boss: 3/10 (Without a Priest), 0/10 (With).

Recommended player level: Stage: LV62~69 Boss: LV64~69.

The last stage might have been a joke, but this one is absolutely horrible. The Big X Walker's freezing attack is absolutely nasty when combined with the huge amount of enemies. The best tactic is to bring down the walker as quickly as possible before all of your characters gets frozen.

The boss is... unusual. The attack is very strange, but still very deadly (an Ice-type ball dealing 0 damage that constantly generates damaging One Arrows in random directions, all with 20% Slow). It's alone, but really, when you have piercing, slowing-down projectiles bouncing around everywhere dealing a metric ton of ice damage to your characters, you really don't need help. Distracting the boss with a different character (preferably dragging the character ABOVE it, so the ice balls will fly off into the sky) is the best way to fight it.

Melee characters with a high DPS can be used head on and the boss will most likely die first.

Also, do note that we're getting close to the ice castle... Oh boy. What sadistic megaboss will they come up with next?

Snowfield 6

Orange Boss Castle Stickman

Stage: 3/10. Boss: 6/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV63~72 Boss: LV67~75.

This stage is basically one of those huge mob stages where there are a ton of enemies, and they deal quite a lot of damage. Fortunately, the X Walker's pellets are fired in a huge arc in the air (so your characters can dodge them without even being dragged!) and the bullets from the Mask Trees can be avoided easily because of their very slow moving speed. Weapons that deal splash damage or that can hit multiple enemies can make things even easier.

The boss stage is actually a huge mob boss just like the Desert 5 boss. Each boss fires a bullet which deals weak to moderate damage, but the fact that they're 30 at the beginning makes things a little harder than expected. Don't let that fool you, as you can just simply drag your melee characters towards them and fight. Vampire's Card will make things easier. If you don't have a melee character, then your best bet is to use your ranged characters to attack them while someone bait their projectiles away from the team, but note that the projectiles can only travel horizontally, so don't put the bait above them but at the sides.

Snowfield 7

White Boss Castle Snake

Stage: 8/10. Boss: 10/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV67~73 Boss: LV70~72.

The previous stage is an utter joke compared to this stage. The mushrooms have a freeze attack that has infinite range and can freeze your characters for a absurdly long time. Behind the mushrooms is a huge vampire snake who's missile attack is DEADLY. A way to overcome this problem is to use one of your characters to lure the giant snake's attacks away. That way, you'll just have to deal with the annoying ice mushrooms. Also, note that the vampire snake can be frozen. USE THAT.

The boss stage is even bigger of a nightmare. There are around three times as many enemies in this boss stage than there was in the boss stage of Snowfield 6, and each of them deal even more damage. But that's not the worst part. It's the huge snake boss that not only deals a ton of damage with his attack, but his attack freezes and covers quite a large area of the stage.

If you have a Boxer with Vampire's Card (or anyone who can deal with mobs efficiently), use that on this stage for mob control. Another good strategy is to use one of your characters to bait the boss, but make sure you put the bait low enough so that the boss will follow your bait, as if you put it too high, it will still lure the attacks away, but the boss will actually move towards your characters. Another viable strategy is, again, Freeze attacks. Big Icicle can freeze a good chunk of the horde at once, and can easily open up a way to destroy a good amount of the mob at once. Once the boss is alone, he's cake.

Frozen Lake

White Boss Vampire Mushroom

Stage: 5/10. Boss: 1/10 (If you have a Poison Priest); 4/10 (if not)

Recommended player level: Stage: LV65~73 Boss: LV68~77.

This stage is a bit of a mixed bag. The copters love to hide out on top of the screen and fire ice shots down at characters, but they themselves are weak. The trees have an incredibly dangerous attack, but they can only fire it directly under them. However, the newly introduced ice physics of the level can have you sliding right into the attacks before you can get your characters to stop. The snakes are arguably the most dangerous enemy- They fire multiple projectiles at characters with decent damage and range, making them a threat.

Although this stage is quite a cakewalk compared to Snowfield 7, the boss still packs a punch. It deals a lot of damage with the constant spike attack, and the spikes stay on the ground for quite a long time. You can still use the same hit and run strategy that you use against most mushroom bosses, but you'll have to watch for the spikes on the ground this time. Oh, and if you kept your Staff of Poisoner, just use that. This boss isn't immune to it, so it'll be like the cacti in Desert 3. It's also highly recommended to leave auto move off for this fight, so characters won't go sliding into the needles.

Snowfield 8

Yellow Boss Gel Tree

Stage: 6/10. Boss: 6/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV66~74 Boss: LV70~78.

I like to call this stage a "dodge trap" stage. What that means is a stage where you dodge a large attack shot by a powerful enemy, only to slam right into a different attack by another enemy. In this case, you'll be dodging the big tree's fire ball wave, and you'll most likely smack into the thunderbolts that are slowly falling from the sky, spawned by the yellow snakes. Of course, areas with just the white snakes are far easier. But be careful when there are yellow snakes around- the thunder bolts pack a serious punch, the best way is use Big Icicle to freeze the tree, and either attempt to finish off the enemies nearby, or try to kill the tree itself. Or take the coward's option and flee ahead.

This boss is quite annoying. There are three bosses and they each shoot fire bolts that are homing. These bolts last for quite a long time. The dodge strategy works well against the boss, but be careful because there could be many, many bolts chasing you. However, its fairly easy to dodge, and if you have a tough character, its even easier to just tank the attacks.

An easy way to complete the boss stage is to wave the bait character around in a circle around one of the bosses continuously. That way the bolts will come together into what looks like a bright bolt that does massive damage, and you can just wave the bait around while your other characters kill the bosses.

Ice Castle

Ice Castle Boss

Mega Boss: 10/10.

Recommended player level: LV70~79.

Similar to the Pyramid Boss, this boss has a close ranged and a far ranged attack. Using the dodge strategy will work, but it is quite hard to dodge all the spikes and missiles. The boss itself also has a huge amount of LP, so this will be a difficult fight. It doesn't help that the freezing spears do so much damage. It's like the SS Boss all over again, only even worse.

A good tactic for this boss is to be aggressive- Throw your Melee fighters that have high DPS in the boss' face and just keep your eyes open for the bullets he launches. The ice arrows cannot hurt you while you're close to the boss, unless you dodge into them. When he does fire his bullet, move out of the way. Don't be afraid to get hit by the clouds if it means it's going to make it to where you don't get thwacked by a bullet that takes off a good chunk of your life.

Note: At this point, the path diverges. You can either proceed onwards, to Snowfield 9, which in turn leads to the Hell series, or go down, with leads to the optional second Beach and Forest series. To view the bonus stages, go here.

Snowfield 9

Pink Boss Roundhead Tree

Stage: 4/10. Boss: 3/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV66~75 Boss: LV71~80.

The winter snowfall has passed; After having defeated the Ice Castle, this stage is a nice breather. Some tips shall still be provided, however. The trees, despite being able to tank hits, have no attacks. It is recommended to ignore them and take out the real threat- The White Roundhead Walkers. Most notable is their infinite range. Luckily, they are only able to fire horizontally. Utilizing the many trenches found in this stage, ranged characters will make short work of them. You just have to make sure to keep melee characters out of harm's way. The copters are the most threatening enemy in the stage as they can dish out decent damage fast. They're still not a problem if you kill them before they fly above you.

The boss itself acts similarly to the Snowfield 2 boss. The differences are it cannot move, it's shots are smaller and weaker but much faster and come out much more quickly, and are pink instead of white. It's simple enough to weave through the shots with one character, but be careful that your other characters aren't hit by the balls as they have infinite range.

Mountain Series

Mountain 1

Grey Boss Castle Wheel

Stage: 5/10. Boss: 3/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV57~66. Boss: LV61~66.

All the enemies in this stage have a certain type that they are not strong to. The red trees can be hit with Fire weapons, the olive trees can be hit with Thunder weapons and the blue wheels can be hit with Ice weapons. Either use these weapons, or use Freeze type weapons.

The boss is very easy for experienced players. It has 35000 LP and a powerful attack. However, this boss' attack is very easy to dodge. Just don't be on the ground when the mines hit and you'll be fine. Also, use Physical or Freeze weapons to take this boss down.

Mountain 2

Red Boss Roundhead Copter

Stage: 10/10. Boss: 7/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV64~70. Boss: LV66~70.

This stage is downright evil! All of the enemies, including the boss, has resistance to all types, except for Physical and Freeze, though the latter of the two has no freeze effect. The Big X Walkers are absolutely terrible, especially while mixed in with the stickmen, who constantly drop flames near characters, and the copters, who drop fire bombs. Thankfully, the boss is relatively easy, since he only had an enhanced version of the copter enemies' attack. A sniper using a Sept Shot with Knockback's and Quick's cards can help slow the enemies' advance towards your ranged characters, making the stage easier. A team of 2 snipers can hold them off indefinitely, depending on the terrain. Sept Shot can also be used to simply out-range the Big X Walkers.


Red Boss Smiley EelBlue Boss Fairy EelOlive Boss Star EelGreen Boss Cap Eel

Stage: 20/10. Boss: 7/10.

Recommended player level: LV70~90.

Are you ready to cry? This stage will make even the hardiest of Stick Ranger players cringe in fear. It's boss rush time. 9 screens full of all the bosses in the game, up to the new Cavern series, excluding Mega Bosses. The first six screens are breathers, and if you die to the first four screens, you will not beat this stage. Plain and simple. The fifth is the only one that's slightly dangerous, but that's basically made moot by the sixth area, as it contains the Mist Grove 2 boss. Yes, that horrid boss that most likely road blocked many a player is, in fact, the lifeline for this stage. The reason? His dragons are pathetically easy now, and they can drop valuable onigiri to recover your life to full. And you'll need it, to take on...

THE DESERT SCREEN. This is, without a doubt, the hardest screen in this stage, if not the entire game itself. All 8 of the Desert bosses at once. If you used the Mist Grove screen to recover, that is your one solace for this screen. To beat this area, there are three "high roller" enemies that need to die as soon as possible; The Desert 2 Boss, the Desert 6 boss, and the Desert 8 boss. They all either have incredible range, deal ridiculous amounts of damage, or both. Do NOT be afraid to get aggressive. Kill the Desert 8 boss first, then the desert 2 boss, and then the desert 6 boss. Be aggressive; Throw your melee characters at the Desert 8 boss to eliminate it as fast as possible. Make sure to avoid the Desert 6 boss' poison, and just tank everything else. Once it's dead, do the same to the Desert 2 boss. By this point, the other desert bosses should be dying to the ranged characters, so they should aid against the Desert 6 boss. One those three are dead, the rest is relatively easy. This may be the hardest screen in the stage, but the ones after it aren't cakewalks either...

The beach screen is relatively easy, since there are only three bosses, and two of them are weak by themselves. Kill the Beach 1 boss quickly, followed by the Beach 3 boss, and then the Beach 2 boss.

The Cavern screen is the second hardest screen in the stage. The lasers are EVERYWHERE, and if your health isn't that good, they may just be your downfall... Eliminate them as quickly as possible, and if they don't drop valuable health, get the hell out of there before the lasers deal too much damage. And now, it's boss time...

The final boss, however... Isn't as bad as the stage. Since you'll most likely be VERY weak by this point, the Eels can easily gang up on you and tear you apart. But once you get away from them and carefully make a strategy, preferably by using Poison to poison the fire, ice, and electric eels, they can be very easy to deal with, as they have very low LP.

Beach 4

Beach 4

White Boss Demon Eel

Stage: 9/10. Boss: 2/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV69~76 Boss: LV72/75~81.

This stage is absolutely beastly. There are a large amount of enemies in the stage, which can dish out a huge amount of damage. The Pink Demon Fish are incredibly common (and save for the 3rd screen, appear in swarms of no less than 30), and have decent ranged attacks. The Yellow Demon Eels, although sparse, have an attack with ridiculous range, speed, and power. The spiders only appear in two screens (also appearing in swarms of 30 or more) and their attack deals incredible damage. It is recommended to keep your rangers at the far left of the screen and let them come to you so you aren't overwhelmed.

The boss itself is a downright joke. If you're above him, he's absolutely helpless. And the mines he drops don't deal damage for a bit, so if you're careful, melee can be applied here. The real difficulty is in killing the eels. Go after them first, making sure to avoid their shockwave attack. Once they're dead, the boss is easy pickings.

Forest Series (3-6)

Forest 3

Yellow Boss Coconut Wheel

Stage: 5/10. Boss: 6/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV70~78 Boss: LV74~82.

The Pink Coconut Copters on this stage will give you quite a bit of trouble. A magician with the Big Icicle/Freeze Explosion orb is your best way of dealing with them as they aren't resistant to freeze. The rest of the enemies on this stage are easy to defeat if you can distance yourself from them. 

The Yellow Boss Coconut Wheel can be tough, but with the right strategy you can prevail. Have your ranged characters deal with the backup copter, while your melee unit takes care of the boss. Make sure your ranged characters don't try to join the fight or else lingering poison will quickly kill them. A clever mix of dodging and baiting with your melee character is required- The latter mainly to make sure the boss stays with your melee character so he can damage him. The poison is easy to dodge. Simply constantly drag the melee character towards the right every time the boss fires. When you get to the edge of the screen, drag your character back to where you started. The poison will fade away as you fight, so don't worry about running into the clouds.

Forest 4

Green Boss Gel Bouncer

Stage: 3/10. Boss: 2/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV70~79 Boss: LV74~83.

This stage may seem rough at first, what with the enemies that can summon smaller enemies to attack upon being struck, one must remember that the big enemies are not immune to Freeze attacks. Thus, your trusty magician with a Big Icicle can stop them dead on their tracks. But not all is lost if you don't have Big Icicle- Super Volcano, which seems like a terrible idea, actually works really well, seeing as the enemies have a weakness to fire and can hardly move. Also, like in Mist Grove 2, the enemies have a spawn limit of 100, meaning that if you are have the patience and are able to take down 100 of them, these stages will be easy.

The boss can summon the larger enemies, which in turn can summon the smaller enemies. Again, Big Icicle and Super Volcano work really well, since the summoned enemies will be either frozen in place or torn to shreds by the fire. One must be cautious about the boss' attack, which can deal very high damage should it land, but other than that, this boss is cake.

Forest 5

Grey Boss Demon Stickman

Stage: 9/10. Boss: 2/10

Recommended player level: Stage: LV76~80 Boss: LV74/76/79~84.

This stage is basically Mountain 1, only about thirty times as nightmarish. The enemies can very easily gang up on your characters and take them down, and the fact that they have different weaknesses for each enemy makes you juggle between your weapons. All of them have a shared non-resistance to Freeze, though, so using that is advised. 

The boss is a downright joke. He has a very strong attack, but has a crippling weakness to Physical, a very common type. A Boxer with a Vampire's Card can easily tank the hits and rip him apart easily. The other enemies in the boss screen are very few, so juggling weapons isn't nearly as much of a hassle as it is in the main stage.

Forest 6

Grey Boss Box Snake

Stage: 6/10. Boss: 3/10.

Recommended player level: Stage: LV74~81 Boss: LV77~82.

You will immediately notice the Grey Big Box Snakes that patrol the screens of this stage. They fire an attack that can deal the highest damage in the game. Tanking these hits are useless- even a character with 1000 LP only has a 1/10 chance of surviving. However, you can avoid this if you keep your eyes open. They fire a tiny laser in an arc, and the bolt strikes wherever it lands. The snakes themselves are also resistant to every type of attack in the game, save for freeze. This means that Freeze-type weapons are vital. The other enemies in this stage merely serve as distractions to the Snake, and can deal moderate damage to characters trying to avoid the laser attack.

The Grey Boss Box Snake itself is easy, however. It only has one of the Snakes backing it up and it deals a strangely low amount of damage compared to its yellow brother. It's a fire-type, horizontal, ground based laser attack that can pierce, but it doesn't do the monumental amount of damage the yellow snake's laser can do. The boss also shares the yellow snake's resistances, meaning Freeze is the way to go. It has a very low amount of LP as well, a paltry 12,000. Kill its minion first, and the boss itself can't do much to stop you.

For finally completing the second Forest series, you unlock the Forget Tree! This allows you to completely remove all SP from your character's stats, allowing you to rearrange them at will. This is very useful for min/maxing certain stats, such as DEX and MAG.



Pink Boss Coconut Germ

Stage: 3/10. Boss: 6/10.

Recommend player level: Stage: LV76~83, Boss: LV80~86

The enemies here are very bizarre. The Purple Coconut Germs slowly float around, generally towards Characters. Their projectiles, like the spiders from ???, are very weak. However, the enemies have a very high amount of LP and appear in massive mobs near the end of the stage, giving them strength in numbers. It is suggested to set your movement OFF so that they don't overwhelm you.

The boss has a multi pellet shot, but unlike the boss from ???, it fires three sets of pellets at a time with incredible speed. The shots move slowly, reflect off of terrain and come at a rapid rate. However, the boss is susceptible to freeze, meaning that depending on the weapons you have, you can take him down easily.

Hell Series (1-6)

Hell 1

Grey Boss Triangle Walker

Stage: 5/10. Boss: 6/10.

This stage is quite rough. Fitting for a stage titled "Hell". All but one of the enemies in this stage attack with fire-based attacks. In particular, the Orange Triangle Stickmen can prove to be quite dangerous in close range, as they constantly and haphazardly spit flames once characters are in range. The White Triangle Stickmen can deal decent damage and they appear in large mobs. But all stickmen in this stage are basically shut down with perma-freezing via a Freeze Explosion with a Diamond and max level Quick Card. A Priest with high DEX will also greatly reduce their damage, as their attack is Physical. The Grey Triangle Walkers, however, are tougher to deal with. They tend to appear from far away and bombard characters with bullets that explode into flame. Making sure ranged characters aren't decimated by the flames is the best way to take them down. Preferably, having a magician freeze the melee enemies while other characters focus on eliminating the walker works well. Baiting the bullets away from the other characters works too.

The boss is a giant walker that spits flaming bullets in seemingly random patterns (though they generally aim towards characters in range). This time, you want to do the reverse of what you would do with the tiny walkers- Have a character distract the boss while your other characters take down the Grey Stickmen supporting the boss. Once they're down, use the dodge strategy to avoid his bullets and end him. Baiting the boss with a high LP character works well, too. Just make sure to move your weaker characters out of the way if a stray bullet lands.

Oddly enough, despite being named "Hell", there are no references to "666", that several stages so far seem to reference.

Hell 2

Grey Boss Triangle Tree

Stage: 7/10. Boss: 8/10.

This stage is particularly nasty. The Diamond trees constantly berate characters with high range, high damage projectiles, and the snakes, although few, have an absolutely devastating attack if they can get it off. The swarm of Germs, although not dangerous, can quickly prove to be distracting and annoying with their high LP. The good thing is that they are actually very useful in the long run. Due to the fact they almost always drop an onigiri, they can quickly regenerate LP lost by the Trees or the Snakes. The best way to deal with the enemies found in this stage are:

  • Bait the tree's shots, preferably into the many floating platforms in the skies.
  • Don't let the snakes get close enough to use their own attack.
  • Utilize the health dropped by the germs to stay alive.

That's the basic strategy to this stage. Difficult to manage, but it's nothing compared to the boss.

The boss is a nightmare. He constantly fires homing, high damage spikes. And unlike the trees, there's no cover in the arena to hide from the spikes, meaning that unless you have a a character with high LP, you're going to face a lot of trouble. The Germs in this screen are a life saver because they almost always drop an onigiri. The best way to deal with him is to slow him down with an ice weapon, and constantly move a tanky character in a circle to bait the boss' attacks. The ice isn't mandatory, but it helps a good deal. Make sure the tank is kept up to health by onigiris dropped by the germs,

Also, every enemy save for the Germs have a resistance to Thunder. This means that if you have the immensely powerful Indra Arrow, it's useless for this stage.

Hell 3

Orange Boss Roundhead Walker

Stage: 4/10. Boss: 2/10.

The Cyan Big Triangle Cactus may scare you when you see it's rapid fire freeze attack, but it does pitiful amounts of damage, and freezes for only a second. The other cacti in this stage are more nuisances than anything else. Freeze attacks surprisingly work in keeping the horde of Orange Roundhead Snakes at bay as one high-LP character tanks the Cyan Cactus' freeze attacks.

The boss is a downright joke. His attack is a homing fire-type ball that constantly deals damage. The problem? It does pathetic amounts, and doesn't seem to damage all that often. When multiple balls are on top of one character, the damage may start to rack up, but by the time that happens, him and his two Cacti minions will most likely be killed. However, it may become problematic if you happen to strike the large cacti with a weapon accidentally, and they freeze a key character, though their pathetic damage output dampens difficulty somewhat.

Hell 4

Tan Boss Diamond Tree

Stage: 5/10 (with piercing weapons), 9/10 (without). Boss: 5/10 (with piercing weapons or a priest), 8/10 (without).

This level introduces a brand new species, in the form of the Digger. The diggers act like bizarre trees, often hiding underground and sporadically springing back up. This can be very annoying, as non-piercing attacks simply cannot hit them at all while they're underground, meaning you'll have to wait for them to rise up. However, they are able to fire at you while underground. In this stage, instantaneous attacks (like the one of a Priest), or attacks that pierce are highly effective. Don't let the enemy colors fool you - The only enemy in this stage with any elemental affinity is the Red Box Digger. Both of the others just use physical attacks. All of their attacks pierce, however, proving for an annoying, though not terribly dangerous, stage.

The boss might seem intimidating at first, with his shotgun-blast of 30 bullets, but they all do trivial amounts of damage. The real threat comes from, you guessed it, those pesky diggers. They can act as bait, distracting your heavy hitters while the boss constantly attacks. Melee characters are semi effective, though be cautious as the boss' attack can do a lot of damage in close range. However, once all of that is said and done, the boss is really just annoying, though not entirely too dangerous once you know how to deal with the diggers.

Note: At this point, the path diverges. You can either proceed onwards to Hell 5, which is covered below, or take the optional Inferno series of stages. To view the Inferno series guide, go here. The Inferno series leads to the Blood Lake, which appears to be a bonus stage similarly to the Lake.

Hell 5

Grey Boss Box Stickman

Stage: 8/10. Boss: 9/10.

You enter the stage, and find four Grey Big Box Stickmen running around. After clearing them, you head to the next screen to find... Four more of the same enemy??

But you get closer, and realize - They all have different attacks!

This stage has a rather obnoxious gimmick. All of the enemies look nearly identical; Their attacks are just vastly different from each other. The only difference in appearance is a very slight change in tint on their bodies. In the beginning, since you encounter only one variety at a time, this isn't too terribly bad; But later on in the last few screens, and especially the boss, this proves to be an incredibly obnoxious gimmick that means you can't tell what stickman will do what until you get into attack range.

The first variety is arguably the easiest; It fires a large, very slow bullet in an arc. Although the bullet does a large amount of damage, it is very easy to avoid with the Dodge strategy. The second variant fires a slew of spears in an arc directly over it's head. Although this does lower damage, it's range is vastly increased, and it is very tough to avoid the spears. The final variant is arguably the worst; It fires a purple, homing Two Arrow that does a ridiculous amount of damage. However, it has a flaw; It takes the Two Arrow several seconds to actually activate. During the point it is inactive, it is completely harmless, and it is only harmful for the last stretch of it's lifespan before it vanishes. With multiple arrows, though, it is very tough to keep track of how long each one has been active, thus causing a large amount of problems. Each stickman is resistant to all elements, except for Physical and Freeze (damage wise). This makes them akin to the giant snakes from Forest 6. Unlike those snakes, however, these guys have large amounts of LP and are very tough to take down. If you have Vampire's Card and/or an ONIGIRI's Card, then USE IT!. A Needle Claw 6 with 22 DEX, 90 MAG and high LP with a Quick's Card 5 and Bullet's Card 4 will cause a high grade of damage and thus can end the fight easily. It is still recommended, however, to have a self-healing Card, which are the Vampire's and ONIGIRI's Cards.

So after a while, you get accustomed to strategies needed to defeat each one. But now you're thinking... What's the boss??

The boss is several small stickmen. These enemies are actually weaker than the regular enemies in the stage. They all deal low amounts of damage, and have low LP.

So why is it rated 9 out of 10? Because each one of those damned regular stickmen are in the stage, and they, combined with the boss' attacks, (Which can freeze!) proves to be an incredibly dangerous battle. The bosses tend to be shielded by the regular stickmen, and the latter's resistant nature proves very aggravating to take down. Although the bosses lack any actual resistances (Except for the obvious Freeze resistance), they still have a hefty amount of LP, and it is very hard to take them all down.

In reality, this stage's difficulty is highly dependent on your set up. If you have characters with good physical attacks, such as a Boxer or a Gunner, it's not too terribly bad. Still rough, but manageable. But if you lack any good physical attackers, this stage can be a real nightmare.

For completing this stage, you unlock the Island! This is essentially a highly upgraded Village, selling most compo items at their highest level currently. Crystals, Jewels, and Medals are not at their max level, and a few cards are missing (the mega boss cards, Heal Card, Ring's Card 6, and Katana's Card). Aside from that, this shop can help cut out a portion of grinding.

Hell 6

Blue Boss Gel Mushroom

Stage: 2/10. Boss: 2/10.

A nice bit of a breather level after the obnoxiousness that was Hell 5. Most of the enemies in this stage are completely ineffectual; The bats can't hit what's in front of them, the germs' attacks die out before they reach characters, and the dragons' attacks slow down and stop after traveling about a fifth of its range. They can be annoying if the latter two get close, but otherwise, much worse has been dealt with. This is kiddy work.

And as of 15.5, this stage got even easier!! All of the enemies have lowered LP, and the dragon has both that and lower AT! The boss was left alone, but he's still a joke.

The boss is essentially the Frozen Lake boss but with freezing, worse damage, a slightly different attack, and it has all of three enemies backing it up. Kill the mooks, and the boss has horrible damage and freeze time, so he should not give you trouble. Unlike the aforementioned Frozen Lake boss, this boss fires his attack right at characters. But it's so weak it doesn't matter at all. He also shares the Frozen Lake boss' lack of immunity to poison, so there's that going against him as well! Weak.

Note - This stage leads to Cavern 7. To view the guide for that stage and the following stages, go here.

Inferno Series

Inferno 1

White Boss Triangle Walker

Stage: 7/10 (Without safespot) 2/10 (With safespot). Boss: 5/10 (without safespot) 1/10 (With safespot).

The key strategy for this stage is to stay calm. The large Walkers can deal an incredible amount of damage with their attacks, but they are relatively easy to bait, even if their attacks home in on characters. The mobs of enemies can deal a very large amount of damage, but a Magician with Freeze Explosion can freeze hordes at a time, including the aforementioned big enemies. Without a Magician, however, this stage can be very rough. The mobs can deal large amounts of damage to baiting characters, while at the same time swarming over your ranged characters. Weapons good at dealing with mobs can help somewhat, but the enemies' damage output is incredible. There IS a safespot to the large walker's attacks (a relative close distance to the enemy, which causes the homing projectiles to swerve around in strange ways and miss the character), but using it while at the same time being pounded by the mobs surrounding said walker are dicey at best.

The boss is simple if only for the fact he appears alone. He is essentially a stronger version of the Walker, and his projectiles bounce along the ground. However, he appears alone, which trivializes things somewhat. Quickly move your bait to wards him and keep it a semi good distance away from the boss so the shots won't bounce towards your ranged characters as they take the boss down. The safespot mentioned above works much better than it does in the stage, especially since the boss appears alone. That could also trivialize things somewhat.

Inferno 2

Yellow Boss Coconut Walker

Stage: 7/10 (Without Magician with Freeze Explosion) 1/10 (With). Boss: 7/10.

If you don't have a means of freezing the hordes of trees (Especially the cyan trees in the second screen), this stage is very vicious. The tan trees aren't too dangerous since they're slow and fire in unison. The cyan ones, on the otherhand, are complete monsters. They have non-synchronized attacks, and thus, given there are a hundred of them in the second screen and twenty in the boss room, they can spew attacks at an alarming rate, which deal a very high amount of damage. A freeze explosion, however, makes the stage a complete nonissue if you can freeze them before they get their attacks rolling. Since the enemies are all bunched up together into a big pile, freezing them all at once is a complete joke. It also makes the stage ridiculously easy.

The boss, even with the freeze explosion, is rough. Since there are twenty of each enemy in the stage, they all get a chance to attack, including the dangerous cyan trees (Which are in the BACK!). You have to have a character bait the cyan trees and the boss while the other characters freeze and whittle down the hordes. The boss, thankfully, isn't much of a threat by itself; a tanky walker with a semi high damage dealing attack that can only fire horizontally. But the swarms of enemies, notably those cyan trees, makes this boss stage a very rough one.

Inferno 3

Green Boss Coconut Spider

Stage: 4/10 (Without Magician with Freeze Explosion 1/10 (With). Boss: 3/10.

This stage is another of those elemental mob-style stages. Thankfully, this isn't the same as Forest 5, where you need to use the weapon of the same type as the enemy to deal any sort of damage to them. No, these enemies resist the types they use, and all have a shared weakness to Poison, though it's not too effective at trimming hordes. Generally speaking, if you have the means to, freezing them all at once with a Freeze Explosion works for the best, and shuts them all down, except for the Blue Coconut Spiders. For the screen with a mob of them, have a character tank the hits, and use Fire-type weapons to trim the hordes quickly. In the group with all three spiders, trimming the horde isn't too bad with a character with Freeze Explosion (as it shuts down 2/3 types of enemies in that screen, and the last third aren't too terribly dangerous by themselves). Without it, however, things may be a bit more dicey, but it's not too bad for the most part.

The boss appears by itself, and it deals a large amount of damage. Generally speaking, you want to bait it away from the other characters with a melee character. Your ranged characters can attack the boss from behind as it focuses on firing at the bait. Make sure the attacks don't hit your allied characters, as this boss can deal up to 666 damage. Thankfully, it's not too terribly bad, as it appears alone, and it's simple to avoid its attack. Also, it's possible to tank the poison itself, as it drains LP at a very low rate. Having a character with a Poison Charm or method to self heal helps.

Blood Lake

Blood Lake

Brown Boss Box Germ

Stage: 3/10. (Without priest.) 1/10 (With.) Boss: 5/10. (Without priest.) 1/10 (With.)

This stage is just another "Weak Mob" stage. The only really dangerous enemy in this stage are the fish enemies. They're the only enemy that deals more than 5 damage. Every other enemy? 5 damage. And the copter can freeze for a third of a second, which isn't as bad as you might think. They only drop a bullet right below them. The trees, meanwhile, have a blind spot for things directly underneath of them (Which is pretty bad for a tree enemy that's usually taller than the characters it's fighting). The only really annoying thing about this stage otherwise is that all of the enemies have a fairly hefty amount of health. Freeze Explosion shuts this down, and even if you lack it, a decent tank can deal with this stage easily. The fourth and fifth screens are really the most dangerous, due to all the enemies present, including the fish enemies. But much worse has been dealt with at this point.

The boss is a bit more challenging, however! He's, essentially, a combination of all of the enemies; He can fly, like the copters. He fires bullets in a spread, like the trees (Only with seven instead of 5, which gives him more coverage. He also actively aims a shot at the characters). And he deals a good chunk of damage, like the fish. He's got a rapid attack speed, and the copters in the area love to be right in the way, so this boss can be a good bit more intimidating than his stage! Killing the copters ASAP with powerful weapons is necessary. Afterwards, pound the boss with said weapons to kill him before his attacks trim your health down.

You can get a good bit of gold, though; Every enemy drops 3333 gold. And there are a lot of enemies, so... Lots and lots of gold for you! The boss drops 9999 gold, meanwhile.

Cavern Series (7-8)

Cavern 7

Green Boss Cap Tree

Stage: 1/10 (If terrain is cooperative, read guide), 3/10 (If terrain isn't cooperative). Boss: 3/10.

This stage is somewhat... Luck based. Generally, if the terrain is being cooperative and is actively blocking the enemies' projectiles, then this stage is a complete non issue if you have any sort of piercing weapon. If the terrain isn't being cooperative, however, then this stage can be incredibly obnoxious, with enemies constantly spewing projectiles towards you. The two trees are essentially the same, only one is pink and is on the ceiling. And it fires projectiles that are affected by gravity.

A high STR Magician can actually wipe out an unfavorable zone using a Spread Explosion 7 with Bullet's 6 and Quick's 5, then proceed to use more favorable terrain as a shield while using an Electric Shock 5 with a Topaz 6 and Bullet's 6. This is especially effective with a high STR Priest or two. With some luck, the terrain may serve to let the Magician swiftly clear the entire screen in a few seconds using just the Spread Explosion 7 alone. However, the same patch of terrain that lets the Magician do that also leaves your team just as open to enemy fire. So move the tankiest member of the team to the front with their tankiest weapon when the terrain is wide open as long as they have sufficient remaining LP.

The bats are so rare they're barely worth mentioning. They simply spew blaze attacks at you very slowly, à la the large spiders from Snowfield 4. They're very rare and usually not effectual at all, though, except maybe in the boss screen.

There's a secret enemy in this stage. Been a while since one of those have appeared. These are Germs that have an ungodly amount of health, and can't be frozen. They constantly spew sparks towards characters that draw close, but they are generally not too much of an issue from a distance.

The boss may seem intimidating at first, but then you realize... He can't stop firing and aim at another chracter until he launches all of his projectiles. Throw a melee character in his face immediately, to get him to fire at that character. He fires bouncing projectiles, similarly to the Pink Boss Roundhead Tree. The bats this time can actually be a nuisance, but there's only two of them. Dodging the boss' attacks with a melee character shuts him down pretty hard.

Cavern 8

Red Boss Gel Tree (CV8)

Stage: 2/10. Boss: 3/10

This stage is essentially the same as the last one. Same general idea. Trees, upside down trees, piercing and fire weapons shut it down. The only major differences is that the upside down trees can freeze (Though they're not dangerous at all since they only drop their projectiles downwards and they deal pitiful damage), there's a new "Rare enemy", and the bats have been replaced with snakes.

The snakes are the worst part of this stage by far. They have near infinite range, their attacks pierce terrain and characters, and they love to hide among the swarms of Yellow Cap Trees, making hitting them very difficult as they pound characters with long range lasers. It's especially bad in the last screen before the boss, where there are TWO of the little monsters. However, they're really the only dangerous part of this stage.

The hidden enemy of this stage... You'd be forgiven for thinking they just took the same enemy from the last stage and stuck it here. They didn't. There are some subtle differences; They give out 1000 more gold than the previous enemy, they have a slightly different hue of color, and they fire four projectiles instead of three that deal 1 extra point of damage. But they're essentially the same enemy, so treat them the same way.

The boss is kind of a blast from the past. He fights very similarly to the bosses from the second cavern series, firing rebounding projectiles (In this case, Sparks). However, he appears alone and his projectiles aren't directly aimed at characters (He fires them directly up). They deal a lot of damage, but if you use high power weapons against him, he'll die out before the sparks become too dangerous.

Hell Series (7-8)

Hell 7

Red Boss Box Wheel

Stage: 2/10. Boss: 4/10.

If you just rush in head first in this stage, it will very gladly rip you apart. You're going up against Wheels. Haven't seen them in bulk since Grassland 7! Do you remember the best way to deal with them? That's right - Bait over their heads. And now that you have good weapons such as the Permafrost and Heat Arrows, you should have no issue tearing these guys up. Use a melee character/priest to bait the enemies into a big pile. Have a Magician with Permafrost freeze the group, and then happily pick them off since they're completely helpless. Just be warned of the Brown Big Box Wheel, who is the only regular enemy that fires an attack in an arc rather than just using a melee-like attack. It does a pretty low amount of damage, regardless. Just don't let the bait get torn up.

The boss is like a bizarre version of the boss from Forest 3. Only his attacks aren't quite as devastating as that other boss. He fires Fire type projectiles up in the air, and they land on the ground and linger for a good long while. Like the Forest 3 boss, don't let your characters linger in the grounded projectiles; They may not do 400 damage, but they'll still quickly tear away at their LP. Otherwise, kill the mook backup and target him with powerful weapons while having a character bait him, and he should be a mild issue at best.

Hell 8

Pink Boss Triangle Snake

Stage: 10/10. Boss: 3/10.

What's that?? The last few stages have been really easy? Well, ha55ii must have been reading those complaints, because this stage is downright miserable. Every single enemy has an attack that deals a crapload of damage. Two of the enemies in this stage have huge range, low AGI, and insane damage. And they can't be frozen. The germ has high range, low AGi, and deals a lot of damage. It constantly spews sparks towards characters, meaning you have to bait it into firing into the terrain. Kind of like the trees from Hell 2 only a good deal worse. The Eels spew a constant flamethrower attack, and does everything in its power to push characters into range. You have to bait him, too. All the while dealing with hordes of snakes that have good damage, and range JUST long enough to screw with you in a number of ways. However, there is some slight solace in the fact that the mobs of snakes can't really attack midair Rangers, unlike the germs from Hell 2. The fact both big enemies can fly sort of nullifies this, however. Once the swarms of snakes are dead, slow those big bastards down with Ice type weapons to make dealing with them slightly less horrible. Since the Germ has nigh-immunity to Thunder weapons, the Lightning orb and Indra Arrow weapons are useless against him. Sigh.

I'll be blunt - When I saw the fourth screen had BOTH the Diamond Germ and Mask Eel, I just skipped it. Take all the things I just said and make them even worse. That's how that screen would play out.

And the Boss... Well, he only gets a 3. Mainly because that fight mostly boils down to "Does he want to cooperate and fire to the right while not shoving himself into the right corner?". If yes, he's simple. He only fires an attack horizontally. The attack will probably instakill all but the hardiest of tanks, but it's slow, and if you can bait him (And he's cooperative), he won't be too terribly bad, even with the snake horde backing him up. If he DOESN'T want to cooperate, and plants himself firmly in the right corner, hope you like constantly making your attacking characters avoid his attacks! Still, the attack is VERY slow, so it's not hard to dodge at all. Just becareful you don't mistime your dodges and either smack into the attack, or aren't quick enough to get your other characters out of there. If he wants to be a prat and stay in the corner, Icing him will also help.

Hell Castle

Hell Gate

White Boss Skull Stickman (HG)

Stage: 4/10. Boss: 9/10.

What a long way we've come, have we not? And now, we must deal with a beefed up Castle Gate. The White and Red Skull Stickmen behave exactly the same as their counterparts from Castle Gate. The only new addition are the Red X Walkers. They're basically really weak Pink Big Triangle Walkers from Inferno 1. They can be annoying, but they have low damage. Similar strategies to the ones you've applied to Castle Gate can be applied here to similar effect.

The boss, however, is absolutely nuts! Unlike the Sub-Castle Boss, this guy summons five giant Two Arrows to rain down on the field randomly! Meaning, there's a very real possibility he'll drop an attack right above one of your characters, making it nearly impossible for you to get them out of the way in time. It's nice that he hits like a dumpster truck full of muscular men and has a few of those Red Skull Stickmen backing him up. Lay down some intense firepower and hope you can kill him before he kills you. That's really the only strategy to this, considering how obnoxiously random his attacks are. Ice type attacks can slow him down to manageable levels as well.

Alternatively, if you have the proper weapons, it's possible to utilize the Knockback's Card to great effect. It can be used to push him to the far edge of the screen, and if your characters have sufficient range, they can attack him without fear of being counter-attacked. This can make the fight very easy.

Hell Castle

Hell Castle Boss

Mega Boss: 10/10.

It's finally here. The final boss has arrived. It's... The Castle Boss with a fancy crown.

Despite the very silly appearance, his attacks are completely different. He has six, yes, SIX attacks. One for each of the elements, including physical.

The Physical attack conjures up a giant, red, skull of death. The DEATH SKULL will annihilate anyone who does not get out of the way when it is set off. (It behaves similarly to the White Boss Vampire Fish's shock attacks in that it has a delay before it actually damages; in this case, 1.8 seconds) This attack can be very dangerous, as the boss can summon it in the middle of the battle while you're busy keeping characters safe. Another nasty thing he can do is immediately start the fight with it. Since your characters are bunched up on the far left of the screen, if you don't quickly get them out of the way, it's an immediate game over.

The fire attack is a spread of 24 Fire-elemental balls. Similarly to the Orange Big Gel Trees from Snowfield 8. This is one of his lesser dangerous attacks, since it does very low damage overall. This attack is actually preferable to most of his other attacks, so go ahead and make sure you always keep at least one character close enough to him that he'll be baited into using it more.

The thunder attack fires six lasers, each aimed towards characters. This attack can do semi decent damage (1-33), but it's generally not too bad. Considering how late this boss is, of course.

The Ice attack rains sparks that emit a mine residue. They, again, do low damage, but the fact they inflict slow can cause some problems. 20% isn't too much, though.

The Poison attack fires 20 spears into the air. The spears will strike the ground, emitting poison residue. The arrows can poison as well. Both do up to 66 damage. Which is sadly one of his higher-damaging attacks.

And lastly, the freeze attack shoots an incredibly fast bullet towards a character that explodes into a giant snowflake. Again, the damage is pathetic (It'll do a maximum of 13 damage), but it freezes characters for 3.6 seconds. If the boss pulls out the DEATH SKULL attack immediately afterwards, this can result in an unavoidable blow (which may not result in death if Black Crystal 7 is equipped). Have one character with Black Crystal 7 + Freeze Charm 4 equipped stay close to him to draw the freeze bullets away from the other characters to reduce the chances of an unavoidable death. This should probably be whichever character has the highest LP, which should hopefully and probably be a melee character anyway.

If you have difficulty dodging the DEATH SKULLS, you may quickly find that the low-damaging attacks are a little more threatening to 1/5th of a character's LP bar than 5/5ths of a character's LP bar; always prioritize staying away from DEATH SKULLS and ignore everything else if you have difficulties with this boss. Generally, keep your characters spread out. This makes it less likely for more than one to be hit with a freeze bullet at once. It also makes dodging the DEATH SKULLS easier.

If you didn't beat this guy prior to 18.5, you're gonna have a bad time. The reason? He formerly suffered heavily if he was hit with Ice attacks, since it slowed him down heavily. However, the 18.5 update made him COMPLETELY IMMUNE to ice. Good luck.

But that is it; folks. The final boss of Stick Ranger has been defeated. The game is over! Congratulations. There have been ups and downs, but now, the game has finally been complete...



Except not really.

Final Bonus Stage


Yellow Boss Box Eel (Volcano)

Stage: 10/10 (Overall, see page), Boss: 2/10

Surprise! You thought SR was over? Nope. After you've cleared the Hell Castle, you can now enter the Volcano stage! Keep in mind, the Volcano is located within the Hell series. See the Volcano sprite on the map? That's the stage. It doesn't have a path leading to it, similarly to ??? and !!!. This is another Mountaintop-esque stage, meaning... Boss rush time! Although the bosses are generally harder, this stage actually isn't as bad as the Mountaintop. It doesn't throw every single boss in a specific series at you at once; It scatters them out across multiple screens. This makes things quite fair, actually. Things can still be a challenge. In fact, each screen in this level (aside from the boss screen) is going to get its own difficulty rating, and tips!

Screen 1 - 5/10 White Boss X Walker (SF1) White Boss Castle Stickman (SF2) White Boss Castle Dragon White Boss Castle Stickman (SF4)

Screen 1 consists of the first four Snowfield bosses. Keep in mind, two of them have a very high damage output, with the Snowfield 1 boss being able to do up to 500 damage, and the Snowfield 2 boss doing a constant 300 damage. Take them down first. The rest are pathetic.

Screen 2 - 4/10 White Boss Vampire Tree Orange Boss Castle Stickman White Boss Castle Snake Yellow Boss Gel Tree

Screen 2 consists of the next four Snowfield bosses. The only danger here is the Snowfield 7 boss. The rest have low damage, though the Snowfield 5 boss can slow. Kill the Snowfield 7 boss, and then the Snowfield 5 boss. The rest should die easily.

Screen 3 - 6/10 Grey Boss Castle Wheel Red Boss Roundhead Copter

The first two Mountain bosses. Bear in mind, they're highly resistant to everything except Physical and Freeze damage. The Mountain 1 boss can be easily baited, however. Just keep your characters away from the firebombs from the Mountain 2 boss. Bait the Mountain 1 boss with a character to the right side of the screen, and then keep the characters out of its range of sight while the characters kill the Mountain 2 boss. And then deal with the Mountain 1 boss in the same fashion you dealt with it back in the stage itself.

Screen 4 - 2/10 Pink Boss Roundhead Tree White Boss Vampire Mushroom

This screen consists of the Snowfield 9 boss, and the Frozen Lake boss. Bait the bosses, and make sure your characters don't slide into the attacks, because sliding physics are applied here. Easy.

Screen 5 - 7/10 Yellow Boss Coconut Wheel Grey Boss Box Snake

This screen has the Forest 3 and Forest 6 bosses. Probably one of the most dangerous screens in this stage. Mostly because of the Forest 3 boss. The Forest 6 boss is mostly an annoyer. Do your best to kill the Forest 3 boss as quickly as possible before taking down the Forest 6 boss.

Screen 6 - 1/10 Green Boss Gel Bouncer Grey Boss Demon Stickman

This screen has the Forest 4 and 5 bosses. This is your rest stop. Kill the Forest 5 boss, and then shred the Forest 4 boss and his minions. You should get plenty of Onigiri to boost your life to full.

Screen 7 - 6/10 Grey Boss Triangle Walker Grey Boss Triangle Tree Orange Boss Roundhead Walker

This screen has the first 3 Hell bosses. BAIT THE HELL 2 BOSS ASAP. Hopefully the Hell 1 and 3 bosses focus on the bait, while your characters tear it down. Try and slow the Hell 2 boss as well. Another fairly rough screen. Luckily, you should be healed from the last screen. If you bait the bosses, it won't be too hard. Just be careful.

Screen 8 - 2/10 Tan Boss Diamond Tree Grey Boss Box Stickman Blue Boss Gel Mushroom

This screen has the Hell 4, 5, and 6 bosses. Another easy one. All of the bosses have very low damage. Bait them all and take them apart easily. Only the Hell 4 boss is slightly dangerous.

Screen 9 - 7/10 White Boss Triangle Walker Yellow Boss Coconut Walker Green Boss Coconut Spider

This screen has the Inferno bosses. This is another hard one. All of the bosses have very high damage. Bait the Inferno 1 boss as best as you can, and hopefully, it and the Inferno 3 boss die soon enough. The Inferno 2 boss is the least dangerous of the three. This is a tough one.

Screen 10 - 3/10 White Boss Demon Eel Brown Boss Box Germ

This screen has the Beach 4 and Blood Lake bosses. Only gets a 3 because of the Blood Lake boss, really. The Beach 4 boss is still as weak as ever. Shred the stupid eel, and then dodge the Blood Lake boss' shots. You've got a lot of room to work with dodging, so keep calm.

Screen 11 - 2/10 Green Boss Cap Tree Red Boss Gel Tree (CV8)

This screen has the Cavern 7 and 8 bosses. Another joke. Get in close and dodge the Cavern 7 boss' shots, and then slaughter the Cavern 8 boss before the sparks get overwhelming.

Screen 12 - 8/10 Red Boss Box Wheel Pink Boss Triangle Snake White Boss Skull Stickman (HG)

This screen contains the Hell 7, 8, and Hell Gate bosses. This is the hardest screen in the stage, by far. You REALLY have to count on the Hell Gate boss not being a dick and staying close to your characters to attack. Do your best to avoid the other bosses' attacks as well, and tear them down with your high damage. Don't worry too much if you get a bit hurt. Revive if necessary; you don't have a fuck of a lot else to spend money on.

And Screen 13 contains the boss.

After clearing all of that, the boss... Is a complete joke. A hundred bosses may seem scary, especially considering how your LP may be low, but... You can freeze them. A Magician with Permafrost is all you need. Freeze parts of the swarm at once (They tend to separate from each other, which makes it difficult to keep them all pinned down), and when they get close, throw the characters to the other side of the screen before repeating the process. Once the horde gets trimmed down, you won't even need to do the second step. This boss is a complete nonissue compared to the stage. In fact, if you didn't end up having to revive very often the gold drop of 9999 from the 100 bosses can help make back a fair chunk of the money spent reviving. In theory, if you can consistently perform swift, revive-less runs of this stage the boss's gold drop may even make this stage good for grinding for gold; but if you can't do that Blood Lake is probably still the better stage for gold grinding.

With that, you have cleared the bonus content of Stick Ranger (unless ha55ii adds more); so get to LV99 if you haven't already (unless you're part of the crowd that's content with LV96), and then do some item grinding + make use of the Forget Tree to prepare your team for VS Mode (unless you don't care much for VS Mode).

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