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Introduction to Three Priest Teams

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.05.25 AM

Three Priest Gunner Team VS. Three Priest Magician Team, the Magican Team using a Fire Attack to decimate the Gunner Team's priests.

Three Priest Teams are group setups that involve having Three Priests, and one kind of other fighter choice, such as a Gladiator or Sniper. The primary benefit of having a team with three Priests, is that you get a massive Aura boost early on in the game, speeding up your progress through early to mid game. Having a Three Priest Team makes it so one fighter is essentially a tank, with the priests as support. By the time you hit about Level 10, you should have a sufficient Aura boost from your priests that allows your Tank fighter to easily plow through enemies and bosses alike. Using your priests to give out an AT boost, will allow you to put more SP into your Tanks range or agility, with the AT Aura compensating the lack of points put into Strength.

General Benefits and Problems

Using a Three Priest Team can be incredibly beneficial and detrimental in many ways, in some stages providing ease, and others causing frustration. These can make parts of the game either very easy or incredibly difficult, possibly requiring extra time spent leveling in low-XP stages until you can take on a boss, or having to spent a lot of Gold on reviving your Tank character over and over because they're not suited for a certain boss or enemy.


Aura Benefits

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.14.41 AM

Early game Gunner Three Priest Team

The primary benefits of using a Three Priest team revolve around the Aura boosts. Having three Priests means 3x total Aura for your one Tank fighter, which can result in absolute domination of stages.

Pure STR Aura

Having a 3x pure strength Aura allows for massive AT boosts and huge damage for your Tank, an example would be a Gunner, normally doing 8-12 damage with a Handgun 1, when exposed to three Priests with +20% AT boost each, you now can do 12-19 damage. This benefit increase exponentially with higher STR auras, Red Stones and Black Stones on the Priests. To take this even further, you can give your Tank a Yellow Crystal and Berserker Cards.

Pure DEX Aura

Using a pure DEX setup for your three priests results in a huge Defense Boost, early in game having that +3 defense is a huge help with dealing with high damage enemies like the Red Snakes of Grassland 1. Later in game this defense boost is really helpful when dealing with very high damage enemies and bosses, such as the Submarine Shrine Boss or the Orange Skull Stickmen of Cavern 3. Even further in game, this defense boost can help with high damage bosses such as the White Boss Castle Stickman or the Gray Boss Triangle Tree, helping keep those devastating and fast attacks at a low damage level.

Pure MAG Aura

This is just a bad idea, you don't get much of any benefit from a pure Magic Aura besides long range for the priests, Magic Aura is useful when used with priests supporting a long ranged fighter, such as a Sniper with a long range bow.

Mixed Auras

STR + DEX Aura

Having a Strength and Dexterity aura evenly distributed among three priests allows for fairly good defense along with the high AT boost for your Tank, keeping these balanced is a very good option, letting your take on hard bosses without taking too much damage, and still dealing a high level of damage.


Using any extra Magic Aura is only if you need the extra range for your priests, as stated above with the Pure MAG Aura. This is suggested if you are using ranged fighters with a higher or lower range than your priests, so their auras still effect the Tank.

PVP Benefits

Using a Three Priest Team in PVP may be either difficult or very easy depending on what you choose as your tank. The Priests can boost your one Tanks' defense enough that ranged attacks don't do much damage, and your ranged Tank can still output a massive amount of damage to the opposing group. The Priests can also be used as shields against melee characters like Gladiators or Whippers, or attract the attention of Magicians' attacks that would harm the Tank. The use of Three Priest Teams is fairly common in PVP, usually its three priests with an even Defense and AT aura that allows a Sniper or Magician to output heavily destructive attacks. With the priests covering the AT and Defense, the Tank can have all of its SP put into increasing its Agility, allowing incredibly fast attacks.

PVE Benefits

Using a Three Priest Team has many advantages in PVE, primarily the ease of killing regular enemies, and the support of the priests when given staves that inflict Freezing, Slowing or Fire damage, making it much easier for the Tank to continue through the stage. And having three priests can be a little challenging at the beginning of the game, but as you progress and obtain better staves, your priests will also do extreme amounts of damage along with your Tank. This also relates to the benefit of afflictions caused by Priests, such as Freeze or Poison, having three Priests all with staves that Freeze would allow your Tank to easily take out the targets with minimal loss of LP.

Taking Advantage of Priests Compo Item Slots

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.15.25 AM

Pure STR Gunner Three Priest Team and its use of Compo slots at Grassland 1

With your priests, you may not need to use your compo item slots for anything at first, while using Stones may help the group, and Crystals and Gems may help the Priest, things like Medals and Spirits will help the group as a whole. Three Priests equipped with Onigiri cards, and Silver Medals allow for a huge boost to Onigiri drop rates, easily healing a whole team even in enemy deficient stages. Using a setup of all three priests with different spirits will also help in creating Kill Chains, a fire spirit, thunder spirit and poison spirit will dominate in stages with large clusters of enemies, as when one dies, the rest are afflicted by a chain reaction of damaging effects. This can be best exemplified with the use of Fire Spirits in Seaside 4, the large clusters of enemies will be killed in a chain reaction due to the death of another enemy.


Fighter Disadvantages

Using a three priest team, you may have problems with certain enemies and bosses being very difficult to defeat due to the restrictions of your chosen Tank. An example would be if you chose to use a Gladiator as your tank, it would be great for the first few early game stages, but as soon as you get to Grassland 2 or Hill Country 2, you will struggle with taking down the Flying Bosses. Similar things can be said for ranged characters, who may have problems with clustering enemies, such as the Grassland 1 Boss stage, where your ranged tank will be quickly overrun with Green Skull Snakes and will have trouble damaging a single enemy at a time, slowing down their damage output rate, and allowing for more LP damage to be taken. A good way to make sure this doesn't happen often, is to have a Magician with two different Orbs, such as Volcano 2 for clusters of ground enemies, and Thunder 1 for flying enemies.

Dying Priests

The three Priests will have much difficulty dealing with enemies attacks while being used to support a tank, due to their relatively low damage output. As a result, you will end up with a lot of dead priests on your hands, and you will likely have to spend hundreds or thousands of gold trying to endlessly revive them. A good way to combat this problem, is just to get some white stones, giving that LP boost that Priests need to not just die over and over.

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