State of Matter
Special properties
Falls in specific patterns, blasts away most elements on contact
Relative joint weight
Version implemented

Thunder is an element in Powder Game 2.


  • Thunder is conducted by metal and mercury. When thunder leaves metal, thunder continues to travel in the same direction as it leaves metal.
  • Thunder ignites fireworks, gunpowder, oil, nitro, C-4, ant, gas, bird, fish and fuse.
  • Thunder turns mud into sand.
  • Thunder blasts away most other elements in a direction opposite from the traveling direction of the thunder dot except torch, and clone. When thunder blasts away ice, it turns into snow, which may immediately turn into water.
  • Thunder cracks glass and turns it into stone, which may immediately turn into sand.
  • Strangely, stone itself is not affected by thunder (it does not turn into sand or powder).
  • Thunder is destroyed by laser.
  • There are some positions that make thunder go in a straight line, such as (337, 78). This phenomenon is commonly referred as Thunder Lasers.
  • Thunder kills players in 16 frames.
  • Thunder makes crystal glow briefly.
  • The movement pattern thunder makes when outside of metal or glass is very different than that of thunder's in the original Powder Game. In Powder Game 2, the path is less complex and moves more diagonally, which makes it faster to hit the ground, even when covering the same distance.