A tileset is a group of 9 eight by eight pixel squares that, when used with a landscape, can be used to create an entire level. They are used in both Irritation Stickman and Stick Ranger.


In Irritation Stickman, a tileset is used to create the border of a level. Interestingly, a tileset is used as the icon for the stages.

In Stick Ranger, tilesets are used to generate the landscape of the stages. In fact, many of the earlier tilesets for Stick Ranger are adoptied from Irritation Stickman.

The tilesets used in both games are:



  • Irritation Stickman's Stage 4 tileset also appears inside Stick Ranger's source code. However, there are currently no stages in Stick Ranger that uses this tileset.
  • A lot of the tiles in Stick Ranger (and other Dan-Ball titles) are quite similar to some of the tiles in the Super Mario World series. The most notable are the Forest 1-2, Castle, and Hell tilesets.

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