There are several tools in Powder Game. These are:

  • Pen-s, meaning pen-size, determines the pen size used for some tools and drawing elements.
  • Pen allows players to select different pens to use, each having a different function.
  • Get generates a code for saving what's on-screen.
  • Set is for loading a code.
  • Save is used for temporarily saving what's on-screen.
  • Load loads what the player last saved.
  • MiniMap shows a thumbnail of the screen.
  • Upload allows the player to upload what's currently on-screen. Be sure to click stop before uploading.
  • BG changes the background on the screen (more info can be found at the link on the left).
  • Reset clears everything.
  • Start-Stop toggles pausing.
  • Block (formerly "bloc") is used to make indestructible walls. Air cannot go through this, and must go around it. The block structure determines how air flows and affects particles. Paarticles cannot normally go through it either.
  • Erase gets rid of block and wheel.
  • Clear gets rid of particles and air pressure.
  • Wind makes wind in the direction of the red line. The strength depends on the pen-s.
  • Air increases (left mouse button) or decreases (right mouse button) the air pressure where clicked. The strength depends on the pen-size.
  • Drag allows the player to drag things around.
  • Text makes text with the element selected with the other mouse button.
  • Copy-Paste allows the player to copy and paste elements. When copy is red, a rectangle can be dragged around the area to be copied. Click the button to change to paste mode, which allows the player to paste (the rectangle shows the area) what was copied.
  • Scale allows the player to change the zoom to x1, x2, x4, x8, or x16. This is useful for making small structures. (In Powder Game (AG), 32x is also available.)
  • Speed allows the player to change the speed to x1, x2, x4, or x8.
  • Side - Loop turns wrapping on and off - things either can or can't go out one end and come out from the other, but there are some exceptions.
  • Grid makes a grid. There are 8 types of grid, including no grid. These allow to accurately center and position objects.
  • Dot S/M/L allows the player to change limit of amount of dots on play field. S = 20,000, M = 30,000, and L = 40,000.
  • Vote allows users to vote for uploads. (Named as Like in Powder Game (AG).)
  • Delete allows users to delete votes. (Named as Unlike in Powder Game (AG).)
  • Shortcut keys Useful shortcuts for some of the tools of Powder Game.
  • Menu allows the user to change the layout of the menu of elements. (Not available in Powder Game (AG).)

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