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Torch is a lighter element and is destroyed by water and soapy. Turns wood into torch.
Special properties

Bomb touching Torch

Bomb touching torch.

Torch is the solid lighter element in Powder Game. It is destroyed by water, soapy, seawater, and bomb.


  • Destroyed by water, soapy, or seawater.
  • It turns wood into torch.
  • When bomb touches torch, the torch is destroyed and shrapnel of fire lingers for a few seconds.
  • Torch absorbs laser and thunder.
  • Destroyed by acid in a 1:10 ratio.

Reactions with objects

  • Kills players and fighters, burns boxes and certain balls.
  • Water balls destroys torch on contact, creating small holes in it.
  • Seawater balls turn into salt balls on contact with torch.
  • Ice balls turn into water balls on contact with torch.
  • Wood balls turn into torch shortly after contact with it, allowing them to bounce slightly.
  • Detonates gunpowder balls on contact. Gunpowder balls that were submerged in water for a while, however, can withstand short contact with torch unharmed.


  • Torch is often used in player courses as a trap.
  • Torch in BG-aura is used to make Torch Cannons.
  • Torch is almost always used in water filters to separate flammable powders and liquids from water.

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