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A torch cannon is a fairly specific type of aura effect possible only on Powder Game, as Powder Game 2 lacks the air tool. The effect consists of a small line of any solid element, commonly torch for aesthetic reasons, being visually elongated by a low pressure area through the use of BG-aura. It should be noted that the torch cannon is nothing more than a simple visual effect, and does not actually classify as a type of "cannon" or "gun," and in fact, has no practical use as it can only created through the player's actions. Torch cannons are also quite similar to the candle effect on BG-aura.


Torch Cannon Effect

A Torch Cannon.

A torch cannon is made without the use of a fan. Instead, it is simply created by negative air pressure through the use of the pen-s 1 air tool.

First, make two small side "walls" four pixels apart (the length and height of pen-s 1 block) using pen-s 1 block. It is recommended to construct this on the bottom side of the screen. With pen-line or pen-lock and scale x16 selected, draw a straight line of the selected solid four pixels wide exactly above the gap created by the two walls created during the last step.

Finally, add negative air pressure with pen-s 1 in between the bottom of the two walls with the game on stop mode. Finally, press "start", and when the effect becomes visible, press stop once again to fully view the effect.

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