Treasure Cube is a smartphone web game on Dan-Ball that was released in 2 October, 2010. Players have to hunt for the treasure in this "escape the room" game. The key to escape itself is quite easy to find, where things get complicated is trying to find all of the different treasures. What makes this game special is it is not like the other mobile games that are downloaded like an app. Players actually go to the website to play it, and it can only be played on a mobile device (without changing the browser's User Agent String).


Get the treasure that is hidden in various places of the room to solve the mystery. When players go out the door, the game ends. Try to obtain all treasures.


There are currently 18 pieces of treasure in Treasure Cube:

TCSilverCoin Silver Coin TCNecklace Necklace TCRing Ring TCDiamond Diamond
TCCrystal Crystal TCSilverRing Silver Ring TCGoldIngot Gold Ingot TCBrooch Brooch
TCWatch Watch TCStatue Statue TCGoldRing Gold Ring TCPearlRing Pearl Ring
TCGoldCoin Gold Coin TCBracelet Bracelet TCGoldTooth Gold Tooth TCPearlNecklace Pearl Necklace
TCTiara Tiara TCOrangeSapphire Orange Sapphire


There are currently 10 items in Treasure Cube:

TCKey Key TCSmallKey Small Key TCCardKey Card Key TCHookStick Hook Stick
TCSpringKey Spring Key TCLetter Letter TCScrewdriver Screwdriver TCHammer Hammer
TCMemo Memo TCPhoto Photo


Main article: Treasure Cube Walkthrough

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