Ursa minor

A twinkling star is a special effect in Powder Game that is created to look like a twinkling star in the real world. A twinkling star can be made using clone and steam. It is usually used as decoration in uploads.

How to make

  • Create steam in any way, and copy it.
  • Put a pen-s 0 dot of clone anywhere on the screen.
  • Press Stop.
  • Paste the steam next to the dot of clone to charge it (it is recommended to fully surround the clone dot in 8 dots of steam to maximize the chance of charging the clone, as the steam may disappear before the clone charges it if not enough is used).
  • Save (for loading purposes) and press start.

How it works

Once the clone is charged with steam, it will continue creating steam in place of other steam that disappears. As this cycle continues, the star is constantly active, gaining a "twinkling" effect.

In Powder Game 2

Twinkling stars cannot be created stably in Powder Game 2. Unlike in Powder Game 1, if the player creates a twinkling star, saves, and then loads, all steam will disappear in the first frame, which will render it impossible to clone and therefore twinkle.

To create the Powder Game 2 equivalent of a twinkling star, one must use a pen-s 0 dot of conveyer surrounded with a maximum of four C-4 dots, spaced evenly around the conveyer dot. When start is pressed, the resulting star will appear to twinkle as a result of C-4 revolving around it.


  • As a decoration in certain stable artwork uploads that include a "night sky", in place of still dots to create more movement in the sky.
  • Acquiring the steam attribute for a player.
  • The same premise is often used for adding a sparkling effect to clone text.

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